Photo at 1yr & 6 months of of age (18 months)

Black &Tan Gráinne Guinness

Pronounced:  graw + nya

Grainne is of our own breeding from our Spring 2013 litter.

Born of






Grainne is named after Granuaile, Grainne Ni Mhaille (Grace O'Malley), a legendary sea captain of the 16 century, who is said to have been “one of the most remarkable women in Irish history”.

Grainne is a lap snuggler. She hugs us when she is on our laps. I've never had a cat use its arms to pull itself close like she does. 

When settled she will reach up and put her paw on my heart and meow to me and look in my eyes. Its quite amazing to be a part of.

She is also a bit of a rascal. She wants to know everything and be a part of everything. She is a foodie in that she has to know what we are eating. 

She wants to lap sit at the dinner table. I think this is her way of waiting for a little taste of anything we will share after dinner, lol. She is a bit spoiled.

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2 weeks old



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16 weeks of age



Four months of age




Six months of age





1  1/2 years of age.


 18 months of age



Grainne at 2 years of age. (Photo taken April 2015)









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