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Tasa's Kitten Diary Spring 2010

This reads from the bottom up. New entries are added at the top so its easy to follow as they grow.

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These kittens are the progeny of our sire Polo and dam Tasa


Closing Stats

#1 Lindt is now Charlie and lives in Groton, MA

#2 Peeps  is now Peter and lives in Natick, MA

#3 Moonstruck  is now Sophia and lives in Beverly, MA

April 22nd - Today we said good bye to Moon. Her family came to pick her up this afternoon. Ms. Maeve crawled into Moon's open carrier and settled in. Moon wanted to go in and check it out but there was no room. We had to remove Maeve, lol. Moon walked in on her own and her journey home began. She has a fun wild side ( like stealing an apple slice and running off with it) and a snuggly side to her personality. We hope her new sister (resident Siamese) enjoys her companionship as much as we have. We know her new family will love her and all her spirited Siamese quirkiness.

Here are a few photo's of her before she left.

Moonstruck 12 weeks old

This time it's mine. Getting into launch mode...

I have a lot of photos like this with just a portion of Moon. That looks like a half moon, lol

I'm gonna get it, grrrr.

I thought I had it, where'd it go?

Wow, Momma (Tasa) can fly!


April 22nd - Moon went back to see Dr. Schaefer today and got the go ahead to go to her home. She is healthy and back to normal. She is becoming an old pro at going to the Vet, lol. She has a very loud yell when she is displeased. She yelled a bit in the car but settled down quickly. She was comfortable during her exam and wanted to play with my fingers on the exam table. 

She has been having fun playing with Fen. Fen likes to crawl up the side of the bed under the covers and borrow onto the bed. Then Moon attacks her on top, lol.

Moon had a bit of meat and discovered she really likes it. Later she was obsessed with the Twizzler's cherry nibs I was eating. She really, really, really wanted one. She was so cute but we've decided not to give in to her or treat her again. We don't want to spoil her and cause her to develop bad manners where people food is concerned. That is for her new  family to do if they choose.


She's not a Moon-pie, she's a thin mint!

Nappin' with my daughter and helping her feel better.

April 17-18th - twelve weeks old - I heard from Peeps owner that he had redness and swelling at his incision. He saw the Vet last Tuesday and was put on Clavamox also. He is better and is doing well. I touched base with Lindt's family and he is fine and is enjoying playing with the children and has found a favorite chair where he can look out the sliding glass doors.

Moon is doing well also. I didn't realize she was subdued in her personality the last couple of days until I saw her sparkle came back. She must be feeling better.  I see a little pixie in her actions and personality again. He tummy looks a little better with just a couple days on the antibiotic. She still has some swelling but I expect that to improve with a few more days of medication. Today is a gray and rainy day but I was still able to get a few nice photos of moon this morning.

Fen on the stairs and Moon on the desk.

In a perfect world this would be their conversation;

Fen, "Psst, Moon".  Moon, "What is it Fen?". Fen, " You're not supposed to be on there".

In the real world...Fen is biting and plucking at the silk forsythia flowers. Moon alarmed by Fen's behavior and got off the desk. Fen walked out onto the desk and kept pulling flowers off the branches until I scooted her off the desk and out of the room, lol.


April 15th - Moon wasn't so sure she liked taking her antibiotic last night. Even thought her tummy looks bad she doesn't show that it bothers her. She jumped in to help me finish wrapping up the last of my Easter decorations. I gave her a spoonful of plain yogurt as a treat. Not the regular stuff but the Greek yogurt that "Martha" says is the best yogurt, lol. Nothing is too good for Princess Moon. Then cousin Fen brought out one of her hidden treasures from Christmas time and allowed  Moon to play star chaser. It's a bit like dribbling a soccer ball but with a plastic star that makes fun rattling noises as it zips across the wood floor.

I admit I am not great at getting medication into a cat. When they are really sick its not too bad but when they feel fine....Maeve fought me tooth and nail when she needed her antibiotic. This morning I tried the trick I used to medicate Maeve. I mixed the Clavamox into a spoonful of yogurt. Moon ate a little of it but not enough to get her full dose. So I tried medicating her directly into her mouth. She was very good and swallowed it all down. She is a bit squirmy about her warm compress. Were still working that out in between naps in the sun and chasing her tail in circles.

Yummy yogurt treat last night

Star chaser Moon.

There is nothing better then a nap in a sunny window.

April 14th - Moon is teaching us. She is experiencing something we have not encountered before. Unfortunately for her family she will not be able to go home when we planned. We made a trip to the animal hospital today to see what is up with her abdomen.  

Monday I noticed her abdomen was a little  puffy. It was not anything I was really concerned about. I could feel the stitches were still intact in her muscle wall. Tasa has an abdominal trait that is seen in many Traditional Siamese. She has looser skin across her abdomen with a layer of fat. A sort of poochy belly. I thought this was perhaps Moon displaying this trait. Tuesday it was a bit bigger but still not bad. Her skin had a darker tone to it but she had her tummy shaved, which makes the skin colder, and her color is coming in. Darker points in Siamese are caused by the temperature difference in the skin. The colder the skin the darker the fur. Its why the extremities are darkest in Siamese cats. So the darker shading could be due to the cooler temp of her skin just like her points. It had me thinking something might be up but not enough to call the Vet, yet. This morning her pooch was even bigger and she yelled when I tried to feel it. I called into Apple Country Animal Hospital and they put us into Dr. Manley's Schedule for today. I took Tasa with us just in case Dr. Manley wanted to see the poochy belly she normally has. I thought Moon might be comforted by having momma with too. Poor Moon her momma crawled under the nest I put in the carrier and hid. Moon was on her own, lol.

Moon did better at this visit then she did on her first check up. She weighed in at 3.5 lbs. Dr. Manley had seen her incision the day she had surgery and said it was tiny. She didn't think this was a case of the stitches inside failing (herniation). Moon wasn't vibrating until Dr. Manley took her temperature and her shaking wasn't as bad as her first visit.  Her temp was 103.2. A normal cat temp is higher then a normal human temp. Cats can have a raised temp due to the stress of a vet visit.  I asked if her temp was within that stress range and Dr. Manley said it was right on the line, could be stress or could be something going on. The next  step was a lateral x-ray to see what we could see.  It confirmed the muscle wall is intact, no herniation. It looks like a soft tissue issue. A needle biopsy was done to see if fluid was present.

Dr. Schaefer was not in the office today so Dr. Manley emailed the x-ray to her to review. She agreed with Dr. Manley's assessment that this is most likely a suture reaction. They use an absorbable suture for stitches on the inside layers when closing a spay surgery. It looks like Moons immune system doesn't like the material the suture is made of. The doctor ordered warm compresses on her abdomen 2-3 times a day to help decrease the swelling. Because of her raised temperature we are also giving her Clavamox by mouth every 12 hours for the next week. Our goal is to see improvement in the next 3 to 4 days.

Tuesday night resting with Momma. Tummy wasn't hurting her, lol.

Moon & Momma Tasa Tuesday Night

You can see in this x-ray that her organs are where they should be and the muscle wall tucks up like it should.

Moon's swollen abdomen this afternoon after we were home from the Vet.

Poor Moon looks like she has an udder. She's more a Moo then Moon, lol


April 11th - Eleven weeks old - Moon will be with us through Thursday. I think her family has had their bad luck in three so nothing else should happen before she goes home. Moon says, No more flooding please.

I heard from Lindt's family tonight. He slept under the dresser the first night but was ready to come out an play this morning and by tonight he was making himself at home curled up on William's bed. Lindt is learning quickly who his best buddy is.

Moon had a good day too. Every now and again I will hear her calling out to someone when she wakes up from a nap. A momma or playmate is never far away here, lol. She and Fen have been playing and napping together. Fen fluctuates between playmate and surrogate mom. My daughter found her playing the role of mom and made a short video. Fen is going to have Moon all trained for her roll as little sister when she joins her Siamese big sister at her new home.

Moonstruck 11 weeks old


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As I write this entry Momma Tasa and Moon are asleep together on top of the cat tree. There isn't much room for Moon, lol

April 10th - We said farewell to Lindt today. He was traveling in style too in a Sleepypod carrier identical to Peeps. We played a bit then he chased a feather into his carrier and was ready to go to his new home in Groton, Ma. With a young boy and girl to play with I don't think he will have time to miss his siblings. Here are a few photo from before he left us.

Lindt one day short of his 11 week old birthday.

Lindt front and Moon sitting in back


Lindt napping on my desk while Moon is in my lap then.....

She decides to join lindt. Moon fell asleep with her head resting on Lindt.

April 8th - We said good by to Peeps last night. Tucked into his new Sleepypod carrier he set off for his  new home in Needham, MA. Before his family arrived the kittens were playing under a counter chair that my husband had draped his shirt over.

Moon has a little bit of swelling this morning where her inside sutures are. She was a bit excited last night after Peeps left. I will keep a close eye on her today to make sure she and Lindt are not playing rough.


Peeps drinking out of the big bowl.

April 7th - The kittens have been so good about resting and not overdoing their activity. Moon hasn't had any swelling of her incision. All their incisions look good.

April 5th - All the kitten's incisions look great this morning. I don't see any additional swelling on Moon's tummy. The kittens were all resting together behind the sofa today. I went to get my camera and when I came back moon was gone...I went in search for her and a photo to show you where she was wouldn't do. I made a quick short video.

The boys resting

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April 5th - surgery day - Nothing to eat after 8 pm last night. We were up early and off to the Animal Hospital for alter surgery. Lindt weight in at 3.9. If he had his breakfast he would have been 4 pounds. Peeps was 3.5 and Moon was 3.15. Their pre-surgery blood work and exam were all a healthy normal. They did very well under anesthesia and surgery was completed around 2:30 pm. Dr. Schaefer said they were all very friendly while at the hospital and did not show any fear. I picked them up around 4 pm. The boys eyes looked normal but Moon's pupils were still dilated from the drugs in her system. They were very happy to be home and out of the carrier. No food until after 7 pm. Moon's tummy looks wonderful. She has a very tiny skin incision that is closed with surgical glue. Lindt's surgical site looks great too. Peeps has some bright red showing so I took a piece of gauze and gently touched it to the spot. Nothing transferred. The blood is not new bleeding so I will keep an eye on it to make sure it is not bleeding. I think the boys would be happy to rest but Moon is a little spitfire because she is under the influence. My job is to keep her from running, jumping, and attacking the boys...and to keep the boys from rough play too. At 7 pm we began offering some food. They were all very hungry. Too keep them from gulping down too much food I allowed them short periods of access to food. As long as they kept it down for half an hour I allowed them to eat a little more. Everyone did very well. By 9:30 they were out of energy and curled up for the night. I'm a little concerned about how active Moon was. She may have a bit of swelling in the morning.

Morning wake up call

Moon's incision

Lindt's incision

Peep's incision


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You may notice my curtains are bundled. This is not because of the kittens. The curtains are new and I have them wrapped  for easy removal because I am planning to have the room painted.
Moon attacking the killer spider.

April 4th - ten weeks old - Happy Easter - The kittens shared an Easter treat of the new Royal Canin canned kitten food.

Lindt - Ten weeks old

Lindt with Peeps in back

Lindt with moon in front

Peeps - Ten weeks old


Peeps and Moon

Moonstruck - Ten weeks old

I found moon sleeping in this basket. I woke her up for the photo. She looks peeved at me, lol.

Moon with Fen napping

March 31st - Rainy days are good for nappin'..........

Moon says, "Lindt, Tell me a story."


front to back- Moon, Lindt, & Peeps

Make the rain stop....

Momma's boy, Lindt still wants to nurse.

Peeps and Moon

March 28th - nine weeks old - Yesterday Lindt's family came to visit. Unfortunately it was nap time but with a two year old and six year old friend to play with they gave it their best effort to stay awake visit. Meeting young family members was a new experience for them and they all did very well. I was proud of each kitten. Moon found her way to the bed behind the sofa to nap in the big bed with the boys. She prefers to sleep on the top of the cat condo with her momma while the boys like the big bed.

I tried to get some good photos by the window while the little bit of sun was out this morning. Here is the best of the lot, lol. These kits were too fast for my efforts to get them to look at the camera while I took their picture.

This is the best one so I made it big, lol.

Left to right -Moon, Peeps, Lindt and that is Fen in the back.

Lindt with Momma's tail in his mouth.


Peeps was too quick to run up to the camera. LOL

Moon was doing summersaults in this basket  but by the time I got the camera she had quit.

She loves the basket, lol

March 26th - The kittens are all back to their feisty selves today, lol.

Hey Moon, look behind you.


Hey Lindt!

Get out...

This is my basket!

I'm sorry, I'll be nicer next time.


Moon, "I got it!"

The boys found the bed behind the sofa but Moon likes the top of the cat tree.

March 25th - The kittens went into the animal hospital for their first core vaccinations and wellness check up with the Vet. The boys were very good and took it all in stride. Our brave little Moon was not so brave at all. When it was her turn she was so scared it looked like she was vibrating and her heart was racing. They all had a nice visit and were very brave when they got their shot, nobody cried out. Dr. Schaefer said they were all healthy and oh so cute. They have been sleeping most of the day allowing their bodies to make antibodies from their vaccinations.

March 24th - Moon has been climbing up on my lap during morning play time. She likes to sit on my knee and watch her brother chase Da Bird. I was still in my pajamas so I don't have photos but I will try to get some tonight. It was sunny today and I planned to try to get some good photos of the kittens with the natural light but.....they had other plans.

Moon's favorite perch to watch her brother play from

Moon on my lap and Peeps 


Lindt trying to back away with da bird. Tasa watching the string.

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This video is about 5 minutes they played at this all day long, lol

I was unwrapping my Easter decorations and the tissue went on the floor. 

Lindt woke up from his nap first and played with the big kitties in the tissue until his siblings woke up and joined him. 


Maybe I can get some pretty face photos tomorrow  =^..^=

March 23rd - Peeps had his family visit on Monday night. Earlier in the day the kittens were playing in the kitchen kitty condo. Here are some photos of it.

Who is here?

Whaaa,  its Fen!

Now that Fen is gone we can play.

Moon on top begins chasing his tail....

....in circles.


Lindt with Momma Tasa walking in front.


March 21st -eight weeks old -  The kittens are so full of character they make me laugh. I learned how they are getting up on my desk. They can jump up on my chair. I was working and got up to check something and when I came back Peeps was curled up on my chair. I didn't want to make him move so I sat on the front edge of the chair. I got up again to get something and when I came back Lind and Moon had joined Peeps on the chair. I sat on an even smaller portion of the chair, lol.  Lindt is being a little bit of a momma's boy at nap times. He tries to get as close as he can to Tasa. Moon showed us she can be a bit of a tiger. She was playing by herself with a mouse and when either brother came near she would hold it in her mouth and run around growling. So funny to hear a growl coming from a sweet little girl, lol. She also had a nice visit with her family this weekend.

Lindt 8 weeks

Peeps 8 weeks (that's Maeve behind)

Peeps loves the fireplace warmth.

Peeps is "it"


Lindt and Emma

Momma Tasa, Lindt on top the edges of the nests and Moon.

Peeps & Moon on my desk

March 18th - After Lindt woke up on my lap on Tuesday he decided being up was a great new thing to do. On Wednesday he would come to my foot sit on it and peep at me to pick him up. It was oh so cute and heart melting that he wanted to sit on my lap...well not really he had ulterior motives. He discovered from my lap he could crawl up onto my desk. What a fun new play space with the big kitties. We had discussions about not spindling my papers, and not running off with my pen cap or pen. By the end of the day he had stopped asking to get up and was bear hug climbing up my leg, lol. Then Peeps and Moon saw him and decided they were climbing up too, lol. 

Everyone was curled up under my desk in a big family bed when I went to bed last night. This morning the two boys were up on the desk top asleep in the big kitty beds. I have a large partners desk so half of it has cat beds lined up on it for the girls when they want to be with me during the day. I honestly don't know how that got up on the desk. After this afternoons play session Moon curled up in a double bed on the floor in the living room and Peeps discovered the top nest in the cat condo in there. Lindt followed me in here and is sleeping on my lap. They all got their nails trimmed while they were asleep.

Lindt- Shhh, I'm on the beach in Haena.

I'm helping to unwrap Easter decorations. - Moon

Moon hiding from her brothers.

Found ya!



This is why my clothes didn't get out of the dryer before they were all wrinkled. - Lindt

March 17th - Happy Saint Patrick's Day 

March 16th - The kittens made their way to the living room to play. We introduced them to some new toys. Moon loved Da Bird and was jumping after it and chasing it right away. The boys were not so sure what to think about this new toy that moves erratically on its own....was it alive and going to get them?...After a few tentive pokes and watching it carefully they joined in the fun. Lindt grabbed it in his mouth and tried to run off with it repeatedly. They weren't the least bit intimidated by the big ostrich feather wand.

All the single ladies 
Now put your hands up

(Moon with Peeps)

Waaha ooh oh oh  ooh oh oh ooh ......

(Moon doing her best Beyonce)

Lindt biting the feather

Lindt- I got it!



Lounging around...

I'm first to make it to the top of the cat tree. Moon

It's comfortable - Lindt

zzzzzzzz plush - Peeps

March 13th - seven weeks old - The kittens are so funny when they wake up. This morning they were so full of energy they kept chasing each other back and forth, back and forth.  They were frenetic. 

Lindt seven weeks old

Lindt sitting tall

Peeps seven weeks old


Peeps likes this little corner by my desk chair.

Moon seven weeks old

Lindt & Moon

Left front is Lindt, right is Moon and back is Peeps.

Lindt sleeping on my lap

Peeps sleeps

Moon sleeps

March 13th - We have been exploring, playing and sleeping to grow. The kittens have mastered litter box manners. We really had no accidents outside the box. Which is really good. I've noticed that Lindt's eye color is going through a very unusual change. Its really quite stunning. I'm so intrigued that we took a close up of his eyes to show off the colors. They have all mastered going up and down the stairs. They enjoy playing at this new skill. Mamma Tasa will not allow any of the adult girls to come into the kittens room. Only Fen is allowed to come visit and play. She is quite bent out of shape with Keva and charged her yesterday. I decided to feed them all a treat together in the kitchen to off set the bad feelings. They did very well together.

Lindt's eyes

Keva is a chocolate point all the other girls are seal points. Emma eldest at 12yrs, then Maeve at almost 7yrs., Keva, Tasa and Finny are all 4 yrs old.

Exploring the dining room

Nap time

This milk pull tab is all mine!

Playing in the hall and on the stairs

All three kittens haul toys in their mouth. This is Moon.

Peeps & Moon

WHAT? Why shouldn't we be here? We look great with the decore!

March 10th - Everybody has reached two pounds so we will stop our weigh-ins today. I think this is the quietest litter of kitten we have ever had. Last night while I was sitting with them Moon bit my finger gently and I made a eek noise. She look up at me with big eyes. She seemed very concerned that she hurt me. The next time she mouthed my finger more gently. I also told Lindt not to bite the cord by my desk and I gave a little hiss. I don't think he will bite it again. He took off like he was being chased. These babies seem to be very smart and sensitive, little sweetie pies.  Now to counter all that sugar, lol, I just heard somebody growling. I looked over and Moon has a sparkle ball in her mouth under the wave scratcher and Lindt is trying to get it. Moon is holding him off and growling with her treasure in her mouth, too cute. We opened the run and allowed them to wander out of the room for a short time. Lindt went straight up the stairs. Usually kittens ignore the stairs and check out this level first.

last bi-weekly weigh in......

Lindt is 2 lb. 6 ounce = 1082 grams - up 71 grams

Peeps is 2 lb. 1.75 ounces = 961 grams - up 78 grams

Moonstruck  is 2 lb. 1.5 ounces = 954 grams - up 64 grams


Waking up

Left to right - Lindt, Moonstruck, and Peeps

Napping Peeps

Moon & Lindt napping.



Wow, Maeve goes down fast!- Lindt

Got you Momma

Lindt - I still need momma sometimes.

Moon - I know a secret.

Moon - I am 'Ze Claw' !

What can I say? She's my sister....Peeps

March 7th - six weeks old -  The kittens continue to work at perfecting their new skills. Peeps and Moon both had a back foot soaking after stepping wrong in the litter box. They were very good durning the process. It wouldn't be so bad if they didn't jump out of the box and flick their foot around sending bits flying. I am getting more practice at my clean up skills then I need, lol. They are all very close to 2 pounds. I'm guessing that next weigh in will be our last.

Bi-weekly weigh in......

Lindt is 2 lb. 3.5 ounce = 1011 grams - up 114 grams

Peeps is 1 lb. 15 ounces = 822.5 grams - up 121 grams

Moonstruck  is 1 lb. 15.25 ounces = 890 grams - up 117.5 grams

Lindt 6 weeks old

Peeps 6 weeks old

Moonstruck 6 weeks old

March 5th - I expanded the run area to include behind my desk and the kittens have had a blast  running back and forth the length of the room and chasing each other about. They're also exploring the nooks and crannies of the shelves.

Moom & Lindt


Goofy brother Lindt behind Moon.


Moon - Peeps is there room up there for me too?

Moon sleeping on the shelf

Peeps joined her

March 3rd - Peeps decided to have his first kibble today, yeah. They are doing really well with using the litter box. The only messes we have had were a couple small ones when a kitten would step wrong while trying to cover up their deposit. They are having a lot of fun playing.I was watching them last night and  Lindt is a down to business Siamese. Quick to catch his toy prey. Peeps was toddling around and reminded me of a bouncy happy teddy bear, lol  He reminds me of Balor as a kitten. Moon is in between the two. She can play rougher and match Lindt but she can also play softer with Peeps.

front to back - Moon, Lindt, Peeps, & Fen's ears

Peeps first baby cat kibble meal. left to right - Moon, Peeps, & Lindt

Bi-weekly weigh in......

Lindt is 1 lb. 15.5 ounce = 896 grams - up 96 grams

Peeps is 1 lb. 10.75 ounces = 761.5 grams - up 71 grams

Moonstruck  is 1 lb. 11.1 ounces = 772 grams - up 71 grams

Getting Peeps tummy

Lindt sleeps, lol

Peeps sleeps

Moon sleeps

February 28th - five weeks old - Peeps is taking on a very pretty frosted coloring. His eyes are a tiny bit lighter which gives them ice blue coloring. Lindt's face looks a lot like his Momma Tasa and Peeps reminds me more of Papa Polo. Moon has big eyes and they have a nice width between them. I'm not sure yet who she reminds me of. Sometimes her face has a bit of a sad look to it. I think it is the tilt of her eyes. She is becoming prettier as her face matures. She is a fun package of personality, social and not reserved at all. I can see Lindt is gaining confidence. He is becoming the leader and a bit of a tough guy in play. He still needs to learn that if he bites hard he will get bit back, lol. They all learn this through play and it is an important lesson. It helps them understand how to set limits and be gentle. All the kittens are gentle when they mouth my fingers. No one bites me anymore. They are all very oral right now licking and exploring all surfaces. We're still waiting for Peeps to decide to eat some kibble. He seems to have a more laid back approach to life in general. He will get there when he is ready.

Bi-weekly weigh in......

Lindt is 1 lb. 12 ounce = 800 grams - up 89 grams

Peeps is 1 lb. 8.25 ounces = 690 grams - up 78 grams

Moonstruck  is 1 lb. 8.6 ounces = 701 grams - up 75 grams

Lindt - 5 weeks old

Lindt - 5 weeks old

Peeps - 5 weeks old

Peeps - 5 weeks old

Moonstruck - 5 weeks old

Moonstruck - 5 weeks old

Lindt & Moon

Lindt & Moon

Lindt & Moon

Lindt & Peeps

Lindt & Peeps

Lindt & Peeps

Moon & Lindt

I guess the mouse won the toss for the bed. - Peeps 

February 26th - The kittens had a fun day today climbing up. Lindt also decided he would rather eat out of the big bowl then off the rug, lol. They have done really well with litter box use, no messes.

Lindt - yum

I got you! - Lindt

Ah hahaha - Lindt

Lindt & Moon climbed up to the first level

Peeps, I want to come up too!

Moon going to peek out the window...that's Lindt biting her butt, lol

You can't get away with that Lindt. I'm out of here.

Moon, Up I go away from Lindt's teeth

Peeps figures out the way up.

Moon looking out the window from atop the second level tube.

I made it up the first level - Peeps

Where did everybody go?

Sigh, I'm all alone.

February 24th - Last night Lindt was trying to eat the bits of cat litter that was on the rug so I moved him over to the food. He didn't want the food in the bowl so I put some on the rug and he began eating. This morning he wanted his kibble on the rug again. Moonstruck had her first kibble meal this morning too. She went right for the big bowl, lol. The kittens are all having fun pouncing on toys and picking them up in their mouth. They don't seem to care where they fall asleep. Sometimes they sleep together and sometimes apart. Lindt seems to startle really easily so I am working with him to develop his familiarity with things that shouldn't startle him. We're making sure he has lots of positive reinforcement with us. This morning when I came in all three kittens came running to me calling out good morning to me. Moonstruck likes to climb up on my lap and just sit. They all had their nails trimmed again.

Bi-weekly weigh in......

Lindt is 1 lb. 9 ounce = 712 grams - up 71 grams

Peeps is 1 lb. 5.5 ounces = 612 grams - up 35.5 grams

Moonstruck  is 1 lb. 6 ounces = 626 grams - up 28 grams

Lindt eating

Moon eating her first baby cat kibble.

Sleeping together in the middle of the floor

Fen teaching under, lol



Lindt forward and Moonstruck back





Peeps with mouse





February 21st - four weeks old -  All three kittens are drinking water from the baby bowl and snort/sneezing quite a bit to get water out of their noses. I haven't seen anyone eat the baby cat kibble yet but Lindt did use the training litter box. He was a bit messy and had to have his end washed under the warm tap. He was very calm and behaved very well for me. I've also seen Moon use the training litter box to pee twice now so I think she knows what its for. Today is our last daily weigh-in we will be weighing twice a week now.

Morning weigh in......

Lindt is 1 lb. 6.5 ounce = 640.5 grams - up 10.7 grams

Peeps is 1 lb. 4.2 ounces = 576.5 grams - up 10.7 grams

Moonstruck  is 1 lb. 5 ounces = 598 grams - up 10.7 grams

Lindt - four weeks old

Peeps - four weeks old

Moonstruck - four weeks old

February 20th -

Morning weigh in......

Lindt is 1 lb. 6 ounce = 630 grams - up 25 grams

Peeps is 1 lb. 3.8 ounces = 566 grams - up 22 grams

Moonstruck  is 1 lb. 4.6 ounces = 587 grams - up 21 grams

February 19th - It is pretty amazing how much can change in a week or two. The kittens are running about, climbing, and playing with toys. Today I removed the nesting box. They haven't slept in it for several days and it takes up a lot of room. I put a double stack family nest in its place. The boys continue to sip water but have not taken to eating kibble yet and Moon refuses it all, lol. Even after her busy play session I video taped she went to the water bowl and sniffed and prodded it but wouldn't taste the water.

Morning weigh in......

Lindt is 1 lb. 5.25 ounce = 605 grams - up 21 grams

Peeps is 1 lb. 3.1 ounces = 544.5 grams - up 17.8 grams

Moonstruck  is 1 lb. 3.9 ounces = 566 grams - up 17.8 grams

Lindt back and Moon front

Lindt going up

Moon peeking




These photos of Peeps aren't great but they do show how his fur color has turned to the blue point. 

These were taken right after he had a drink of water and was shaking his head and licking his muzzle clean.






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February 18th

Morning weigh in......

Lindt is 1 lb. 4.5 ounce = 583.5 grams - up 14.2 grams

Peeps is 1 lb. 2.5 ounces = 526 grams - up 14.2 grams

Moonstruck  is 1 lb. 3.25 ounces = 548 grams - up 7.1 grams

Peeps in the hole and Moon on my legs

Peeps leaving

Moon, Shhh I'm hiding under here.

Peeps, Where'd she come from?

February 17th - Looking down on the kittens Peeps sure looks blue pointed. His points don't have the same color tone as the two seals. He looks a little more silver. The kittens discovered the little condo and now spend most of thier naps inside it. They are climbing up it and onto the top but haven't figured out how to get down yet. Moon just fell off it with a clunk. She didn't seems to even register that she fell on her face, lol. She is a go getter. Moon and Peeps are very social and Lindt is a bit more reserved. He's a bit of a sleepy head, lol. 

Morning weigh in......

Lindt is 1 lb. 4 ounce = 569 grams - up 28.5 grams

Peeps is 1 lb. 2 ounces = 512.5 grams - up 25 grams

Moonstruck  is 1 lb. 3 ounces = 541 grams - up 28.5 grams

Peeps, Drinking out of Momma's big bowl....

....I want food from a big bowl....so I'm not eating it.

Is it my turn to be on your lap alone? Lindt

Does she have to come up?

February 16th -  Lindt tried a drink of water and so did Peeps. Lindt also tasted kibble but didn't really eat any. Moon was too busy zoomin about to be bothered with food or water, lol.

Morning weigh in......

Lindt is 1 lb. 3 ounce = 541 grams - up 28.5 grams

Peeps is 1 lb. 1.1 ounces = 488 grams - up 21 grams

Moonstruck  is 1 lb. 2 ounces = 512.5 grams - up 28.5 grams

Lindt tastes water

My tongue got the water and the water got me back - Peeps

Lindt taking a little taste

Nibble, nibble, nibble...


Nibble hehehe

It tickled my toes

February 15th - We be zoomin.

Morning weigh in......

Lindt is 1lb. 2 ounce = 512.5 grams - up 10.7 grams

Peeps is 1lb. .375 ounces = 466 grams - up 7.1 grams

Moonstruck  is 1lb. 1 ounces = 484 grams - up 14.2 grams


February 14th - three weeks old - Happy Birthday Valentines! - All the kitten's are now over one pound. This is our first litter from Tasa and Polo so we can't compare them to siblings in another litter but  we can look back at the weighs on our other kitten diaries.  We can see that this litter's size is ahead of the curve by one to two weeks. It will be interesting to see if their adult size is larger of if they just have a different growth rate?

 I added baby bowls today with kibble and water and no one would even get near them, lol. They looked at them like they weren't sure if they were safe to be near.

They are beginning to zoom about with short bursts of speed. Testing out their newly developing coordination. Lindt chomped my finger ....he has his baby canine teeth in, lol.

Morning weigh in......

Lindt is 1lb. 1.6 ounce = 502 grams - up 17.8 grams

Peeps is 1lb. .125 ounces = 459 grams - up 17.8 grams

Moonstruck  is 1lb. .5 ounces = 470 grams - up 25 grams

Lindt 3 weeks old


What's down here?

Peeps 3 weeks old


Moon and Peeps

Moonstruck 3 weeks old

I don't think so. I don't remember seeing that before.....

Not gonna eat it, oh no

February 13th - The kittens are getting bolder with their exploring. We're setting up the kitten run to keep them safe and limit where they can venture off to until they are litter trained. This morning I gave Tasa a treat of wet food. I touched my finger to the gravy then held it for each kitten to smell. Lindt loved it and began licking it off my finger. Peeps smelled it but didn't indicate he knew what to do about it. Then he yawned and the side of his tongue touched my finger and he immediately began licking it off, lol. Moony couldn't have care any less about it, ho hum. She's not quite ready, lol. Once the run is set up I will bring in the training bowls with baby cat kibble and water. I expect Lindt to be ready to start eating. He was all over my office exploring this morning. He didn't care that his feet would slide out from under him on the wood floor. He just pulled them back in place and kept exploring. Moony and Peeps went off the rug a little but they stayed close to the nesting box. Cousin Fen was very excited to see them out and about. She really wants them to grow up so she can play with them. All the kittens have their first four teeth (incisors) on the top and bottom.


Morning weigh in......

Lindt is 1lb. 1 ounce = 484 grams - up 21 grams

Peeps is 15.5 ounces = 441 grams - up 14.2 grams

Moonstruck  is 15.6 ounces = 445 grams - up 10.7 grams

Fen and Lindt in the box. Peeps and Momma out front.

Lindt on the move


Momma, I don't need my face washed now!









February 12th


Morning weigh in......

Lindt is 1lb. .25 ounces = 462.6 grams - up 21 grams

Peeps is 15 ounces = 427 grams - up 14.2 grams

Moonstruck  is 15.25 ounces = 434 grams - up 14.2 grams

February 11th - I've been bringing the kittens out of the box to explore a little. Just a short time walking a bit in front of the box. Each has a unique look to its face. Lindt has pretty and fine features, Peeps has wider nose leather then Lindt but a similar shape to his head. Moonstruck has a rounder shape less mature looking head then her brothers.

Morning weigh in......

Lindt is 15.5 ounces = 441 grams - up 25 grams

Peeps is 14.5 ounces = 413 grams - up 17.8 grams

Moonstruck  is 14.75 ounces = 420 grams - up 16.8 grams

February 10th -  You can't really see it in these photos but Tasa is having some fur issues related to her stressful delivery. She lost the fur on her ears and her newest fur is coming in lighter. Siamese fur color is temperature sensitive so when a Siamese has an elevated body temperature it is reflected in their darker points. Dark means cooler skin on a Siamese. In time her fur will grow back its normal dark color but in the mean time its not very pretty. Poor Tasa a shaved tummy that will grow in darker, spotty fur in her mask, and naked ears with salt n pepper fur. I lost quite a bit of hair after my children were born too. At least Tasa doesn't really care what she looks like, lol.

Morning weigh in......

Lindt is 14.6 ounces = 416 grams - up 17.8 grams

Peeps is 13.9 ounces = 395 grams - up 17.8 grams

Moonstruck  is 14.1 ounces = 402 grams - up 21.4 grams

Tasa's ears

February 9th

Morning weigh in......

Lindt is 14 ounces = 398 grams - up 25 grams

Peeps is 13.25 ounces = 377 grams - up 17.8 grams

Moonstruck  is 13.4 ounces = 381 grams - up 21.4 grams


Moony left with Lindt behind Peeps on the right....is it me or the lighting...Is Peeps is looking a bit blue pointed?

Moonstruck with cousin Fen

Fen working on her mommy skills

Its a full house with Fen sleeping in too.

February 8th

Morning weigh in......

Lindt is 13 ounces = 374 grams - up 14.2 grams

Peeps is 12.6 ounces = 359 grams - up 10.7 grams

Moonstruck  is 12.6 ounces = 359 grams - up 14.7 grams

Left to right - Lindt, Moonstruck (back), & Peeps

February 7th Two weeks old - The kittens eyes now show blue but they are still not focusing and tracking yet. In the photos they look wall eyed because of the inability to focus on the camera or me. They are getting much stronger and it won't be long before they want to crawl out of the box. I made a video clip to show how much they have developed in just two weeks. They can barely control their own bodies but are already biting and wrestling with each other. When we hold them they show no fear or even concern, they are pretty amazing.

Morning weigh in......

Lindt is 12.6 ounces = 359.5 grams - up 21 grams

Peeps is 12.25 ounces = 350 grams - up 28 grams

Moonstruck  is 12 ounces = 345 grams - up 17.8 grams

Lindt 2 weeks old

Peeps 2 weeks old

Moonstruck 2 weeks old

Oprah says, If I stand this way turned to the side you look better....Do I?

I apologize in advance for the repeating baby talk, lol


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Peeps chewing on his paw

February 6th

Morning weigh in......

Lindt is 11.9 ounces = 338 grams - up 25 grams

Peeps is 11.25 ounces = 320 grams - up 10.7 grams

Moonstruck  is 11.5 ounces = 327 grams - up 21 grams

February 5th - Moonstruck's eye is open this morning. The kitten got their nails trimmed today.

Morning weigh in......

Lindt is 11 ounces = 313 grams - up 3.6 grams

Peeps is 10.9 ounces = 288 grams - up 21 grams

Moonstruck  is 10.75 ounces = 306 grams - up 17.8 grams

Moonstruck feeling her newly trimmed nails with her tongue.

left to right - Lindt and Moonstruck

February 4th - We're starting to see a little dark blue in the kittens eyes and definition of the pupil. They legs are getting stronger and they are moving about in the nest with more assurance. Moonstruck's left eye is still half shut.

Morning weigh in......

Lindt is 10.9 ounces = 310 grams - up 25 grams

Peeps is 10.1 ounces = 288 grams - up 17.8 grams

Moonstruck  is 10.1 ounces = 288 grams - up 14.2 grams


Lindt behind, Moonstruck left and Peeps right both nursing.

February 3rd - Moony has shed her cord. Her left eye is still half shut. The kittens are very alert and holding their heads up well. Moony was fussy this morning. I think her brothers sucked up her share of the milk. She wanted more.

Morning weigh in......

Lindt is 10 ounces = 284 grams - up 21 grams

Peeps is 9.5 ounces = 270.5 grams - up 14.2 grams

Moonstruck  is 9.6 ounces = 274 grams - up 7.1 grams

February 2nd - Last night when I came to say good night to the kittens they all heard me and turned their heads to face me and called up to me. I tried to get a photo of them all facing forward but fail to get them to cooperate, lol. Here is the best one. 

 I fairly confident on who is a girl and who is a boy.  Males are said to look like a colon ( : ) and Females are an upside down exclamation point ( ) Can you tell who is a girl and who is a boy? A mouse over of each photo will tell you my guess. This is an IE function. 







Morning weigh in......

Lindt is 9.25 ounces = 263 grams - up 7.1 grams

Peeps is 9 ounces = 256 grams - up 3.5 grams

Moonstruck  is 9.4 ounces = 266 grams - up 14.2 grams

When I was taking the tail end photos Fen came in and started licking Peeps. I tried to get a good photo with her tongue but failed again.

"Fen that tickles my ear."

Fen grooming Peeps.

February 1st - This morning Lindt's eyes were fully open and his cord was shed. They are working on the "bob that head" move and getting their necks stronger. Weight gains are good. I'm reducing the room temperature to 80 degrees.

Morning weigh in......

Lindt is  9 ounces = 256 grams - up 28 grams

Peeps is 8.9 ounces = 253 grams - up 17.8 grams

Moonstruck  is 8.9 ounces = 253 grams - up 17.8 grams

Lindt weighing in



Moonstruck - I got one open.

Peeps, "Momma I'm going esplorin"

Peeps forward, Moonstruck center nursing, and Lindt far right.

Lindt, "I'm coming too Peeps"

Lindt, "Oh no I'm caught."

January 31st - one week old - They continue with their nice weight gains....eat ...sleep...eat...sleep...eat...sleep.

Morning weigh in......

Lindt is  8 ounces = 228 grams - up 21 grams

Peeps is 8.25 ounces = 235 grams - up 25 grams

Moonstruck  is 8.25 ounces = 235 grams - up 21  grams

Lindt -one week old  (Don't even think Mr. Magoo!)

Peeps- one week old  (I'm a dancing machine)

Moonstruck- one week old   (I'm not asleep. My eyes just haven't peeped open yet)

January 30th - six days old - Looks like the kids took a little break after yesterday big gain. This is not unusual. We often see fluctuations in weight gains. It's the over all trend that we really look at. Moonstruck shed her cord.

Morning weigh in......

Lindt is  7.25 ounces = 206 grams - up 10.7 grams

Peeps is 7.4 ounces = 210 grams - up 7.1 grams

Moonstruck  is 7.5 ounces = 213.5 grams - up 14.2  grams

January 29th - five days old - Clearly they are eating well. Peeps eyes look normal and the right one is now almost all the way open too. Lindt's eyes are just starting to peep open at the inner corners. When their eyes open they still cannot see. Their eyes take some time to develop. As we watch them grow we will begin to see the changes in their eyes as their eyes develop. Their ears are also closed and start to open at about the same time their eyes do.

Morning weigh in......

Lindt is  6.9 ounces = 196 grams - up 28.5 grams

Peeps is 7.1 ounces = 203 grams - up 32 grams

Moonstruck  is 7 ounces = 199 grams - up 25  grams







Moony front and Lindt back

January 28th - four days old -  Poor Peeps, having an eye opened too soon led to crusty eye this morning. Peeps must have gotten some irritation that caused his eye to get stuck shut. I used a warm wet terry cloth to gently soak and wipe it. Then I held him up to Tasa and she licked his face for me. His eye opened and it looks good. I'll keep a close watch on it to make sure its o-kay. Noses are looking a bit darker this morning. Moony was mouthing his thumb, so cute. Last night my son came in to check on the babies. He sat down and said "They're so pudgy!" lol. Yep they are eating well. They are tummy crawling a bit. There is always one asleep up on the edge of the nest.

Morning weigh in......

Lindt is  5.9 ounces = 167 grams - up 17.8 grams

Peeps is 6 ounces = 170 grams - up 21 grams

Moonstruck  is 6.1 ounces = 174 grams - up 25  grams

Peeps eye before cleaning




Moonstruck's thumb in the mouth, lol

Peeps pudgy tummy

January 27th - three days old - This morning all the kittens were nursing when I came in to see them. Lindt was being very fussy moving from nipple to nipple. I help position on nipples and Lindt would suck then reject the nipples. I guessed there was no milk and Lindt wanted more. I was a little concerned until I weighed the kittens, lol. Noses are starting to show some shading. Tasa shows no behavioral indication of any pain or even the fact that she had surgery.

Morning weigh in......

Lindt is  5.25 ounces = 150 grams - up 21.4 grams

Peeps is 5.25 ounces = 150 grams - up 17.8 grams

Moonstruck  is 5.25 ounces = 150 grams - up 17.8  grams



Peeps eye open


Shading on ear edge

January 26th - two day old - The kittens are doing a great job of suckling the calorie rich colostrum. Looking at the babies coats I can't help but notice they all have the rich rufus tone to their color. No stand out "whiter kitten" to indicate a chocolate or lilac....could they all be seals? Time will tell.

Morning weigh in......

Lindt is  4.5 ounces = 128 grams - up 7.1 grams

Peeps is 4.6 ounces = 132 grams - up 17.8 grams

Moonstruck  is 4.9 ounces = 139 grams - up 17.8  grams

Top to bottom - Moony, Peeps, and Lindy

January 25th - one day old - Tasa is a relaxed and attentive momma. She doesn't mind when I hold and weigh the babies. She tends to come out of the box when the kittens are sleeping. Keeping the room temp up at 85 will help the babies stay warm when her body isn't there to warm them. Weights are good. It is not unusual to see no gain or even a small loss the first day or so until the milk comes in. Tasa shows no indication of being uncomfortable from her surgery.

Morning weigh in......

Lindt is  4.25 ounces = 121 grams - up 0 grams

Peeps is 4.0 ounces = 113.88 grams - up 14.24 grams

Moonstruck  is 4.5 ounces = 121 grams - up 7.12  grams

January 24th -BIRTH DAY - I was up and checked Tasa at 7:30 am . She looked very happy to see me. I again sat with her at her box petting her and talking to her. She likes to lie on her back and have her tummy rubbed. Tasa had her first contraction at 10:20am.  I turned the fireplace on to warm the room to 80 degrees. A few more contractions and she delivered kitten one at 10:40am. She needed no help from me and set about caring for her baby. I'm not used to such a quick and easy delivery. She got the baby cleaned up then relaxed while it latched on and nursed. Contractions began again and kitten 2 was born at 11:30am. I took kitten one, weight it and marked it blue. Kitten two came out yelling and scrabbling for a nipple, lol. Tasa was a little disturbed by it's big voice. After she had it all fluffy I weight it and marked it purple. Tasa is completely relaxed and looks very satisfied with her new babies...12:00 no contractions ....12:30 no contractions...1:00 no contractions.... Kittens should deliver every 20 minutes or so.  In the past we had Keva stop and wait 5 hours to deliver more kittens. It was that experience that prompted us to start doing kitten count x-rays. I know she has two more to come. I don't see any stress in her. I rub her tummy to see if I can help stimulate the uterus into contracting. Kitten nursing helps too and they are nursing well. At 1:20 she begins contracting. Four contractions later kitten three is born at 2:00 pm. 

There are no further contractions. I can feel the little hard round end (head or rear?) of the kitten. I rub Tasa hoping she will begin again and get this last kitten delivered...2:30 no contractions ....3:00 no contractions...3:30 no contractions...4:00 no contractions...4:30 no contractions....  At 5:00 I started to look at my options. I could wait another hour but that would make this run later into the night if she does need surgery. So, I send a short email to my Vet to see if she would be available or if I needed to call into the Foster Hospital (Tufts). My Vet called me back and we were off to meet her at the Animal Hospital. I plugged in my heating pad and cranked it up to high to quickly heat it up. I set it into the bottom of the large carrier and added a family nest. I snuggled the babies into some super soft fleece and tucked them into the end of the carrier and invited Tasa to join them, she did to protect them. She was not happy. Into the car we went for the half hour drive to the hospital.  

Having been closed for most of the weekend the hospital room temp was low. Everything that is turned off for the weekend had to be brought back up. We plugged the heating pad in as soon as we arrived, set on the lowest setting "warm". Our first step was an x-ray to be sure the kitten was in a good position for delivery, it was. While waiting I noticed Kitten two's eye is open, poor baby.

Waiting for x-ray to come up.

Head first in line ready to go.

Next step was a shot of oxytocin to see if we can get contractions going again. Tasa spent a lot of time panting, most likely from stress, Oxy didn't help. Dr. Schaefer called Dr. Gould to come in to do surgery.

Next step was to put in a line to give her oxytocin intravenously. She was so good but the second dose didn't help either. Next up was slow intravenous calcium followed by another dose. Still no contractions. 

First shot is done

Panting but no contractions

We have to put in intravenous

Dr. Gould arrived and Tasa went into surgery at 9 pm on a Sunday night. There must be some kind of law at work here. It seems like we end up in the hospital on the weekend at night. The fourth kitten was delivered by feline c-section. It had a heart beat. Dr. Gould rubbed it vigorously to try to get it to breathe. It took a couple of breaths but didn't keep breathing. She worked and worked with it. Then handed it off to me to try and revive while she went back to help with Tasa. I tucked it next to the heating pad as it was pretty chilled and continued to rub and shake it hoping it would stimulate into breathing. It didn't and in the end its heart stopped.

We don't know why Tasa went into uterine inertia. For surgery she was given very low levels of medication and was coming around quickly after surgery. She was given a low level of pain medication to keep the level that might pass into her milk low even though it is a safe medication to use with nursing babies. It should not have effected the unborn baby. We don't know why it wouldn't come around. I'll watch Tasa carefully to be sure she is not in pain. Dr. Schaefer said to call if I felt she needed some meds. Pain can cause the queens milk output to be lower. I always watch my babies weights carefully and will supplement if necessary. For the ride home Tasa had to be alone so we bundled up the babies on the heating pad and I held them on my lap. We got home and got everyone snuggled into the birthing box. Tasa has stitches inside but her skin incision is glued so there are no stitches for the kittens to get scratched on and nothing for Tasa to feel she has to clean off or remove. I stayed at Tasa's side to be sure she stayed settled since she was still a little drugged. I didn't want a kitten to get hurt by accident. I went to bed at 2am. I brought the ceramic heater in to keep the room temp at 85 just in case she doesn't stay in with the babies. Even though Tasa is only supporting three kittens she will have to wait a full year before she can be bred again. We've been through this twice before with different queens. Finola was successful in continuing her career and Maeve wasn't.

You can see looking at the three photos below the time of day, early sun, midday bright sun, and dusk, lol.


Cadbury or Peeps?



Cadbury or Peeps?...Cadbury or Peeps? Cadbury goes with the chocolate theme but Peeps goes with the early opened eye and is just too cute. LOL

The Stats at birth

#1  10:40 am  blue Lindt  "Lindy" 120.998 grams (4.25 ounces)

#2  11:30 am  purple Peeps 99.645 grams (3.5 ounces) 

#3  2:00 pm  white  Moonstruck "Moony" 113.880 grams (4.0 ounces)

#4   9:30 pm  deceased (male)

Names used are for diary identification. Their new families will chose their real names when they go home. 

With Valentines and Easter both falling during this diary I figured chocolate was a good inspiration for diary names. I've never had Moonstruck Chocolates but with that cute little white chocolate kitty it had to win the third spot. I am an admitted chocolate addict and would have liked to feature some artisan chocolatiers from Massachusetts but the names either didn't lend well to kittens or were not as gender neutral as we need.

January 23rd - Around noon today Tasa began having discharge indicating her cervix is opening. I sat on the floor with her all day stroking her in the birthing box. Bits of the mucus plug throughout the day told me she was dilating.  I thought for sure we would have kittens before sundown....nope, she had other plans. Cats when stressed can stop labor. Tasa seemed very relaxed and happy to have all the attention.  I sat up with her until 1:30 am when I decided she wasn't showing any signs of progressing. 

January 15th - Resting in the sun with Fen, nesting and grooming.

"Everybody says I look huge and weigh a ton. How rude is that!"

January 12th - Tasa went in to see Dr. Schaefer and have a kitten count x-ray. It looks like she has four kittens. We stood and studied these x-rays for quite a bit because Tasa is huge. We could only find 4 heads and spines. She is wearing the kittens stacked on her sides which may be why she looks so big. I cut down the size of the image and played with the contrast to give you a better view. Bones show up lighter. The rounder light shapes are skulls and the longer zipper like shapes are spines. The big rectangles through the middle is Tasa's spine. A cats uterus is "Y" shaped so we see kittens in each side of the horns as we would expect.

Top View

Side View


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