Our Breeding Cats

We have retired from Breeding

All of our breeding cats have been altered 

Each of our cats has it's own photo page linked to from the buttons below

Black &Tan Grainne Guinness

(retired queen}

~ Grainne is third generation of our breeding ~

Grainne at 2 years of age. (Photo taken April 2015)

 Feature pages for our breeding pair

It takes a Guinness and Bass to make an American Black&Tan ;)

Our breeding girls are all registered with the second name Guinness and our stud boys with Bass


Polo of Black &Tan 

(Retired Stud)

~   Polo (lilac point stud)  ~

Polo at 7 years old

 Black &Tan Cats Retired from Breeding  

~ Maeve ~ Finola ~ Keva ~ Tasa ~ Fenya ~

~ Phinean ~ Kian ~ Balor ~  


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