Black &Tan Keva Guinness

 Queen Retired

Keva is living with us as our pet


Photos taken April 2008

Keva is a chocolate point Siamese


Keva is of our own breeding from our spring 2006 litter.

Born of





Nicknames: Keva Weava , shortened from Keva the Story Weava (weaver), Kiwi Wiwi

My Album

Eleven days old





Four and a half weeks of age


Keva is the English version of the old Irish name Caoimhe.

 Pronounced "kee + va" and is from Celtic caomh  meaning "gentle, beautiful, precious"

We feel this best describes our lovely chocolate point girl.



Seven weeks of age




Seven weeks of age





Keva at 5 months of age

5 months old





I'm really a very sweet girl and a bit of a tomboy. I still like to wrestle and have fun leaping for toys.




New American Idol?.........Singing  "I believe I can Fly"


And then showing us she can...











Because I am a chocolate point and have a nice ivory white body my eyes are blue on the lavender end of the color spectrum.

It's difficult to get a photo with true color because my eyes tend to reflect back the light. They are really more blue then this photo shows.





Yummm, I love fresh cold water from the faucet.




Keva- photo taken at 2 years old

 I'm working hard on this paperwork. 


This photo of Keva was taken in 2010 when she turned 4 years old.



I'm retired from breeding now. You can find links to all my kitten diaries on the Kitten Diary Index.





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