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  Grainne's Kitten Diary 2021
This reads from the bottom up. New entries are added at the top so its easy to follow as they grow.
The music used on this page is Let Them Be Little by Billy Dean 
These kittens are the progeny of our sire Polo and dam Grainne 
Kittens from this litter will go to waiting families on our kitten list.

The end of August brings the end of this Diary and the end of our breeding Siamese. I have made the difficult decision to retire.

Emmett and Molly named after our Siamese grande dams Emma and Mags who lived to be 20 yrs each.

Closing Stats

#1 Gringott is now Sweet Caroline and took to her new owner, and her lap, right away. She is at home in Mashpee, MA.

#2 Galleon  is now Emmett. He is staying with us as a pet Siamese. We haven't settled on his name yet. 

#3 Knut  is now Percy and lives with Penny full sister from a previous litter in Hamilton, MA. And a grand Senior cat  with whom he is learning quiet respect of elders all the while doing great leaps onto his poor sister and off they go chasing about in play.

#4 Niffler  is now Molly.  She is staying with us as a pet. I really liked the name Niffler but I kept slipping  into Molly. It goes to show how much I really loved little Molly from the 2020 litter.

Galleon and Niffler were chosen by me to stay with us as pets. I love the contrast in their looks. Its a good illustration of the diversity in their genetics. Niffler is a stocky bodied, round faced, thick muscled tail, a  traditional looking Siamese and Galleon has all the show hallmarks. Long muzzle with a straight raised nose bridge, very talkative long muscled body with long legs and long tail. He is a big boy. It will be interesting to see them develop into adults.

Knut was picked up and has been working on his high leaps onto his older sister. He loves his human family and spends much of his time with them too.

August 11th - The kittens are having a ball running about the house playing chase. They are all developing sky eyes. I was hoping that Niffler with her early dark points would be more cobalt. A lighter blue mean more melanin in the eye which does help to protect them from the sun. The contrast in their looks is an interesting demonstration of their genetic diversity. Niffler with her short pinched muzzle and horizontally oval face and Galleon with his long straight mule and vertically oval face. 



Galleon with Knut in the background


Niffler with Galleon in the foreground and Knut in the back


I tried to get profile photos for Galleon

and Niffler

Galleon looks so mature

Galleon looking a lot like Momma Grainne here


Niffler looking a lot more like her grandma

Galleon with his long tail. He has a habit of looking at us with his chin down and through his brow...

like he's really skeptical of us or plotting something.

Galleon watching Knut and Niffler play

I've been allowing them to play in the bedroom too.

Stalking, about to attack!

Niffler & Galleon

Sisters make good pillows

So soft...snuggle snuggle

August 1st - The kittens act as if they never had surgery. Gringott's incision continues to look wonderful, no swelling from the inside sutures, no bruising. The best possible outcome. We allowed her to go home today to the Cape. Her new name is Sweet Caroline. I'm going to miss her she was ever ready to crawl onto my lap. A sweet kitten indeed. Knut's surgical site continues to look great too, no redness. He is such a cutie. When I put them back into the kitten room for nap time I lean down and put my hands out and call to him and he runs to me. He is such a people lover. His family is currently on a boat but will be by to pick him up soon. His new name is now Percy after the middle owl in the Owl Babies children's book. He will be going home to join full sibling Penny from Grainne's first litter.

Oh Mauer's ribbon toy

Nap time

Knut like to crawl into the "hole" in a lotus position lap, in the shirt is a good substitute.

Knut pawing out to get Galleon who wants in too.

Both Galleon and Knut were inside then Niffler wanted in, then Momma wanted in too.

They jockeyed around until it was just Knut in and momma could only half fit.

July 30th - eleven weeks old
July 29th - Alter surgery day for two kittens. The surgeries at our animal hospital are booking months out now so we had to get special permission to get two of our kittens in so they can go home to their owners.

Gringott and Knut went in this morning. Their surgeries were text book. They were home by lunch time and look wonderful.

Gringott home from surgery. She had a bandage on her left front paw, I removed.

The compression of the bandage made her paw swell. You can see it looks bigger.

Her incision looks wonderful. no bruising or swelling.

Knut home from surgery..."Must get this hospital smell off",  lick wash, lick wash

Can't play, must wash

July 23rd- Yesterday the kitten's had their first family visit. Knut got to meet his owners. I think he really picked them, lol.  They all did very well. They became comfortable very quickly and no one hid. Today was our first Vet wellness visit and all passed their exams with no concerns. Their range of responses to being at the vet was interesting. The tech opened the carrier and Galleon walked right out not a care in the world. He was eager to check out the whole room. Knut wasn't quite sure if he should be worried or not. Gringott overcame her concern and walked about too  but she stayed closer to the carrier. Poor Niffler was having none of it. She puffed up ridge to tail. I've never seen a kitten so unhappy at the Vets. I held her and she felt better until I handed her to Dr. Gould. She puffed again. Momma came along in her own carrier so she could get her rabies booster.

Checking in at the Vet

That's Momma in her carrier

Niffler at the Vet

I checked in to see how they are doing post vaccination. Knut was too fast to jump down to see me.

I had to put him back in bed to take this photo. They are all resting well.


Galleon and Knut

When Galleon first put his arm around him I thought he was going to bite and wrestle with Knut. 

But he just started closing his eyes and snuggled in for a nap. Awwwe

Knut decided sleeping on my chest was a good spot

He just loves people

Knut with Momma

Niffler with Momma (weird light on her mask not actually the color)


Galleon with Knut in the background

Close up of Knut sleeping

July 16th- We've been having a lot of fun this week tearing around the house and generally being high energy kittens. Gringott has made good progress. She now plays in the pack of chaos. She is still a little skittish if she is worried but its improved so much as her confidence has grown. Their personalities are so cute and each one so endearing. We introduced Niffler to Mauer and all went well. He wants a kitten of his own so badly. Old granny Keva is just not a good playmate for him. He can't figure out why she doesn't want to wrestle with him, lol. My camera skills were terrible this week, I'm sorry. I hope we get better weather so I can get some really good natural sunlight photos of them.

Gringott getting ready to nap on the sofa.... in the open, alone.




Knut - lap sitting

Knut watching the action with one paw tucked

Time for crosswords

2  across is Siamese?

Sleeping on the sofa 

We still nest and nurse a little bit too

Too many of these type photos this week, That's Niffler


Niffler and Galleon emotional nursing

July 9th- eight weeks old - We are in the frenetic activity stage and are very, very busy with playing at full speed ahead. No one is hiding anymore. I believe the girls are just overwhelmed by the boys. Knut is the leader in all things kitten. He is Mr. Social full of Siamese personality, people oriented. Afraid of nothing and ready to play at a moments notice. Following closely behind him is Galleon. He is very social and affectionate. He loves to rub on everyone. He seems to be a talker. The girls are pretty equal. Niffler is toy centric. If you want her attention use a toy, she can't resist. She seems to be more of a loner kitten. It doesn't bother her to be alone when the other three run off to play. Gringott is a momma's girl. She likes being momma's shadow but is coming out to group play more. I think she prefers quieter play that gang chaos. The kittens weights are all on track. The early spay neuter rules are eight weeks or two pounds. They have all reached two pounds at eight weeks. We do our first core vaccinations at 9 weeks and alter surgery at ten weeks. 

Good Morning on another dreary rainy day


8 weeks of age



8 weeks of age


8 weeks of age


8 weeks of age

Gringott and Niffler

Knut and Galleon

That is Knut on the lap and Gringott perched on the toy.

Knut found this toy and dragged it out into the room to play.

Nap time

The great sofa race

They were zooming back and forth across the back of the sofa and crashing down onto the pliiows

Friday's bi-weekly weigh in ... Everyone has reached 2 pounds so this is our last weigh in.

Gringott  is 2 lbs  0 ounces = 911 grams - up 50 grams  

 Galleon is  2 lbs  7.0 ounces = 1110 grams - up 85 grams

 Knut is  2lbs 0.75 ounces = 932 grams - up 50 grams

 Niffler  is 2lbs  0 ounces = 911 grams - up 46 grams

July 7th - I walked in and found the kitten sleeping like this on top of my desk. This is Gringott on her back in-between the beds. As always Knut popped right up and was ready to visit. He is such an outgoing cat. Nothing phases him. He is always ready for anything.

Left to right - Galleon, Gringott, Knut, & Niffler

Galleon (top) & Gringott You can always tell Gringott by the saturation of her mask.

Galleon, Niffler, & Gringott

Niffler & Gringott

Knut & Niffler

Behind the sofa - Knut is against the wall, I can't tell who the seal are from this angle lol



Gringott and Galleon


Its really easy to get photos of Niffler. She tends to hold back 

as a loner kitten when everyone else is excited and running off to play.




Tuesday's bi-weekly weigh in ... 

Gringott  is 1lb 14.25 ounces = 861 grams - up 85  grams  

 Galleon is  2 lbs  4.0 ounces = 1025 grams - up 114 grams

 Knut is 1lb 15.0 ounces = 882 grams - up 71 grams

 Niffler  is 1lb  14.375 ounces = 864 grams - up 82 grams

July 2nd - seven weeks old - Niffler has made great progress become comfortable. Gringott has now found her fear. That little girl who was first on my lap for milk every feeding is fully embracing her fear. I will switch my attention from Niffler to Gringott. I know that outgoing girl is still there she is just a bit overwhelmed right now. Galleon and Knut continue to be outgoing  ambassadors for the breed. We brought Galleon out to meet Mauer. Maure was great with him. He was very curious and never made any noise. Galleon was hitting him with his paw and trying to rub all over Mauer. Galleon is a gotta rub on you cat. I think Mauer was a bit overwhelmed at this little dynamo. We made their meeting short and ended it when we thought Mauer was getting too stimulated. Galleon was totally good with another cat he didn't know. He just wants to play and be friends. We will have to try Knut next. Galleon reached 2 pounds today.They have firgured out how to climb onto the top of the desk in the kitten room. I found Galleon and Knut sleeping in the bed there, quite happy with themselves.


Gringott 7 weeks of age


7 weeks of age


7 weeks of age


7 weeks of age

I was glad to see Gringott out in the blue bed instead of hidden in the cubby under the desk.


Friday's bi-weekly weigh in ... 

Gringott  is 1lb 11.25 ounces = 776 grams - up 78  grams  

 Galleon is  2 lbs  0 ounces = 911 grams - up 78 grams

 Knut is 1lb 12.5 ounces = 811 grams - up 89 grams

 Niffler  is 1lb  11.5 ounces = 783 grams - up 92.5 grams

June 29th - We have started to bring the kittens out into the main house to play and sleep during the day. Its a process of getting used to the smells, space and sounds.

He really did pull himself up with his front legs just like a gymnast on the horse. 

Now if he could just stick his back legs out he could plank.

This run has different scents they are unsure of

Sneaking around sniffing the place out.

Playing with a faux fur toy

So many toys

Back into bed for the night. 

Tuesday's bi-weekly weigh in ... 

Gringott  is 1lb 8.5 ounces = 697 grams - up 78  grams  

 Galleon is  1lb 13.25 ounces = 833 grams - up 89 grams

 Knut is 1lb 9.4 ounces = 722 grams - up 57 grams

 Niffler  is 1lb  8.25 ounces = 690 grams - up 32 grams

June 25th - six weeks old - I expanded the run to the full room. Momma moved to the knee hole under the desk for the family nest. I closed the corner cabinet. All the kittens are using the litter box and eating well. They are fully on baby cat kibble. Their weigh gains look solid this time. Now we are learning about bravery in the face of the unknown. Bravery is doing something even though you are afraid. Niffler has surprised me at how brave she is. She vibrates visibly but moves toward the object of her fear. In this case the feather wand I just introduced as the first moving toy. All the other kittens decided to go off and play and not engage with this beast, lol. Not Niffy she smacks it down repeatedly. Make no mistake she is terrified of it. If I try to touch her to reassure her she jumps with fright. I'm trying to help her be more comfortable by increasing her positive experiences.

This was taken before I closed the cabinet. That's Niffler sort of in but not really. She is sleeping like that.


As a kitten I noticed Gringott had a sad sort of tilt to her eyes. I'm noticing that she is losing it as she matures.

It getting much harder for me to tell her apart from Niffler when I can't see that blue mark on her hip.

And from Galleon for that matter. I need to check their color marks.

Like in this photo with no clues. I just know its a seal point.

Gringott, Galleon and Knut have always been outgoing. I'm starting to see an awareness of concern in Gringott. She is still outgoing but I can see in her that she knows things may not be safe. She sometimes looks a bit sidewise at me and positions herself for escape. She's not sure of "live" toys yet.

Desk knee hole bed

When I came in today Momma was in the nest with Niffler and Galleon. Knut and Gringott were in the computer storage area of the desk. It no longer has a computer so its the kitten fort. I stuffed a pillow in so I don't have to reach so far back if I need to get a kitten. Knut, Mr. Personality came running out to see me. Climbed onto my lap. He loves being pet. He's the kind of cat who pushes his head up into your hand and rubs on you. He's a full body pet me cat who craves attention when he misses you. He talked the whole time too. I tried to take a photo by every time I held the camera up he would run over to rub on it, lol. Galleon heard the noise and didn't want to be left out and claimed his spot in the center hole of my crossed legs. He loves to curl up in my lap and sleep. I tried to play with his toes and he went back to Momma. The girls stayed asleep so I left them to nap and grow.

Friday's bi-weekly weigh in ... 

Gringott  is 1lb 5.75 ounces = 619 grams - up 50  grams  

 Galleon is  1lb 10.1 ounces = 744 grams - up 57 grams

 Knut is 1lb 7,4 ounces = 665 grams - up 60 grams

 Niffler  is 1lb  7.1 ounces = 658 grams - up 39 grams

The boys

The girls


Niffler the only one brave enough to get the feather toy


Gringott playing soccer


I think Gringott is a climber. I was laughing so hard. The middle kitten is Galleon. He is all muscle and athletic but he was struggling to climb up. Thats Knut nipping at his heals. All of a sudden from out behind the desk flew Gringott. She raced up the tree to that top perch in a split second. Poor Galleon gave up and landed on the first perch. Once up there Gringott had no clue how to get herself down. She fell through the hole trying to tease Galleon and I had to show her how to climb down the back. Then she ran over and leap up this...


Tuesdays bi-weekly weigh in ... 

Gringott  is 1lb 4.0 ounces = 569 grams - up 99  grams  

 Galleon is  1lb 8.0 ounces = 686 grams - up 92 grams

 Knut is 1lb 5.25 ounces = 605 grams - up 78 grams

 Niffler  is 1lb  5.75 ounces = 619 grams - up 85 grams

June 18th - five weeks old - 19th &20th - The kittens are starting to bounce off the walls, lol. Not literally, they are really full of energy and activity. They are now climbing up the cat tree. I saw Knut up inside the middle level tube but he crawled down to greet me before I could get his picture. They are eating and using the litter box. Knut used the clay that was outside the box to take a dust bath (?) in. He rolled all around on it. I had begun to wonder if Niffler was deaf, She's not. I think she has a heightened level of reserve. I tried to handle her each feeding even though she wasn't taking any formula but she doesn't have the same level of outgoingness as the other kittens. I working with her now to try to help hr overcome some of that reserve that holds her back. They had their last bits of kitten milk this weekend and have now totally rejected my milk two feedings in a row. I think my milk job is wrapped up.




Galleon spent some time just sitting on my lap watching his siblings play

Galleon, "Help me, Momma took over my bed!"

The Boys - Galleon & Knut

This wrestling happened before the nice posing.

Knut laying on my lap

Knut really into his food

Knut taking his "Dust Bath"?

Knut, stalking

Knut, stalking


I think Niffler has such a pretty face.

bi-weekly weigh in ... 

Gringott  is 1lb 0.5 ounces = 470 grams - up 27  grams  

 Galleon is  1lb 4.9 ounces = 594 grams - up 75 grams

 Knut is 1lb 2.5 ounces = 527 grams - up 39 grams

 Niffler  is 1lb  2.75 ounces = 534 grams - up 57 grams

June 15th - Today is our first bi-weekly weigh in since starting kibble. Three kittens are over a pound and Gringott will be there after her next meal. I've seen Galleon and Niffler chowing down on the kibble, and the other two nibble at it. On Monday no one of them wanted milk so I think they all had eaten kibble. Since then its been hit or miss for eating formula. They still want some, some feedings a little some alot. Now I feel sorry for Momma if this is what she goes thru. They all still run onto my lap. It may be they just want my attention. I'm placing each one at the kibble before offering them milk. I'm considering putting it into a bowl for them to lap instead of me feeding them. Lots of photos enjoy!

bi-weekly weigh in ... weights all look consistent with each other. Galleon continues to eat large and stuff himself. . He may turn into a fat cat?

Gringott  is 15.5 ounces = 443 grams - up 58  grams  

 Galleon is  1lb 2.25 ounces = 520 grams - up 71 grams

 Knut is 1lb 1.1 ounces = 488 grams - up 53 grams

 Niffler  is 1lb .75 ounces = 416 grams - up 60 grams

Galleon was first to eat the kibble...Mr. Food of course he was.

Another day eating with Momma

Gringott going up

Knut quick to see what she's up to



Gringott is so cute. Her face is so expressive. 

I was making noises to get her to look at the camera

From the shape of the eye I think this is Gringott...and based on who is in the bed behind her

Lt-Rt, Galleon, Knut, & Niffler

The boys

Litter box use is going well 

Photos taken on different days

Niffler, "Gringott your mask is crooked. Let me fix it."

 "Niffler, I can't see!"

Niffler with Gringott in back

I know those toes are Galleon's on the very bottom kitten.

Knut getting the upper hand in this match up

I like this Sun stuff

The ball tickled my lips

June 11th - four weeks old - I expanded the run a little more this morning. The kittens are very active and oh so cute. I get swarmed when I come in. they all want to be fed first. Now they are trying to steal the syringe nipple away from their siblings. just like they do with Momma's.  I hope they take to the food quickly. I've noticed they are not eating as much milk as they used too. Galleon is the only one whole really likes feeding. I think Galleon is going to be a big boy. His toes are long and his knuckles are prominent like his grandpa's paws were. He has a long whip tail too. Comparing it to Niffler's which is thick muscled and not quite as long. Both are within the norm but Galleon's does that slinky, curly, dance with its end. Knut's eye color is becoming lighter, a piercing icy blue right now.

4 weeks of age




With his tail curl showing



4 weeks of age



4 weeks of age


evening weigh in ... Now that we are introducing solid food we will only weigh twice a week. It gives a better over all picture of how they are doing.

Gringott  is 13.5 ounces = 384 grams - up 7.1  grams  

 Galleon is  15.75 ounces = 448 grams - up 7.1 grams

 Knut is 15.25 ounces = 434 grams - up 14.2 grams

 Niffler  is 14.6 ounces = 416 grams - up 14.2 grams

Seal and Chocolate

June 10th

evening weigh in ... 

Gringott  is 13.25 ounces = 377 grams - up  7.1  grams  

 Galleon is  15.5 ounces = 441 grams - up 7.1 grams

 Knut is 14.75 ounces = 420 grams - up 10.7 grams

 Niffler  is 14.1 ounces = 402 grams - up 14.2 grams

June 9th - We are doing just fine on weights. I've added the training food bowls and litter boxes and expanded the run area.

evening weigh in ...

Gringott  is 13.0 ounces = 370 grams - up  10.7  grams  

 Galleon is  15.25 ounces = 434 grams - up 21 grams

 Knut is 14.4 ounces = 409 grams - up 14.2 grams

 Niffler  is 13.6 ounces = 388 grams - up 14.2 grams

June 8th - All the kittens nurse after I feed them.

evening weigh in ...

Gringott  is 12.6 ounces = 359 grams - up  14.2  grams  

 Galleon is  14.1 ounces = 413 grams - up 10.7 grams

 Knut is 13.9 ounces = 395 grams - up 14.2 grams

 Niffler  is 13.1 ounces = 373.7 grams - up 17.7 grams

June 7th - Feedings went really well today. Everyone gained nicely. Still not sure about solid food yet. By the weekend for sure we will expand their available experiences.

Galleon's face is maturing more. He's looking more male Siamese

Boy perspective is messed up he is a big kitten

The boys

The girls on the go

evening weigh in ...

Gringott  is 12.1 ounces = 345 grams - up  17.8  grams  

 Galleon is  14.1 ounces = 402 grams - up 21.4 grams

 Knut is 13.4 ounces = 381 grams - up 28.5 grams

 Niffler  is 12.5 ounces = 356 grams - up 14.2 grams

June 6th - The kittens are becoming more and more comfortable running about. Its just about time to expand their area. My best eater by far is Galleon. Knut has stopped sucking on my milk. He now laps it like the girls. I think he's eating less per meal too because of that. I may expand and introduce the bowls this week just to see what they think.

Let's Go!

evening weigh in ...

Gringott  is 11.5 ounces = 327 grams - up  25  grams  

 Galleon is  13.4 ounces = 380.8 grams - up 25 grams

 Knut is 12.4 ounces = 352 grams - up 3.5 grams

 Niffler  is 12 ounces = 341.6 grams - up 21 grams

June 5th -

evening weigh in ...

Gringott  is 10.6 ounces = 302.5 grams - up  7.1  grams  

 Galleon is  12.5 ounces = 356 grams - up 28.5 grams

 Knut is 12.25 ounces = 349 grams - up 10.7 grams

 Niffler  is 11.25 ounces = 320 grams - up 14.2 grams


June 4th - three weeks old - Knut is starting to stand out not only because of his color and behavior but because he is much more sculpted looking. His genes seem to throw back to his more modern looking ancestors, grandpa (Mr. Mistoffelees) maybe?

3 weeks of age


Hey all just hangin' out

You can see that Gringott doesn't quite have that round fat tummy she should have. 

We are working on it!


3 weeks of age

No I'm not going to pose


3 weeks of age

This is boring, put me down so I can gogo


3 weeks of age

evening weigh in..... I switched to a new syringe because I was losing the measurement from washing. The plunger slides so easily the kittens suck it down on their own. The girls still don't suck though

 Gringott  is 10.4 ounces = 295 grams - up  25  grams  

 Galleon is  11.5 ounces = 327 grams - up 32 grams

 Knut is 11.9 ounces = 338 grams - up 25 grams

 Niffler  is 10.75 ounces = 284.7 grams - up 21 grams

Gringott & Knut

Galleon, Gringott, & Knut

June 3rd -Weight gains are looking good I need to work on Gringott a bit more. They are so cute running about mewing, rolling on their backs and beginning to wrestle a little. Tooth bumps are coming in. Yelling should commence soon as they learn how rough they should be in play. Niffler seems to be living up to her name. She stays in the shadows and is slower to come out of the cabinet.

Niffler, "I need a little bit more time, please"

Niffler & Knut. Knut is all over the place. He is a very busy kitten.

evening weigh in.....

 Gringott  is 9.5 ounces = 270 grams - up  14.2  grams  

 Galleon is  10.4 ounces = 295 grams - up 7.1 grams

 Knut is 11 ounces = 313 grams - up 17.8 grams

 Niffler  is 10 ounces = 284.7 grams - up 14.2 grams

June 2nd

evening weigh in.....

 Gringott  is 9.0 ounces = 256 grams - up  7.1  grams  

 Galleon is  10.1 ounces = 288 grams - up 14.2 grams

 Knut is 10.4 ounces = 295 grams - up 14.2 grams

 Niffler  is 9.5 ounces = 270 grams - up 17.8 grams

June 1st - Kitten weights are doing well. The girls still haven't figured out how to suck a rubber nipple but they are more open to swallowing the formula. They all come running out when they hear me. Momma is even being relaxed enough to set herself up in the nest outside the  cabinet while I visit. The first couple of times I put the kittens back in the cabinet before I let. This morning I allowed her to stay out with them nursing to see what would happen. She moved them back inside. She is moving out it for my benefit. She is so sweet. I am loving the kitten tummies and toes. When they are on their backs I cant resist them, lol.

Niffler was asleep stretched out like this when I came in. She was waking up as I took the photo.

Getting set up outside the cabinet

Knut had some milk dribble on his chest. He's licking it clean.

All settled after being fed, they all nurse after.

Their pupils are starting to develop as well as the blue eye color.


Tummy rubs for Knut

The boys

evening weigh in.....

 Gringott  is 8.75 ounces = 249 grams - up  14.2  grams  

 Galleon is  9.6 ounces = 274 grams - up 10.7 grams

 Knut is 9.9 ounces = 281 grams - up 14.2 grams

 Niffler  is 8.8 ounces = 253 grams - up 7.1 grams

May 31st - This morning both the boys ate well. Niffler lapped at the milk. I burrito'd Gringott in a terry face cloth and tried to force her to drink. She tries to push the milk out of her mouth with her tongue. I'm hoping she ends up swallowing enough to make a difference. I'm going to try the shorter nipple next feeding.

The shorter nipple has helped with Gringott. She no longer tries to push it out of her mouth and was able to swallow more milk. She has a nice gain tonight. Knut didn't care he was happy to eat. The first time I used it with Galleon he sucked on it but the second time he wasn't so sure he liked it. He may just have no been hungry. He has a fat tummy.

They still get there emotional nursing with momma.

Left to right is Knut, Gringott, Galleon, and Niffler.

evening weigh in.....

 Gringott  is 8.25 ounces = 235 grams - up  17.8  grams  

 Galleon is  9.25 ounces = 263 grams - up 7.1 grams

 Knut is 9.4 ounces = 267 grams - up 10.7 grams

 Niffler  is 8.6 ounces = 245 grams - up 14.2 grams

May 30th - I'm afraid I'm going to have to start force feeding Gringott. She has a littler round belly but any progress she had made is being lost each day she doesn't eat enough.

evening weigh in.....

 Gringott  is 7.6 ounces = 217 grams - up  0  grams  

 Galleon is  9.0 ounces = 256 grams - up 3.5 grams

 Knut is 9.0 ounces = 256 grams - up 17.8 grams

 Niffler  is 8.1 ounces = 231 grams - up 14.2 grams

May 28th + 29th - two weeks old - Everybody is food fussy on Friday morning and they don't want my milk. They all want to run out and see me though. They like to roll around onto their backs. I believe they are working on strengthening their cores. They are becoming less wobbly. We brought in the fence today to limit the exploration area. We will expand it as they become more secure with exploring. Momma is being incredibly relaxed with this litter, so far. All the kittens got their nails trimmed today. They were sharp, I can't imagine how that felt on momma's shaved tummy. Galleon and Knut were ready to eat well Saturday morning. Knut continued to eat well all day.

Everyone nursing

Facebook changed something and it has broken all our embedded FB videos. 

Maybe it will be fixed? For now here is a direct link to click to see the video below on Facebook


Knut Feeding Saturday Afternoon

His ear wiggle is so cute


I took pictures after trying to feed them.  She's cleaning her milk mustache

Gringott 2 weeks of age


Galleon just hangin' at two weeks of age



And asleep at two weeks of age


Niffler at two weeks of age

Everybody back with momma for a nap

29th evening weigh in.....

 Gringott  is 7.6 ounces = 217 grams - up  7.1  grams  

 Galleon is  8.8 ounces = 252.5 grams - up 7.1 grams

 Knut is 8.4 ounces = 238 grams - up 10.7 grams

 Niffler  is 7.6 ounces = 217 grams - up 10.7 grams

28th evening weigh in...... 

 Gringott  is 7.4 ounces = 210 grams - up  0  grams  

 Galleon is  8.6 ounces = 245.5 grams - up 3.5 grams

 Knut is 8.0 ounces = 228 grams - up 7.1 grams

 Niffler  is 7.25 ounces = 206 grams - up 3.5 grams

When I feed the boys I try to keep the girls nursing without their competition.

May 27th - thirteen days old - Gringott's right eye is open now too. 

evening weigh in...... 

 Gringott  is 7.4 ounces = 210 grams - up  7.1  grams  

 Galleon is  8.5 ounces = 242 grams - up 10.7 grams

 Knut is 7.75 ounces = 220.6 grams - up 17.8 grams

 Niffler  is 7.1 ounces = 202.9 grams - up 10.7 grams

May 26th - twelve days old - I decided to open a new can of kitten formula. It bothered me that no one wanted the milk and we were almost to the bottom of the powder. They ate much better this morning. The kittens eyes all all open except for Gringott's right eye (seen below). Gringott also decided my milk isn't so bad. She still hasn't figured out to suck the nipple but she laps it down pretty well. Even with all the ups and downs with feedings the kittens have doubled their weight so we are on track and doing well.

When we all start walking around Momma stars hugging.

Guys wait for me....

Knut going out?....not really, not yet

Knut going back in.

evening weigh in...... 

 Gringott  is 7.1 ounces = 203 grams - up  21  grams  

 Galleon is  8.1 ounces = 231 grams - up 10.7 grams

 Knut is 7.1 ounces = 203 grams - up 14.2 grams

 Niffler  is 6.75 ounces = 192 grams - up 10.7 grams

May 25th - eleven days old - Nobody wanted my milk today. They were all very fussy mewing up a storm and running , well wobbling, all over the nest. They are starting to want to explore, working on the courage portion of the adventure. They come right up to the opening then have second thoughts.

Knut on the go, Mr.social

evening weigh in...... 

 Gringott  is 6.4 ounces = 181 grams - up  3.5  grams  

 Galleon is  7.75 ounces = 220.5 grams - up 7.1 grams

 Knut is 6.6 ounces = 188 grams - up 3.5 grams

 Niffler  is 6.4 ounces = 181 grams - up 10.7 grams

May 24th - ten days old - Yep today's weights show that I made a transcription error on Gringott's weight. She gained two days worth today... divide it between the two days and we see her normal gains.



One ear down and one up?

Galleon's pint color is coming in nice and dark

I added a bit of blue to his purple because it was hard to tell his mark from Knuts. Now he looks more purple

Knut's chocolate is coming into his nose and tail now. He is such a pip, he's very social and on the go right now.


She didn't want her picture taken. She was trying to back out of my hand. lol

evening weigh in...... 

 Gringott  is 6.25 ounces = 178 grams - up  21  grams  

 Galleon is  7.5 ounces = 213.5 grams - up 17.8 grams

 Knut is 6.5 ounces = 185 grams - up 17.8 grams

 Niffler  is 6 ounces = 171 grams - up 7.1 grams

Hello, now that I'm out here I'm not sure I should be.

Knut- Hi Galleon Come play with me.

Galleon - Ummm No.


Big kiss for Momma 

May 23rd - nine days old
I'm really hoping I made an error on Gringott's weight.
evening weigh in...... 

 Gringott  is 5.5 ounces = 156.6 grams - up  0  grams  

 Galleon is  6.9 ounces = 195.7 grams - up 10.7 grams

 Knut is 5.9 ounces = 167 grams - up 14.2 grams

 Niffler  is 5.75 ounces = 149 grams - up 14.2 grams

May 22nd - eight days old - I tried to get a video of feeding...*clears throat* I need a better camera operator. Grumbles, red means on, not off. while deleting 6 videos of the floor.

I'm really happy with today's weight gains.

evening weigh in...... 

 Gringott  is 5.5 ounces = 156.6 grams - up  14.2  grams

 Galleon is  6.5 ounces = 185 grams - up 14.2 grams

 Knut is 5.4 ounces = 153 grams - up 14.2 grams

 Niffler  is 5.25 ounces = 149 grams - up 10.6 grams

May 21st - one week old - We made it thru the first week and things are looking up. Momma has not experienced any infection. Thank you Slade for your excellent aseptic (technique) practices. The kittens and I are adapting to shared milk types.

Bath time


evening weigh in...... 

 Gringott  is 5.0 ounces = 142 grams - up  7.1  grams

 Galleon is   6 ounces = 171 grams - up 10.6 grams

 Knut is 4.9 ounces = 139 grams - up 7.1 grams

 Niffler  is 4.9 ounces = 139 grams - up 14.2 grams

Gringott ate some today and is being less fussy about it but she still talks the entire time she is eating.  Niffler seems to be getting a clue and almost sucks on the rubber nipple. She ate more too. Still not a lot but more. Galleon didn't want as much today but after the big gain yesterday I'm not surprised. Knut is a good feeder. I'd really like to see more weight on both the girls. They feel thinner than the boys in my hand. They all wanted to nurse more with momma today then anything else.

May 20th - six days old - I'm now using a syringe and special nipple to measure and feed kitten formula. The boys go right to it. They are so cute to watch. As they suck their little ears wiggle back and forth. I'll try to get someone to film them this weekend. I can't do both by myself. A breeder friend of mine sent me these nipples when she discovered them. They are called Miracle Nipples. They are wonderful and fit many different standard syringes. We don't have to make the right sized hole like bottles make you do. I'm using a syringe I had in my med kit that's a 12cc total fill, cc and ml are the same measure. Kittens this age need about  4-4.5ml per feeding. It's calculated by weight.

After feeding they all suckle with momma

Eyes are starting to peep open

This is Niffler

evening weigh in...... much better

 Gringott  is 4.75 ounces = 135 grams - up  14.2  grams

 Galleon is  5.6 ounces = 160 grams - up 21 grams

 Knut is 4.6 ounces = 131.6 grams - up 17.8 grams

 Niffler  is 4.4 ounces = 124.6 grams - up 10.6 grams

May 19th - five days old - I wish weights were better. Knut did well today eating. I tried feeding Gringott. She doesn't want my milk and yells really loudly. Then momma takes her away from me.
evening weigh in...... 

 Gringott  is 4.25 ounces = 121 grams - up  3.5  grams

 Galleon is  4.9 ounces = 139 grams - up 7.1 grams

 Knut is 4 ounces = 114 grams - up 14.2 grams

 Niffler  is 4 ounces = 114 grams - up 7.1 grams

I was really hoping we would see momma's milk come in and be enough but that doesn't seem to be happening. I'm going to get more serious and switch to a large syringe with a nipple. The two kittens who want to eat my milk suck it down and I have to refill then they are put off by my breaking their seal. This way I won't have to refill until they have had all they want and I can measure more accurately what they are eating. Galleon and Knut both ate again tonight. I really tried with the girls but neither one wants it. Gringott is quite the siren too. Momma was trying to be patient with me but again she ended up scuffing her back to bed. I may have to take them out of the room to feed them. We'll see how tomorrow goes.

May 18th - four days old - Based on nose leather I believe we have three Seal points and one Chocolate point.





Partially supplementing with kitten milk has helped us see more normal weight gains.
evening weigh in...... 

 Gringott  is 4.1 ounces = 117 grams - up  10.7  grams

 Galleon is  4.6 ounces = 131.7 grams - up 10.7 grams

 Knut is 3.5 ounces = 99.6 grams - up 7.1 grams

 Niffler  is 3.75 ounces = 107 grams - up 14.2 grams

May 17th - three days old - Last night before bed I offered all the kittens some formula kitten milk.  Knut sucked it from the dropper, very happy to eat. The other three kittens were not as accepting. I tried my best and then Tom also tried. They did lick some of it up. Maybe tomorrow will go better now that they have had a taste. 

Momma keeps moving the kittens. We had to remove the small condo. She kept trying to put them into in. There is not enough room for a nursing family in it. She has multiple locations we have set up. I think she is doing it because they are crying so much. They are fussy because they are hungry and not getting enough milk from her. We left her in the corner cabinet nest. This morning she had them clam shelled between tow beds in the birthing box. She wants them covered. I turned the nest over so they have the two bolsters touching and more space between.

New Location

1:00pm - I fed them some formula kitten milk after filming this video. Gringott had a round full tummy so I didn't feed her. Knut sucked up milk happily, Galleon too, I am worried about Niffler. I woke her up to eat she half heartedly lapped at the milk. I got some into her I hope it helps strengthen her, maybe she was just really sleepy. I don't want to replace momma's milk but I also don't want them to starve.  This is just a little bit of a boost.

6pm I fed Niffler a little more and offered it to the other kittens who were not interested. I'm waiting more than 4 hours on purpose so that they can demand milk from Momma. We want her milk to increase.

All the kittens gained today. Gringott should have gained more since she should have had more of everyone else's share of momma's milk. This seems to confirm that momma is not making enough milk. I will offer milk to all the kittens before bed tonight. I'm feeling much better seeing these gains.

evening weigh in...... 

 Gringott  is 3.75 ounces = 107 grams - up  7.1  grams

 Galleon is  4.25 ounces = 121 grams - up 14.2 grams

 Knut is 3.25 ounces = 92.5 grams - up 14.2 grams

 Niffler  is 3.25 ounces = 92.5 grams - up 7.1 grams

Its pretty clear Gringott and Niffler are females and Galleon and Knut are males.

May 16th - two days old -When I checked in on momma this morning she had one kitten in the condo tube and the other three piled together on the wood floor in front of it. I changed out all her bedding for freshly washed one and put the kittens back into the nest in the corner cabinet. she joined them. They all started fussing and wanting to nurse. I've checked in on them several times and she has remained content in that nest. Every time I look in the kittens are nursing. 

Really more precious than gold.

I think we have two boys and two girls?  Just from coat color at least one seal (Gringott) and one chocolate (Knut). I'll know better in a couple days as I watch their nose leather color.

On the far right is Gringott the one I believe to be a seal. You can see how much lighter the kitten next to her head is, that is Knut the one I believe is a chocolate. The other two are sort of in between.

evening weigh in...... 

 Gringott  is 3.5 ounces = 100 grams - up  0  grams

 Galleon is  3.75 ounces = 110 grams - down 3.5 grams

 Knut is 2.75 ounces = 78.3 grams - down 7.1 grams

 Niffler  is 3.0 ounces = 85.4 grams - up 0 grams

I am going to offer each kitten as much kitten milk as they want to eat tonight before going to bed. The fact that some are not losing means there is some milk, we just need Momma to make more to meet their demand. I don't want to interfere in that demand but I can't allow the losses to continue either.

May 15 - one day old - Momma was relaxed at every check during the night. The kittens seem to be nursing. I will check her less often today and allow her to settle into nursing. She is good with leaving them when they are all sleeping to walk around her room.

Grainne is looking much more herself and not drugged.

The surgeon at Slade did a very nice job. Minimal incision, with very little bruising or swelling.

Compared to the incision Fenya received.
We didn't name the ER hospital on purpose in Fenya's diary. It was a bad experience.

I've noticed the kitten's having a harder time routing around to find nipples. They keep trying to nurse on her shaved skin. No fur to guide them. They do seem to be improving as they settle into which one nipple is theirs, their scent guides them to it.

evening weigh in...... 

 Gringott  is 3.5 ounces = 100 grams - up  0  grams

 Galleon is  3.875 ounces = 110 grams - up 3.5 grams

 Knut is 3.0 ounces = 85.4 grams - down 3.5 grams

 Niffler  is 3.0 ounces = 85.4 grams - down 3.5 grams

Weights are no what we want but given the stressful surgery, etc, and the fact that every time I enter they are nursing I'm not going to intervene yet. If we don't see gains tomorrow I may supplement. The kittens are active and nursing, I want their demand for milk to up her production.

May 14 - Birth Day - I called the vet again around noon. She made a call to an emergency team at Slade Veterinary Hospital. They are reproductive specialists. We took Grainne in to get an ultrasound to check on how the kittens are doing and to look for any abnormalities that could be a problem. Everything looked good but the kittens heart rates were starting to show stress so the Doctor determined the best course of action was an emergency C-Section. We have 4 beautiful new kittens and a momma who is wired on medication. They all arrived home just after 5pm. We are trying to calm Grainne so that we can get the kittens to latch on. Every time I try to help her she thinks I'm going to take a kitten and becomes very unsettled. I've watched her long enough to believe she is bonding with them and wants to protect them. I'm going to step away and see if she can relax now that she is in her room at home. We will check in on her every hour or so. If we don't see them nursing at all we may use a little bit of kitten milk. We don't want them to get too weak to nurse.

Looking wild eyed but settling a bit


They are trying to suckle and no one seems to be overly tired or weak.

We won't supplement. It's better if they can fill up on momma's colostrum.

The 8 pm check found momma had moved one kitten into a little covered cat bed. She was in it with the kitten and the other three were still piled in the birthing box. We moved them all into the corner cabinet bed. I removed the blue bed. Its not big enough for a whole family.

I will get up during the night to be sure she hasn't separated the kittens. I've put a nest warmer under the bed just in case she does leave them.

The Stats at birth - Not in birth order because we have no birth order.

#1 10:40 pm  Blue   Gringott 100 grams (3.5 ounces) 

#2 11:00 pm  Pink Galleon  107 grams (3.75 ounces)

#3 11.55 pm  Purple   Knut 89 grams (3.125 ounces) 

#4 12:55 am  none    Niffler   89  grams (3.125 ounces) 

The naming scheme for this litter's diary names comes from Gringott's Bank in the Harry Potter series Fantastic Beasts....because these kittens are gold, lol.  An emergency ultrasound and C-section is $$$$ per kitten. 

May 13th - Okay now I'm really staring to worry. She lays with me every day, no signs, no stress. I can feel her kittens moving. I would guess by her side she has at least 4 kittens. She is past even a later due date. I've put a call into my Vet and learned today is her day off.

May 8th - We've been expecting Grainne to deliver her kittens any time. She shows no signs.
March 1st, 2021 - we are breeding Grainne to Polo this week. 



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