Balor Bass of Black &Tan

Photo Taken November 2012 - Balor at 9 yrs old

Born of






Dec 2013-Balor has genetically tested negative for the genes that cause Progressive Retinal Atrophy and Polycystic Kidney Disease.

PRA-CEP290  Result: N/N -  Normal, cat does not have the rdAc mutation.  PRA is an inherited late-onset blindness, these genes have been identified in 33% of the Siamese population.

PKD results N/N - Normal - Does not possess the disease-causing PKD1 gene. PKD is a well documented abnormality in domestic cats.

Tested at U.C.Davis Veterinary Genetics Laboratory



~ Growing up Balor ~

Nicknames: Bay, BayMon, Buddy

My album

Permes Balor Bass of Black&Tan at 12 wks

My 1st portrait from my breeder in California

My name Balor comes from Celtic Mythology. Balor was king of a race of giants.

We pronounce it "bay + lor"


I love to play and ....


Thank you Ashley!

 .......hang  with friends.


My intelligence began to reveal itself at a young age.


I enjoy helping with homework. Like this fun visit with Flat Stanley


Snuggle snuggle zzzzzzz


Me in 2004


Just one more nap......Mmmmmm.....z Z z Z z Z z


This big rock was in my backyard before we moved.

I love rock climbing! I am so happy we moved to Massachusetts,

 rocks and  walls I can climb and walk along everywhere.


Thank you for taking time to learn about me.

I have to go now I don't want to miss my afternoon walk.

Balor (photo April 2005)

On July 6th 2010 Balor weigh in at 9.7 lbs. He loses weight in the spring and bulks up in the winter.

Balor's Web Log


        Balor & Maeve - the love story       


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