Available Kittens

Updated: May 2019



Our kitten waiting list is not accepting names at this time.

The  kittens from our Spring 2020 litter all have waiting owners.


If you wish to contact us on some other matter please use our Contact Us form 



Our most recent litter 

=^..^=  Grainne's 2019 Kitten Diary =^..^= 




"I love you mom"


Photos of our kittens from earlier litters


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Adopt- a- Siamese

Sometimes we are made aware that there is a very adoptable Siamese out there, really needing a home.

We feel obliged to pass on the word about these pets, so that hopefully they can find their forever home. 

If you are interested in an adult now Please check with a local Siamese rescue. 

This Siamese rescue site is a group of rescues from all over the USA.

Lists Siamese from many local shelters.

- New York City Siamese Rescue -

This is a list for third party placements. Owners who don't want to turn their Siamese over to a shelter but need to find loving homes.

A Canadian Siamese Rescue


Not sure about a rescue cat? Become a Siamese foster family. Many foster families end up adopting the cat in their care.

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