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Hi, it's me Balor, I have so much fun on my walks Meowmy said I can have my own page to make a blog. 

Hahaha Blog sounds like a name for the balls some cats cough up. 

I never have that problem. So this is my page to tell you about my adventures.

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November 2012

Sorry about the noise of the mowers and leaf blowers

It's spring 2011 and look what we found next to the sidewalk by the house...

Can you see it?

How about now?

There were four eggs the next day. Maeve has a photo of them on her "View from Grandma Maeve's Porch" page. 

We're back to fall again. Not to many turkeys this fall. From now on I will only blog when I have something really great to tell you about. Typing isn't my best skill. My paws have short toes and its hard to get just the right key. My spellin's not so good either. I keep tellin' Meowmy I want to stay with the school of fish in the aquarium. I know if I was left there long enough I could become the number 1 student. Here's a photo of some of my favorite buddies.


Its been awhile again since I blogged. I'm still walkin'. Its hot out and I don't like to walk as far. I get hot and I start panting and all I want to do is go in and ooze onto my cool floor. Also there just hasn't been anything new and exciting to see. Here are those ducks I was talkin' about. There protective duckling fence is gone and they run about the yard quackin' all in a big group. They have gotten big. They may even be bigger then me?  I'm not sure they don't let me get near. Not that I want to they're just to noisy for me.

It's raining again. During a break in the rain I walked up to see how the ducks are doing. After the last full day of rain all the area, inside the fence, that you see as grass is now underwater. They were all swimming around and talking. They think its great fun. Meowmy didn't bring the camera 'cause she was worried it might start raining again before we got back home. Meowmy had me look at a web page today. Seems a sweet Siamese girl, Taza has a crush on me.

Balor's Blog - Summer 2006

I don't like when it rains 'cause I don't get to have my window open. I can still look out but it's not as interesting as it is when I can sniff all the smells wafting in the air. Would you like to see my place? I really like it because it has a cement floor and after a warm walk I just ooze onto that floor and it cools me off. :)

The area you can see here is twelve feet by twelve feet. You can't really tell from the photo but between the two doors is a wall. It has the same mesh that you see on the front wall so it is all open. My place is on the right side. Pawpaw recently added the second door and corner wall so I can have a place to go and visit. See the sofa in there? I can also have the girls come visit.  I can see them and talk to them, from my side, through the mesh wall without the worry of unexpected kittens. My place before we moved here had high climbing areas but I never used them. I'm not a high places kind of guy. So Meowmy decided not to add any in my new place. She moves my condo and cat tree around to keep it interesting for me. Can you see me through the door? I'm lying there on the floor. I love the cool smooth feeling of ...rock :) I think I may have mentioned that before ;)

I've had some nice spring walks the last few weeks before the heavy rains came in again. I was excited to see I will have some new friends to look for at the pond. As I walked up the wall they came running up and calling to me. When I first saw them they were fuzzy and yellow. Thirteen in all. They are inside a little temporary fence that has a house with warming light. The fence also goes into the stream so they can practice swimming.

Suns been out and its gettin' real warm. I have to walk in the morning or in the evening or this old fur coat of mine causes me to get too hot and I start panting.  Meowmy doesn't like me to lie down in the middle of the road when I get too hot but its what I like to do. We have some birds nesting on the porch. They must be friends 'cause their nests are really close to each other. One is on top of a column and the other is over the door lintel.

That's mom on the bird bath. She's watching over the nest of babies. It's pretty full.

We got our photo just in time. The next morning the babies had flown away.


This is the nest over the door. 

It's a robins nest and the mama robin flies off if I walk to close to the porch so we make a wide arc so we don't disturb her.


We had hail this afternoon. I was glad I wasn't outside. I could hear it knocking on my window. Meowmy asked me if I saw the double rainbow. She said it was really amazing. The color was intense. Usually when it gets to trees or buildings the rainbow looks like it is behind them but not this time. The family was out in the car and the sun was really bright and it was pouring. It's the first time they saw a rainbow that came all the way down to the ground and curved to the car. The color was in front of the trees and other cars. Pawpaw said it was weird to watch the trees color change as the rainbow moved in front of them, it was moving with the car.

Yowza finally a break in all that rain. It was a purrrfect day for walking. My friends the chipmunks were callin' out again when I walked by. I see them sometimes, boy are they fast!  Old Mr. Groundhog was sittin' quietly by the road when I came by. He watched me a bit but when he saw that I saw him he backed up inside the wall. Can you find him in this photo? He looks like just another  rock in the wall.

We've had so much rain in New England.  We had a couple little breaks with sun so I could get out. Can you believe the size of this fungus? It's bigger then I am....and its quite boring.......all it does is sit there.......on my way.


 Hi all, Meowmy got an email telling her I'm neglecting my fans, sorry Mike (stubs toe on ground). I've been a little grumpy lately and Meowmy and Pawpaw have been trying to help me feel better. Don't get me wrong they take good care of me and give me everything a feline could want, but being a stud is a bit difficult 'cause what I really want is to come and go outside on my own. Springtime is the time for kittens and nature is callin' to me. 

        I've been really torqued about some things I've seen out my window but I have no way to tell Meowmy and I get really frustrated and worked up. You see there's these guys that are outside while I'm inside, grrr.  At first Meowmy thought maybe it was the ginger Tom that passes through the yard everyday. He's one of those feral cats and he decided my yard was going to be part of his daily rounds. I don't really like that but there's more goin' on in the big picture. I think Meowmy might be putting all the pieces together. 

        I heard quite a commotion on Saturday. Pawpaw was callin' to Meowmy about something in the back yard. There was a big animal walkin' across the patio toward my side of the house. It heard Pawpaw and looked right at him before it slinked off into the woods. Meowmy said it was a Fisher and she was really disappointed she didn't have the camera close. New Englanders call them Fisher Cats but their not really cats. They're omnivores and will eat small rodents and even cats! Yikes! Meowmy said it's another good reason not to let cats outside on their own. Pawpaw said he never wants to come face to face with one and Mr. Nick, our neighbor who says hi to me whenever I'm walkin', said these Fishers have hutspa!     

        People can have trouble with them if they have birdfeeders in their yards. Well no wonder I feel bad. Meowmy put a bird feeder right outside my window as entertainment. My window is at ground level so when that fisher came to feed we were sittin' eye to eye! I don't think she meant for me to have fright night entertainment. She said it must have been a male because it was way bigger then a groundhog. He walked like an inch worm. Slinkin' his body up and down. His tail was big and puffy and almost as long as his body. He's from the mustelid family and looks something like a Marten......Hey Marten is mentioned in the old breed standards for the Siamese. He and I are supposed to look something alike in our faces, hahaha. I'm much more handsome and refined than that ol' Fisher. After seeing the Fisher Pawpaw said he had seen a Fox out on the lawn in front of my window that morning. 

        So with spring being here and all those critters comin' around I've been a bit stressed and it doesn't help that my Maeve has been in heat 3 times since the spring kittens were weaned. I can hear her callin' to me but Meowmy won't let me visit upstairs. She says Maeve deserves a bit of a rest so she stays healthy. I'm still going out to walk, well my last walk I nearly ran the whole way, ha ha. Meowmy has started carrying a walkin' stick. It has a frog carved to the top and she told me if any critters want to mess with me they will have to talk to Mr. Froggy first. I guess that makes him my manager. This week its been cold and rainy not so good for walkin'. I'll see if I can get Meowmy to bring the camera along next time so she can get some more photos of my handsome self! :-D

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As fans of mine know I am a Siamese stud, sire to Black&Tan kittens. Nature tells me my main mission at this time in my life is to find ladies who need my services, so when I go walking that is what I think about. Keeping my territory for my lady. When Meowmy said I could star in a movie I knew just the song I wanted to use, Take it Easy by the Eagles.  I have my own boom box and listen to older rock....I think I've mentioned before I Love Rock....s, hahaha. I hope you enjoy walking with me via my video clip.

Balor's Blog - Spring 2006

Spring is here, yes! I got a little warm on my walk and had to rest in the shade.....or maybe I just wanted to sit an enjoy the day, I'm not tellin' :) Now if the warm weather would only come and stay I could start to lose some of this winter coat and my friends will come out again. I sure miss them. I have seen a few birds but not enough to interest me.

What a winter! Snow is back at the end of February. I don't like walking in the packed snow. It feels funny on my paws.

I catchin' snowflakes on my tongue. :)

Power walkin' with purpose, out of my way I'm getting covered in snow.

Okay I've collected enough snow. I'm going in now.

Today was a great day. The temps were balmy and in the 40's and the air was dry. I took a nice long walk and muzzle rubbed bushes and rocks to my hearts content. I found a couple of interesting scents too.
I smell .... A smell..... My smelly face.
Here a rub..... There a rub..... Every where a rub rub......

Sniff sniff sniff sniff....sniff sniff sniff....sniff sniff sniff sniff snif

Hi all,  I haven't blogged lately the winter gray days have given me a case of the grumps. This January has been a roller coaster of weather. Either its really cold with snow and ice and all the animal scents are frozen before I can smell them, boooring, or its warm and the snow melts, fogs the air, and puts all the scents into the air at once. That puts me on high alert and makes my hair stand on end!

Meowmy says some of my fans want to know if I ever get to be with my kittens. Here are some pictures of me visiting some of my girls. I like visiting but I don't have the patience to sit around and knit. I like to always be on the move checking my territory to be sure no other boys are courting my girls and looking for ladies who need my special services.

Maeve, Emma and Indigo saying hello to Balor

Balor kisses Violets ear.

Balor with a blue point kitten

I'm getting more used to the snow. I don't mind so much anymore about walking on the snow. I even jump up on the snow covered rock walls. I wish the sun would melt the snow off my walls. I found some bunny tracks in the snow and I could smell  rabbit on the road where it crossed. I used to see bunnies all the time at my old house but I haven't seen any since we moved here. I'll have to keep an eye out for this guy.

Balor's Blog - Winter 2005

It was really quiet on my walk today. Since it got colder out my friends the chipmunks don't talk to me anymore. I think they must be burrowed down in their dens keeping warm.

Can you believe this white stuff?   It's Thanksgiving and I am walking in snow! I grumbled a lot while walking. I didn't like that I couldn't go to any of my spots because I would have to go into deeper snow.

Hmmmm, I wonder if there are any  fairies by these toadstools? I heard Meowmy say my kitten Willow was given a gift by a faerie.....

It was another beautiful day today. This is one of the walls by our driveway that I like to walk on.......Did I tell you....I love rock climbing.

When I walk up the road I pass under three huge white pine trees. We've had so much wind lately that the ground is covered in pine needles. It smells so good!  I decided I needed to roll in them so I would smell good too. Who needs kitty cologne when you can have real pine scent!

Today was a nice day. The Labs were out and hollered a hello. I ran past but let them know I would stop on my way back home and I did. They still want me to come and play. I think they want to play tag and they would always be it! The ducks are all gone now. I saw some new black cats in the woods. They look like twins from a spring litter.

I walked a little later today and I saw something moving by the woods but when I looked real careful nothing was moving, Meowmy chuckled as we kept walking. She said you saw those deer didn't you. We got to the end of the road and turned around and as we walked back past the same spot I saw 'em again and took out running after them. Meowmy said no and held fast to my lead. Those deer saw me and they got scared and took off. They leaped over the bushes and into the woods. I guess they heard about me from the chipmunks. They knew not to mess with Mr. Balor. I sure wanted to catch one, oh well after they were gone, I was happy to go back to walking my route.

Today on my walk I went all the way to the beginning of the road. Meowmy has been letting me walk longer because of all the rain we have had. It's to make up for the days I had to stay inside and play. All the white ducks are gone from the pond.  I guess the coyote had to have them all.  There were a few wild mallards there.

Look at the turkeys sitting on the pool fence. There was one funny turkey that flew inside the fence and when his buddies walked on he kept running back and fourth and poking his head through the fence to walk through it but his body was too big. He couldn't figure out he had to fly over the top. Meowmy had to have one of the boys go out and shoo him out. What a turkey! Hahaha 

We have been having so much rain that I have been missing some of my walks. Its ok though because I get to play inside. I also get visitors to my bird feeder and lately  the turkeys have been making their rounds. They are interesting to watch but they kind of scare me. They are big and there are so many of them, at least 22. They even come by in the rain.

I walked along the running water today. It was so clear and cold I wanted a drink. I walked right to the edge stepping on some stones. Every time I set my foot down so I could drink  it got wet? I saw solid color there, it wasn't water, so I set my foot down again and it got wet, again. Hmmm it really looked just like the rest of the roadside all covered in leaves. Meowmy told me to stop sticking my feet in the cold water and to come over on the rocks. She said those leaves were floating on the water. I just don't get it..........I'll have to think on it.

On my walk today there was this really loud noise near my rocks. I didn't know what it was. My Meowmy kept telling me it was okay so I got closer. See me sitting here in the right corner.....Before this photo was taken, I ran up to the top of the rock hill. Then I kind of freaked and wanted to run up stream into the woods. o_0  Meowmy called me back down and I was okay once I realized the water wasn't chasing me. I'm not sure what it was chasing but it sure was going fast. This waterfall is along our driveway and only runs when we have heavy rain. 

I don't mind walking in light rain. Getting water on my feet doesn't bother me, much. Sometimes if the puddle is deeper then I expect, I just shake-a-leg, hahaha, then I really shake a leg and get movin', I don't like to miss my daily rounds.

Oh Ooh, You will never believe what happened today! Meowmy and I walked up the road to where the two yellow labs live. I like walking on their stone wall. They don't mind, sometimes if they are in the yard they will shout hello to me. LOL  The first day I met them I just about jumped out of my leash. I didn't expect their loud hello. Meowmy said they wanted to play, but I don't think I want to try that. I wish I could explore their yard though. They have wonderful gardens. I found a silver lace vine along the road that I just love to smell when it blooms......Sorry I got off the subject......Today Meowmy said we had to turn around at the stone wall and start back. I really didn't want to, so I tried and tried to circle back. Meowmy has to keep a sharp lookout because there are a bunch of cats that live outside and they sometimes follow us. She says they may be feral, I think that is a type of cat, like I'm Siamese. She says they may not like me walking in their territory. They sound like tough guys,  I know I can take 'um, but Meowmy says they could be sick so I stay away from them. Meowmy says there is plenty of  territory and if we stop at the Labs they can have the rest of the road as there territory. Well anyway, today on my third turn back Meowmy saw a shadow at the edge of the road. She told me I had to hurry. I didn't see what it was but Meowmy saw it clearly. It sat there watching us as we walked  then slipped into the edge of the woods. It was a Coyote! That's like a dog but much worse. They say Coyotes eat cats! Well this one hasn't eaten any of the feral cats, we keep seeing more of them. I think he got some of the white ducks that live in the pond near the bigger stream. There used to be more of them. Now there are only a few.  Meowmy called Paw Paw and he came down and walked up with us just to be safe.  Now I head out on my rounds earlier so I'm not out near dusk. Maybe he made that bad smell?

I smelled a really bad smell today. It made my hair stand on end and I started growling. I'm not sure what it is but I sure don't like it near my yard. Meowmy talked really soft to me and I growled at her too. I didn't mean to but I had to tell her this was serious. She let me have the time I needed to really get a good smell. You know those smells when we cats open our mouths so we can really use all our olfactory system? Some people think we are bearing our teeth in anger, like dogs do, but we aren't. Then Meowmy gently lead me on down the road. I stopped growling and relaxed a bit but any noise put me on alert. Even when Meowmy stepped on a stick and it crunched I turned and growled a warning to her. She understood I was scared and worried the thing that made that awful smell was near. I marked my regular spots quickly and was happy to get back to my safe place so I could relax.

Today was sunny and warmer, I walk faster when its warm so I can get back to my cool room. We were strolling along when I noticed a slight movement in the, I pounced! I love pouncing. Meowmy laughed and asked if I got it. The laugh was on her 'cause I did get it, well sort of. It was under my feet but I didn't get a hold of it. It tickled my paws. I pounced three more times trying to stop it but it slipped away. Meowmy said good job buddy and rubbed my head. When we got home she told the kids I caught a snake. A snake, cool, I want one as a toy! Meowmy said they are not toys and she was happy I didn't hurt it. She said we have lots of garter snakes in the stone walls and that they are nice.

Today was a very nice day. There were leaves on the ground. I love brown leaves. They smell good and I like to nuzzle and slobber on them. My favorite are lilac leaves. Meowmy wonders if I had a run near a lilac when I was a baby kitten. I was walking along the road that runs next to one of our stone walls. Meowmy just cleared all the overgrowth from it. Anyway we were walking and we looked up at the wall and sitting there inside the middle of the wall was a big brown head. He poked his head out and stared at us. Meowmy was a little worried about him because he was big, but I just thought he was rude. He didn't even say hello. The chipmunks always say hi to me. Everywhere I go I hear them calling to their friends saying .....Look sharp everyone, Here comes Mr. Balor. They all stand tall as I walk past. But this old guy just stared. Meowmy said that's Old Mr. Groundhog and we better not bother him. He slipped away into the rocks and I haven't seen him since. Whenever I walk past the ferns there I give them a good spray, just to say, Hello, Balor was here.

Balor's Blog - Fall 2005

I like fall so much, When the weather cools I take longer walks and sometimes I like to sit in the prairie grass and just enjoy the smell. I also listen carefully and when I hear a critter under the grass, I pounce. I never catch anything but it sure is fun to pounce. hehehe. Meowmy also plays stick with me. I like the big fat short ones. When I see her pick one up I get all excited. She tosses it into the grass and I run and pounce on it. LOL Then she picks up another stick and tosses it and I am off after it. Sometimes I have so much fun I forget to check my marked spots to see if I need to rub them.




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