Pedigree of 

Siamese Seal Point


Born:  June 21,1998

Parents Grandparents Great grandparents Great great grandparents


Yesterday's Old Fashioned Samurai 

Siamese seal point

CFA V0392


Shi Chou Chooch of Mietze 
Siamese seal point

CFA V1284

Sire: Dragonseed's Ling Ling-Le Panthier

Siamese lilac point

born:_____CFA V0381

Sire: Char-Lin Oliver 
SIA chocolate point, CFA V 0103
Dam: Tammy of Dragonseed 
SIA lilac point, CFA V 0111

Dam: Tupp Tim

Siamese seal point

born:______CFA V0111

Sire: Dusten's Napolian-Ward
SIA seal point, CFA V 0105
Dam: Yenta
SIA lilac point, CFA V 0110


Appleseed Morpheus of Yesterdays

Siamese seal point

CFA V0191

Sire: Shi Chou Chooch of Mietze 
Siamese seal point

CFA V1284

Sire: Dragonseed's Ling Ling-Le Panthier

SIA lilac point, born:_____CFA V0381

Dam: Tupp Tim

SIA seal point, born:______CFA V0111

Dam: Koko Moon Over Miami

Siamese seal point


CFA V0287

Sire: Kriang Sak Raja Chant Chai
SIA seal point, born:______ CFA V1282

Dam: Mandee Mocha Spurlock
SAI seal point, born:_____CFA V0981


Miss Sapphire Eyes the Smart

Siamese ____ point

CFA V____


Emperor Shogun
Siamese seal point
born: 12-15-1985

CFA V0587

Sire: Feline Emperior Taiko

Siamese chocolate Point

born:______CFA V1282

Sire: Arista Coco
SIA chocolate point, born:___CFA V0481

Dam: Feline Claresta

SIA lilac point, born:____CFA V0582

Dam: Princess Balla Lun-Pon

Siamese seal point

born:______ CFA V0484

Sire: Champion Sand n' Sea R. Traveler of Nordheim
SIA chocolate point, born:___CFA V0681
Dam: Princess Ciccy Lung-Pong
SIA seal point, born:____CFA V0282


Thairedd Shoguns Sara 

Siamese blue point

CFA V1091

Sire: Thai red Tai Gi

Siamese chocolate point

born:____ SOC-S86-9660

Sire: Thai Red Graf Mauser Von Obernoorf
SIA seal point, born:_____ SOS-F73-1364
Dam: Marjo an Jim San of Thai Red
SIA  seal point, born:____SOS-S81-6878

Dam: Thai Red Dovea 

Siamese seal point


Sire: Poccito of Syringa
SIA seal point, born:____
Dam: Thai Red Champagne
SIA lilac point, born:____ SOF-F70-2060


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