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Keva's Kitten Diary Spring 2011

This reads from the bottom up. New entries are added at the top so its easy to follow as they grow.


The music used on this page is Let Them Be Little by Billy Dean 


These kittens are the progeny of our sire Polo and dam Keva


These kittens have gone to their forever homes


Closing Stats

#1 Iris Iris kept her diary name and added a middle name to it, she is Iris Morgan and lives with her family and a rescue white cat in Hampden, Maine.

#2 Ducky  kept her diary name and lives with her family and a rescue lynx point cat in Boston, Massachusetts.

We've had updates on how both the kittens are doing. Updates can be read on our "Where Are They Now?"  Page.

June 5th - afternoon - Ducky's family came to pick her up this afternoon. They stopped at the store to get her some toys on the way here. She crawled into the bag, of course that plastic crinkle is entertainment enough,  Ducky rooted around and found her favorite....a minky. She grabbed it and launched herself out of the bag and behind her favorite chair. The minky still had its big cardboard tag on it, lol. With the tag removed she enjoyed a good tussle with it. Its funny that they bought her a minky because I looked in all the normal toy deposits and I can't find where she hid ours. 

I've had my pedicure and I'm waiting for my family. They decided to get me a day early.


June 5th - morning - Yesterday Ducky would call out each time she would wake up from her nap. After this happened a few times she decided it was best to nap on me. Since Iris left Ducky has become very affectionate, rubbing on everyone's legs and crawling into my lap to nap. She misses her playmate but had a great time tonight  chasing Fenya, on Fenya's terms of course. Fen loves to race through the house. Ducky joins her trailing behind her as if she is in pursuit. Ducky spent the whole night asleep on the bed curled up next to me. 

Ducky asleep on my lap

June 4th -  We said good bye to Iris today. She was very good and allowed me to trim all her nails. Then she sat in a nest on my desk waiting for her family to arrive. She greeted everyone, showed off her tummy, and then into her carrier for the trip home to Maine. Below are some photos I took before she left. After Iris was gone Ducky was calling out to her and sniffing all around where the carrier sat. It was  a bit of a tug on my heart. Then she curled up on the condo in the sun and went to sleep. Sun soothes everything for a cat, lol 

Iris, "My nails are trimmed and I'm waiting for my family to come pick me up."

This photo is a good illustration of the difference in the chocolate color between Iris and Ducky. Iris's color is more of a milk chocolate and Ducky's looks more dark chocolate. Iris's eyes are a blue with slight purple shading and Ducky's don't show the purple influence at all.  I'm looking forward to seeing how their color matures when they are adults. Iris is in front and that's Fenya's in the background.


Iris with Fenya in the background

Iris and Keva


I'm ready for adventure

Fen and Ducky

Ducky & Iris - scratch... scratch... scratch

Ducky, "What are you doing down there Iris?"

Iris whispers, "Psst were not supposed to be up on the tables"

Ducky, "How am I supposed to get that bird toy if I stay on the ground?"

June 3rd - afternoon - The kittens were so good for me yesterday that today they are making up for it, lol. This afternoon they discovered the kitchen table. Normally when kittens explore this area they try to climb up on the chairs and pull the cushions down. Not these girls. They were able to leap over the cushion to a secure spot on the chair and from there is was easy to make the top of the table. They discovered that up is a cool place to be. Tonight Iris kept asking me to hold her up so she could look around the house. I took some photos before I told them "no" and set them back on the floor. Iris looked up the chair again but neither girl challenged my no. We also discovered that under the covers is pretty neat too. Iris was the first to go under. She was quite content to stay there until Ducky decided she had to come under too. Then Ducky wanted to attack. Poor Iris, she climbed out because she didn't want to wrestle. Ducky stayed under and fell asleep tucked into my side with my hand against her back feet.

Uh oh somebody is on the table.

Iris, "What?"

When I took Iris out of the napkin basket and set her on the floor.

Of course Ducky had to have her turn too.

"I am a napkin. No one can see me."

"What do you mean you could see me?"

Iris thinking about going up again but she decided not to.

When one of the girls tries to nurse Keva grumbles at them and smacks them with her paw. She is done and ready for the kittens to move on.

June 3rd - morning - I'm sorry I didn't get a video made and up on Wednesday. I started and then the thunder began followed by tornadoes. With the first rumble Keva started growling and that sent the kittens behind the sofa to the safety of the corner family nest. Halfway  through the storm I found the girls asleep on the lowest level of the living room condo. On Tuesday I started with the first symptoms of a respiratory flu virus. Yesterday I lost most of my voice so the girls and I stayed in bed. They've been much better patients then I have, lol. Resting and healing is going very well for both girls. I'm still working on "no bite" with Ducky. When she gets excited  or is on her back her first impulse is to use her mouth as a hand to grab anything that is coming near her.. Yesterday with the little bit of growlly voice I had she sat straight up and looked at me when I said 'No Bite', then she licked my fingers. That lower tone works well, lol.  When the sun comes around the front of the house this afternoon I'll try to get some nice photos.

Ducky, "We're testing all the beds." Iris, "These are the best beds in the house."


Oooh a mouse!

You can't get away mouse!

Got it.

Sean is home from work and came to see us.

"I caught the minky when it was trying to sneak across the bed"

They found the freshly laundered blue bed on the dining room table, lol

Iris, "I think this may be the best bed." Ducky "Zzzzzz, okay Iris, zzzz"

June 1st - ten weeks old - The girls both look great this morning, no swelling. They are acting normal and eating and drinking normally. They look really good this morning. I'll try to make another video of them this afternoon so you can see how well they responded to surgery. I just checked on Ducky and she is asleep in the bed. I stroked her and she started purring, lol.

May 31st - Today is spay surgery day. No food after 9 pm Monday and no water this morning. They arrived at the Animal hospital around 8 am and were in recovery by 1 pm. Iris's surgery was textbook perfect. Ducky threw the doctors (2 doctors do the surgery) a little curve. When they made the first incision she stirred a little bit so they turned up the gas/oxygen mix (anesthetic gas) a little bit. Surgery went well and after all was done before she left the surgery suite she stopped breathing. The doctors immediately gave her oxygen. He heart kept beating and in less then one minute total time she started breathing again on her own. Dr. Schaefer believes this was due to the gas. 

As parents of a premature baby, we experienced a lot of sleep apnea with our daughter. She was on an apnea monitor for 6 months after her birth. For the three months she was in the NICU she was always forgetting to breathe. She needed to be woken up a little so she would remember to breathe. We would rub her chest, tickle her foot, or shake her leg. Once she reached her "due date" she was mature enough to breath without forgetting. We also believe the gas made Ducky forget to breathe. Our daughter grew up to be "normal". She is an artist, an AP student in her high school, and an outstanding individual....and very tall. She is pictured on our scholarship page.

Ducky and Iris came home a little bit hyper from the medication but compared to some of our past kittens they were very good. They have resorbing sutures in the muscle wall closing the incision but have no external stitches. Their tiny skin incision is glued shut with surgical glue. It's a glue that is similar to super glue. Most of what you see in the photos is extra glue that got on the surface of their skin. 

 They have three days of pain meds onboard and they act as if nothing has been done to them. They want to run, jump and play like they always do. Keeping them quite is the challenge. If they jump and run too much they can increase swelling or even tear out sutures. They were very good kittens. Iris found the minky and that kept them occupied. Sitting on the backside of their tail and trying to lick their tummies was a popular position. Their tummy feels funny because it has been shaved. We don't allow any licking of the incision.

Mum Keva, thought they smelled bad when they first got home...oh that icky hospital smell, lol.

Iris's incision

Ducky's incision

Keva, "Sniff sniff you don't smell like Iris and Ducky" On Iris's front left leg she has a small shaved area too.

"I gots to lick this smell off me!"

Iris with minky in her mouth. Ducky thinking... Oooh I want that.

Ducky hid under the bed so she could pop out to steal the minky from Iris.

Oh she won't let me get it.

She's not looking maybe I can get it now.

"Dancing with my minky...the doc didn't say anything about dancing."

Iris and Ducky went back and forth stealing the minky from each other over and over again.

May 30th - Happy Memorial Day - A warm purry thank you to all those who have served and are serving our Country. We never forget.

We have had a nice long weekend. We've had two visits from families on the kitten waiting list. Sometimes getting a Siamese fix can make the wait seem not as long as it is. On Saturday Jean came to visit and play. The kittens enjoyed having someone new to play and socialize with. Then on Sunday Gale and Steven came to play. It was good for the kittens to have some people they don't know visit. It helps to develop their social self confidence. Everyone wanted to take the kittens home, lol.

Today Iris and Ducky have played hide and seek followed by a rousing paper ball soccer competition.

Ducky in the waste paper basket. "Shhh don't tell Iris I'm hiding in here."

Iris, "I found you Ducky!"

Ducky down and Iris up

Iris took a ball of paper out of the basket to play with.

Ducky running off with the ball.

Both kittens would pick up the ball and run off with it to play. They went back and forth with who stole the ball, lol.

Iris, "Meowmy, Ducky took my ball again." Ducky, " I'm just playin' with her. "

"Ducky let me have the ball, please"

Mum all tucked in for a nap on the top.

Iris and Ducky napping together on the second level.

Ducky & Iris

May 27th -  The contrast in Ducky and Iris's personalities is rich. They are so much fun to watch. Iris is a very proper cat. Tight and precise in her movements. She always looks more professional and dignified. When really playing she is fast and on point. Ducky on the other hand just flies with abandon. She gives 100% too but hers is more a,  legs everywhere, all out effort at getting the prize and not caring how she lands. Last night she flew spread eagle off the bed onto Keva, lol. She loves to grab Keva's head and wrestle with it. Keva is very patient with her. She's more a clown then dignified Siamese. While playing with DaBird Ducky was singing her usual love song and Iris Joined in. This is the first time I've heard Iris chattering for the bird. There are a couple of times when Keva walks through calling. She is in heat again and calling to let the boys know. Grandma Maeve also walks through the background too. Iris's voice is softer then Ducky's but she is singing too. You can see her mouth chattering about one minute into the video.

Here is the love song duet for Ducky's new owners who are getting married this weekend. 

Ducky says," Congratulations Meowmy & Pawpaw. Now hurry up with your honeymoon and come get me." Yes, she is a cheeky lil' kitten.

This video is just under 8 minutes and may take some time to load. Iris is the one with the purple mark on her hip.

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Ducky & Iris - In bed on the bed getting ready to nap.

Getting Mum's head

"What? I'm going to clean her ear." Ducky

Sleeping in loving arms

May 25th - nine weeks old - The girls went to the animal hospital yesterday and got their first core vaccinations. They were quiet during the car ride both there and back. When I took Ducky out of the carrier her little paws were wet. Her pads were sweating because she was nervous but she hid it well. Ducky and Iris both weighed the same at 2 lbs 8 ounces. Their exams went well and they each took their shot without a single peep. They were very good kittens and didn't mind one bit being held and shown off around the office. They showed little effect from the vaccinations. Their sleep and play patterns were normal. They have been spending more time up on the bed. Ducky can jump up and always goes around to the left side. Iris gets most of the way up and struggles a little to make it onto the top.

The plan - Use the window light (where is the sun?) to get birthday photos with nice eye color.

The results...


Iris - nine weeks of age

"Whoa, I saw that toy fly past and almost got it.", Iris

"Can I have the toy please?" Iris

"I got it!"



Iris open your eyes please.

Iris, "O-kay like this?"



Ducky nine weeks of age


"I'll get it!", Ducky

"Got it!"

Iris & Ducky....I think. (Hmm looks like a carpeting advert, lol)

Iris & Ducky

Ducky & Iris

Iris & Ducky hanging

Ducky, "Iris sit still."

Iris, "Uh..No, you're not my boss"

Ducky, "Sigh...Iris we're waiting for you."

"I'm here!", Iris

Ducky, "Oh boy"

May 22nd - Friday was a busy day. Lots of new smells and experience. Our college boys came home and Iris's youngest family members came to visit. She wasn't so sure of what to think of her little children. She was a little over whelmed by how eager they were to play. In general kittens are intimidated by toddlers because it is difficult for them to predict their movements. Instinct tells them to be cautious. 

Iris (a little blurry sorry)


Iris checked Andrew out from top to toe. She decided he doesn't smell bad, lol.

We were asked in an email where the kittens sleep now? They sleep everywhere. Last night I found Ducky asleep in the center of the front entry rug, lol. I relocated her to a bed.

Since it has been rainy and cold we give you ....To sleep, so we may grow.

We sleep under or on our blankets



Iris sleeping on Ducky

We sleep all together or alone

Legs tucked and untucked......... Ducky's leg is missing?

If I didn't know better I'd think she was giving us a cheesy smile.....where is that leg?

I think she likes this chair because she figured out how to jump up on it all by herself.

They can now jump up onto the bed too. This morning they woke me at 7am by jumping all over me and the bed, lol

After I published the diary this morning I went to make the bed and found it occupied. After I tried to straighten the covers they all piled together, lol

May 18th - eight weeks old - We have had cold gray rainy days here so my kitten photos are not great for their birthday, sorry.

Ducky 8 weeks of age.

Ducky sleeping in one of her chosen spots.


Iris 8 weeks of age

One of the ways we can tell Iris from Ducky is that Iris's nose leather is not as dark as Ducky's yet.


Iris with her sparkle pom ball and Ducky thinking about a surprise pounce.

Ducky being one with the toys, lol

Ducky just like Mum

Hanging out on my desk sleeping with the big girls.


Ducky kept smacking this with her paw to see if was alive, lol.

Iris, "Ducky this smell's like cousin Fen."

" Good Gravy, I think she slipped her collar and is on the lamb."

"I'm on the lamb with her!"....that's a lamb in her mouth, lol.

May 16th - The kittens sleep, eat, litter box, and play...repeat, lol.   This past weekend Ducky's family came to visit and play. Ducky did all the usual (listed) with a burp added in, lol. I also went to the pet store for food and picked up a new (dog) toy. It looks a little bit like the weasel but with no stuffing and its very soft. Its more mink the weasel so we're calling it minky. Both girls bat, bite, roll, and run around with it in their mouths.

Here are some photos of the Minky adventure.

Hanging out bored...We need some new toys.

Minky v  Weasel which is better to play with?


Iris put her paw over her eyes, after I was stroking both of their heads, trying to shut me out so she could sleep.


Night Minky

Oh no Minky is trying to sneak into our nest.

I got you ebil minky

You can't slip away that easily

But Mum, I couldn't go to bed.  The evil Minky was attacking our nest and I had to dispatch him!

Good Night.

May 13th - It's Friday, Friday. Gotta get down on Friday - enough of that cultural reference, lol. It is Friday the 13th but the girls are having a fun day anyway! Now that Fenya has been introduced all the girls old and new are out and about the house and the babies got to stay out all night. I was very happy that we have no over night accidents (peeing). They remembered  to come back to their litter box even without prompts from me. *YEAH*

In this video Iris is the one with the purple on her right hip. She is attacking the mouse and does the hop that makes Ducky pop.

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Ducky napping with cousin Fenya and ....

....getting a bath

A face wash too.

Iris with a sparkle pom ball


Nose to nose with Magi.

Iris sneaking up to get Fenya, lol

Iris, "Where'd it go?"

Iris, "I got it"

Ducky on my lap with Grandma Maeve.

May 11th - seven weeks old - Today the kittens reached the  2 pound mark so we will stop weighing them. They are doing really well with remembering to return to the litter box when out and about in the house. We removed the training bowls and litterbox now that they are big girls, lol. Skies are overcast but we tried to get some good birthday photos. At least their eyes aren't glowing.

Iris seven weeks of age


Ducky seven weeks of age

Iris was sitting nicely by the feather toy when I clicked the photo....but this is what the camera caught, lol

Ducky charging out from under the beds dust ruffle to attack Iris.

Again both kittens were sitting nicely by the feather toy but it wasn't for long enough.

bi-weekly weigh in......

Iris  is 2 lb. 0 ounces = 911 grams - up 57  grams

Ducky is 2 lb. 1 ounce = 940  grams - up 57 grams

Iris getting the toy Siamese

"What? I didn't dump it.", Ducky

Ducky caught the weasel (toy) behind the chair and worked it over for 20 minutes.

May 10th - This morning I came in to visit with the kittens before I had to leave for an appointment (Phinean's vaccinations). I was going keep them safe in my office while gone. While checking my emails Keva pulled open the office door and slipped out. I closed up my desk and ran and got her. I had everything ready to go so I did a head count, I always do before leaving. Iris was awol. I searched every nook and cranny and couldn't find her. Did she slip out when Keva went out? I looked in all the usual spots in the house and no Iris? I had to leave so I left the office open. I figured Iris was curled up somewhere sleeping. When I got back home I searched and called for her again....no Iris. I sat down at my desk to write an email, pulled open the keyboard tray and there nice and warm, curled up sleeping on my mouse pad was Iris, lol. The desk tray is open along the back and she could have easily come out if she had wanted. I woke up my monitor and Iris had been busy. She opened several programs and on Google she had type in her secret code, lol. 

The kittens have had a great time playing. Grandma joined them last night and then cousin Fenya came in too. Fenya was funny. She kept licking them until they stood up on their haunches and swatted at her, lol. Fenya shared her favorite toy. Iris really liked it too.

Ducky & Iris

Iris climbed into the bed with Maeve. She's behind her in the photo. That's Ducky on the right.

"Sorry Grandma, I gotta go get that really big bird.", Iris

"I got it,  I got it",  Iris


Iris and Fenya

"Fen do you like Da Bird?", Ducky

"I can't resist it"


with Fenya

Ducky - Legs tucked and sleepy

May 9th - I'll have to work on getting some really good photos of the girls. I have a lot of blurry ones. If only they would sit still, lol. Here is a few of them playing and napping.




Ducky playing


Iris playing with a sparkle pom ball

Iris playing

The Empress 

Iris napping alone behind the sofa corner

Ducky napping alone under the wave srratcher

I heard a kitten calling out. It was Ducky. She was sitting in the middle of the room alone. I put her in the nest with Iris and she went back to sleep, lol.

Thank you Meowmy

May 8th - Ducky's family came to visit today. She woke up to play and gave them a good show of her newly discovered skill of bird chattering. She had a very good time. Iris stayed in bed with Mum under the coffee table and slept, lol. Ducky played until she couldn't stay awake any longer. She sat under the cat tree, her eyes closed and her head nodded and she was asleep.

The Duchess

This is a short video to show how the Ducky chatters.

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Hey, we found a new place to play!

May 7th -  The girls have reached an agreement with Aunt Magi. They are all allowed to be near and sniff each other. Aunty Em is still a curmudgeon. They haven't won her over yet. Momma has become annoying. She is in heat and always calling. The girls just ignore her. I guess they are becoming teens, lol. Grandma Maeve now stops by for "tea & biscuits" with the girls. I tried really hard to get a photo of Iris hauling the bird around in her mouth but the only good one was when she was rolling on her back.

bi-weekly weigh in...... 

Iris  is 1 lb. 14 ounces = 854 grams - up 57  grams

Ducky is 1 lb. 15 ounces = 883  grams - up 57 grams

Tea & biscuits with Grandma Maeve, well the kitty equivalent.


Ducky - I'm big and bad posture

Iris going under the coffee table support.

No Ducky, don't bite my shoe.

Iris and Ducky watching Aunt Magi with mom Keva in the back.

May 6th -  Now when the kittens disappear we know to look up in the media room in the corner next to the sofa, lol. The photos below on the cat tree are from last night. The girls were popping up and down , in and out of the tube really fast. I couldn't keep track of who was on top, lol. I took them into the living room and for the first time they were both relaxed enough to play for quite a long time. They are very aware of their surroundings. They see themselves in every shiny surface and stop to say "hello", lol. 

This morning they came into the living room at 10:30am and started playing. They discovered they could go behind the sofa and that a bed was back there!. They played until noon. Iris's family came to see her at 12:30pm. The girls rallied to play for a little bit more. Mum Keva kept telling everyone that it was nap time but she was good and allowed us to visit anyway.  They both went to sleep in the family nest under the coffee table. 

Naptime after visiting

I think that is Iris on top.....

.....Ducky popping up to get her

" I am Empress Iris. I command you to get back in your hole!"

"Ducky never listens to me. What's the leader of an imperial realm to do?"

"An invasion works for me."

May 1st - 4th - six weeks old -We have been working on getting out and about the house. We have seen a shift from Iris being the braver kitten to Ducky being the leader. Ducky has been out playing in the hall and went upstairs last night to the kids media room. Iris followed her up. Iris was quite fascinated when Fenya stuck her paw under the door to reach out to play, lol. I wish I had a photo of it. Most of the photos today have reflecting eyes because of the low light. 

This morning I came in to say good morning and I sat down to crap some photo for the diary. Iris asked to get up on my lap and fell asleep. Wouldn't you know the camera was not near. She woke up and climbed up on the desk to wrestle with Ducky for a bit so I grabbed the camera, lol. Then back into my lap and back to sleep. It's a gray day good for sleeping and growing, lol.

Iris asleep on my lap

Ducky and Mum asleep in the nest on the top of my desk.

There is Mum in the back ground without a worry, lol. Ducky with the bird and Iris on the stair. She loves watching from up there.

That is Iris high tailing it with Ducky chasing her.

Iris likes being between my feet.

I'll get it! I think this is Ducky but that lighter nose leather may belong to Iris, *sigh* lol

Meeting Grandma Maeve....

I took this a second too soon. You can see the kitten's paw next to Maeve just before she stepped forward.

Turning back to say, "See you later Grandma. I gotta go explore!"

Passing through the butler's pantry.

In a safe zone in the kitchen.

Following Mum through the dining room back to the office for bed time.

bi-weekly weigh in...... 

Iris  is 1 lb. 12 ounces = 798 grams - up 57  grams

Ducky is 1 lb. 13 ounces = 825  grams - up 71 grams

April 30th - Today we removed the run divider to allow the kittens full access to the room. Litter training is going well with no big messes. They are still honing their technique for not stepping in it but we have had no accidents, *knocking on wood*.  Our home is not as noisy as it once was, when it was full of small children, so I'm  keeping the television on during the day to help with reducing sound sensitivity in the kittens. Keva has been talking up a storm to the kittens. Usually its when one is asleep and she is playing with the other or when she wants them to wake up from a nap. I've been trying to catch her on video but every time I mute the TV sound she stops talking, lol. Her mommy voice is so cute. Its not a regular Siamese voice. I hope I can catch her talking to a kitten for you.

We opened the doors again but the kittens are still not ready to venture out. I brought in Da Bird to see if I can entice them out of their safe zone. Today we will work on being comfortable with this new moving beast, lol.

Tonight we went out into the front hall. Great Aunty Em sniffed and grumbled at them. Emma is our grumpy old curmudgeon cat. She just likes to give her opinion but she is harmless. Both kittens puffed and wondered what it was all about, then they went on playing. Mum Keva never came out to fuss after them or see what they were up to. These girls are really smart. They already know to look up when the bird goes up and to reach up to try to get it. They are so cute when they have both paws up. We really tried to get a photo but it happens too fast.

Cautiously exploring but not hiding under the furniture. Most kitten hide the first time out.

Coming down from front paws up in the air

Looking up at the bird

Pretty Iris nursing

April 30th -evening - Now that Iris is eating kibble the kitten's weights are evening out. The size difference was one of my little clues to tell them apart. I can no long tell who is who without a close inspection of their faces, lol. I'm going to have to mark Iris again so I can see who is who from a distance. We opened the door to the kitten room and allowed them to opportunity to roam out if they wanted. No one was really interested. They were curious but not sure if they should go. Mum was not sure she wanted them to start roaming yet either.

bi-weekly weigh in...... 

Iris  is 1 lb. 10 ounces = 740 grams - up 60.5  grams

Ducky is 1 lb. 10.5 ounces = 755.5  grams - up 50 grams

April 29th - Now that the girls both know what the training litter box is for we have added a full sized litter box.  Iris continues to eat kibble and this morning she left a deposit in the big litter box. I think Mum Keva realizes that the two girls are a bit reserved. She has stepped in as a surrogate sibling in play. With a larger litter she will sit back and observe play. There is usually at least one aggressor that gets everyone going. With the girls Mum is joining in and trying to get them to play more. Its funny to watch her trying to be gentle and little like a kitten. She hops about and paws at them while she makes little noises of encouragement. She tries to get them to attack her and chase. This morning Ducky was yelling for Iris to play but she wasn't ready so Mum played with her. Then when Ducky was napping Iris decided it was time. She started yelling for Ducky to play but the Duchess was sleeping so Mum stepped in to play. We introduced moving toys today. The kittens were not to sure of these evil moving creatures but soon Iris was grabbing its tentacles. Ducky preferred the feather tail as its more like Mum's tail.

Iris front and Ducky in back

Iris front Ducky back

It WAS there!, Ducky

Iris in the hole and Ducky on my leg.

Mum, I see it but I'm ignoring it., Ducky

Iris awake one minute....

....asleep the next.

I thought this was Iris nursing but it turned out to be Ducky.

Ducky sleeping

Ducky squirming in her sleep, lol

Iris waking up...

Iris ....for Pawpaw

April 27th - five weeks old - In observance of the Royal Wedding that is taking over cable and internet the girls are now known as Duchess Ducky and Empress Iris, lol. The royal pair had all four paws pedicured today. They are staring to wrestle and bite each other in play. Right now they are both very gentle and cautious. Its funny to watch them as they start out attacking then go into this slow motion ninja thing. It's like one kitten is standing in front of a mirror and tentatively touching the mirror....only there is no mirror only the other kitten mirroring her movements. I'm not sure if one will be dominate or if they will share the roll of top kitten. 

Empress Iris has been the more adventuresome kitten until today. This afternoon Duchess Ducky found a piece of silk lilac to play with and she started growling. Poor Iris was quite scared by this turn of events. She puffed and ran for cover. I picked her up and soothed her and told her it was okay. She is now chasing Ducky all over the room, lol. Iris also decided today was the day to eat Baby Cat kibble. She ate a nice portion before going to nurse.

Ducky is demonstrating excellent litter box use. Iris is using the box. She gets in and calls out that she is going. Tonight I finally saw a wet spot that confirms she is going. The girls have gotten harder to tell apart in photos. Ducky is starting to look more like Mum and less like Dad as she starts to grow out of her baby head. Today was a nice day so we had the windows open.

Duchess Ducky & Empress Iris

Iris posing pretty by the open window

Iris- five weeks of age

Mum don't sit on me!

Ducky - five weeks of age

Ducky -this looks more like Iris but I know for sure this is the Duchess.

This is out of focus but it is such a classic Ducky look I had to add it.



Iris getting Mum's tail

Iris eating her first solid meal...on nom nom

Iris on her back nursing. I think Mum is happy she is starting to eat kibble, lol

Sleepy time

This movie is not real exciting but it shows how gentle the girls are at this stage.

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I just woke up and I'm about to Yawn....Iris

Hey I was napping.


Good girl Iris!

I'm stalking

bi-weekly weigh in...... 

Iris  is 1 lb. 7.9 ounces = 680 grams - up 28.5  grams

Ducky is 1 lb. 8.75 ounces = 704.5  grams - up 64 grams

Weight gains fluctuate quite a bit when they switch from nursing to food. Keva has been limiting how much she allows Iris to nurse. Keva walks away with milk dripping on everything. She is trying to encourage Iris to eat kibble. Now that she has eaten her first meal we should see a better gain from Iris at the next weigh in.

Good Night

April 24th - Happy Easter - Poor momma Keva was licking the floor today because she was dripping milk. Now that Ducky is eating kibble she has a bit too much. Her body has to catch up with the changes. Iris is still not ready for kibble or using the litter box. When she cries I place her in the box but all she does is eat a bit of it, yuck. lol. She will catch on as she watches Ducky move forward.





Easter dinner. Ducky eats from the big bowl and Mum eats from the kitten bowl, lol. Iris doesn't want any of that stuff.

April 23rd - Ducky is eating kibble and drinking water. This is the time when kittens switch from nursing and momma taking care of their waste to eating and using a litter box. They need a little guidance but they quickly learn. Like a toddler a kitten will yell out when they have to go. My job is to place them into the litter box and show them that they can dig in the litter. Tonight Ducky showed us, without my help, that she knows what to do, for both functions, on her own. Yeah Ducky! Now if we can just get Iris to try the baby cat kibble, lol. Its funny that Ducky is advancing in this area but Iris is the braver kitten with exploring and visiting. Iris is a groomer. She grooms herself, she grooms me, she groom Ducky....she is just a licker, lol.

I'm lickin my toes. Iris

If you tickle my tummy I'm gonna lick you!

Iris grooming Ducky's ears in the condo.

Ducky using the training litter box. Mum is near watching over her because she is yelling..."I'm going potty, I'm going potty" lol

bi-weekly weigh in...... 

Iris  is 1 lb. 6.9 ounces = 651 grams - up 82  grams

Ducky is 1 lb. 6. 5 ounces = 640.5  grams - up 43 grams

April 22nd - Such a dreary day. Its a good day to stay in bed and watch TV, lol. She really is watching it. She likes HGTV. I think she heard a commercial for the Antonio Treatment's Saturday episode "Cozy Natural Wood Retreat". They make a kitty condo.

That is Iris in front and Ducky resting her head on Mum watching the TV.

April 20th - four weeks old - Remember the weight gains listed below are now bi-weekly. As the kittens learn to eat kibble the weigh fluctuates from day to day so the bi-weekly gives us a better view of how they are really doing....it looks good. :) 

Iris four weeks of age.

Ducky four weeks of age.

bi-weekly weigh in...... 

Iris  is 1 lb. 4 ounces = 569 grams - up 88  grams

Ducky is 1 lb. 5 ounces = 598  grams - up 82 grams

Hey, we are busy here planning our secret exploration mission.

You may notice in their photos above that the girls have no whiskers. The photo below shows why...

 Mum Keva is a very through face cleaner. She nibbles off the whiskers of all her kittens.

April 19th - Betty's comments: The kittens are climbing like crazy. They are so cute and full of personality and very sociable. They touch my face with their little nose and move it around, lol. They were checking out the food and water when Keva was eating lunch. It was time to refill the bowls but they still wanted to eat the bits that were there. Keva is going into estrus (heat). This makes her restless, affectionate, and vocal. She is being very good at attending to the kittens and making sure she allows them to nurse when they want to.

Ducky watches Mum eat while Iris takes a drink.

Ducky eats Mum's leftovers, lol.

April 17th - Betty was visiting again today. Its fun to hear her observations about the kittens. She sent us the photos below too. Betty said, The kittens amaze me when I see how quickly they change and develop. Iris was very curious and daring when she went right up to the little water bowl and licked it. The picture afterwards (below) was her washing her face.  They are so entertaining to watch and to hear Keva making her little mommy sounds every once in awhile when they wander. 

Iris washing up after her first drink of water.

Iris encouraging Ducky to explore and play with toys.

April 17th - The Kittens are happy they have Betty visiting this week. The vibrating kitten stage has passed, lol. They are so much fun and they love to be touched. They never cry. Iris was exploring big time and Ducky was hanging out in the little cat condo. Iris picked up the shiny green ball with her mouth while she was playing with it.

Betty came to visit and sent us this photo of a full snuggle nest. That is Iris in front and Ducky in back.

April 16th - The girls are doing great. I have added their training litter box and shallow bowls with water and baby cat kibble. I put a bit of Mum's used litter in the box for scent and placed each girl in the litter box to show them. They sniffed the food and Ducky stepped into the water bowl....how appropriate lol. I don't think they are really quite ready so we will allow them to find things on their own. We also removed the nesting box as no one wants to be in it anymore. The girls have a small nest they can snuggle in and Mum has a family nest for nursing and lounging. They are fascinated by faces and stare into ours. They are probably thinking "What in the world is all that weird nose she is making. Why doesn't she talk in meows?" lol

bi-weekly weigh in...... 

Iris  is 1 lb. 0.9 ounces = 480 grams - up 21  grams

Ducky is 1 lb. 2.1 ounces = 516  grams - up 42 grams

Iris and Ducky

April 14th - The girls have been very cute today. They have been taking turns exploring. One will get her courage up and venture out while the other will vibrate at the thought. Then the brave ones nerve gives way and she zooms back and vibrates. Then the other one heads out and it all happens the same for her, lol. Ducky was zooming in short bursts of joy inside the family nest. From one side to the other going in a square. Both girls have really soft fur. Ducky's is a bit thicker then Iris's. They are bright and alert and active. We put up the run today to restrict how far they can go until they wean to baby cat kibble and learn proper litter box manners.

Who needs shape ups when you can bolster walk.

Wait, you can't see me in here.....can you?

I'm peeking at you from the my safe place behind Mum.

Ducky's make up photos for yesterday's 3 week birthday.

If I hold my chin up I am much braver.

Iris explores

Ducky explores

Iris and Ducky - Ducky has a little more fluff in her fur.

Now that the girls are over one pound we will be weighing them bi-weekly instead of daily.

April 13th - three weeks old - Iris is very calm in her personality. Even the vet said her heart was not racing like the other kittens. She is very interested in what is happening and likes to visit. When I was trying to feed Lupin this afternoon Ducky was asleep and Iris called out. Lupin called out complaining he didn't want any food, lol. Iris called back to him and came forward to be with him. I put him down and she mothered him a bit, very sweet.

Iris awake, Ducky sleeping on her, and Lupin at Mum's feet after his morning KMR.

This morning Lupin's weight is down to 10 5/8 ounces before feeding. :( I am very worried for him. I fed Lupin and weighed him again. He then weighed 11 1/8 ounces. While cleaning up I looked at the can of KMR and panic hit me. Its made of whey....the past news of China and milk whey melamine came into mind. I did a quick internet search for recalls and found several discussions on bad kitten milk replacer from PetAg. Not because of melamine but for other reasons. The bad cans have yellow powder that smells bad. My can looks normal. I always keep a can in the freezer to keep it fresh and on hand. It expires the end of this month.  I can't remember when I bought it so I'm going to buy all new.

This is a link to the most professional description of the problem milk mix. This one happens to deal with wild animals but its the same as what I was reading elsewhere. http://www.animaladvocates.us/petagesbilac.htm also an older KMR announcement by PetAg page http://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2009/10/07/18624757.php




Ducky didn't want to wake up for photos, lol

Lupin sleeping

I bought a new can of KMR and Just Born. The JB mixed smells sweet like canned milk. I tried to feed Lupin some JB and he didn't want it. He is still nursing from Mum. Maybe he had just eaten. I'll try again later. I am no longer sharing left over kitten milk with any of the other cats.

Daily weigh in...... 

Iris  is 1 lb. 0.125 ounces = 459 grams - up 39  grams

Ducky is 1 lb. 0.625 ounces = 473  grams - up 39 grams

Lupin is 10.625 ounces = 302 grams - down 32 grams

Tonight is very sad - Lupin isn't wanting to eat. He just doesn't have an appetite. I opened the new can of KMR and have tried several times to feed him. He tries to lick the milk away. His lips feel really dry because he's getting dehydrated. He spends all his time resting.  This afternoon he began randomly screaming out. This is very distressing to Mum and his sisters...and us. We made an emergency trip to the Animal Hospital. We have tried for a week to support  Lupin but he has failed to thrive. I realize that the photos here do not show the stark contrast between Lupin and his sisters. There is a drastic difference when seen in person.  He has become much smaller. They are vital and zooming about, tentatively exploring, and wrestling. He is laid out on the edge of the nest all the time. We could find no one cause. Failure to thrive happens in the first four weeks. Lupin reached a size that he could not grow more then. One of his systems could not support a larger kitten. We let him go tonight with love so he wouldn't suffer anymore.  More detailed information click here.

 In an article on Fading Kitten Syndrome and its many causes, Dr. Freshman states "Overall neonatal mortality in puppies varies from 12% to 36% in both closed breeding colonies and in breeders' homes, while in kittens in purebred catteries it is 15% to 27%"  published: Nov 1, 2005 By: Joni L. Freshman, DVM, MS, DACVIM VETERINARY MEDICINE

April 12th - I've shifted Lupin's weight to the bottom so I can add more information. I fed Lupin four times today. He eats about 2 teaspoons before he is full. He drinks from the dropper rather then sucking. I mixed up a two tablespoons of KMR hoping I could get him to eat more. I let Keva and Maeve lick up the leftovers.

Daily weigh in...... 

Iris  is 14.75 ounces = 420 grams - up 7.1  grams

Ducky is 15.25 ounces = 434.2  grams - up 7.1 grams

Lupin is11.125 ounces= 316.7 grams - down 10.6

after his night suppliment

Lupin is  11.75 ounces = 327 grams - up 7.1 grams 

It makes me feel better to see that up number after feeding but I know it is water weight.

April 11th - Instead of worrying myself sick with all the possible medical reasons a kitten might not be nursing well I decided we would all go on a field trip to see Dr. Schaefer. We went in this morning for a health exam. Dr, Schaefer says they are all normal, good hearts, good lungs. We talked about the clear physical difference in type and size of the kittens and how Lupin is the biggest kitten Keva's has delivered and now he is the smallest in the litter. This morning when I checked in and visited with them I found them in the 'outside the box' nest. When I placed Lupin back with Mum he went right to nursing and the noise of his smacking to get the nipple caused one of the girls to come over and push him aside so she could nurse. I believe they are all using the same thoracic milk gland complex.  Dr. Schafer and I both believe that Lupin's trouble stems from his sisters control of the supply of milk. Looking at his structure it may be possible that genetically he is a throw back to a smaller boned show cat ancestor. On any day that he doesn't gain at least 10 grams we will feed him a meal of kitten milk replacer before bedtime. Getting Momma's milk is the best thing for him so we don't want to take over feeding him. We just want to keep him strong enough to compete. We can start to offer him baby cat kibble between 4 to 5 weeks of age and then he will be in control of his meals.

Top to bottom - Ducky, Iris and Lupin

Daily weigh in...... 

Iris  is 14.5 ounces = 413 grams - up 21  grams

Lupin is 11.5 ounces = 327 grams - up 7.1 grams 

Ducky is 15 ounces = 427  grams - up 17.8 grams

I fed Lupin at noon after we got home from the Animal Hospital. Tonight when I weighed him he lost another 3.6 grams. I fed him again and reweighed him. His weight above is with a full tummy.

April 10th - Lupin let me down today and lost 3.6 grams. The only options for color we have with this litter is chocolate point with a very slight possibility of lilac point. Keva has never given us a dilute. Based on this litter, I don't think she carries the dilute gene. We can tell from the kittens noses that this litter is all chocolate point.
Daily weigh in...... 

Iris  is 13.75 ounces = 391.6 grams - up 14.2  grams

Lupin is 11.25 ounces = 320.3 grams - down 3.6 grams 

Ducky is 14.4 ounces = 409.3  grams - up 10.6 grams

I'm thinking about busting out of this pop stand. Ducky, Iris, and Lupin.

April 9th - I wish Lupin had gained more but since they all gained the same amount I'm happy. I bought Keva some canned kitten food today to see if I can get her to eat a few more calories to help with milk production. The picture below shows the genetic diversity in this litter. That is ducky up front with her big wide head. She has larger  paws  like catcher's mitts. Lupin is in the back with a more modified wedge head. Lupin is not that much smaller, he is behind so he appears a bit smaller. He is definitely a sleeker boy with finer bones and longer oval paws.

Daily weigh in...... 

Iris  is 13.25 ounces = 377 grams - up 10.6  grams

Lupin is 11.4 ounces = 323.8 grams - up 10.6 grams

Ducky is 14 ounces = 398.6  grams - up 10.6 grams

April 8th - Today was a good day for Lupin. When I checked him this morning his weight was up. When I placed him back with Mum he latched on and nursed. His tummy seems more filled out. Midday I checked his weigh again and he was up a little more. Tonight he weighed in at 11 ounces so he gained 17.8 grams today. His sisters only gained 14. These are much better looking numbers. Keva may need to up her milk supply a bit. When I placed him back with her tonight he nursed for a few minutes then became dissatisfied and kept trying to get more but fussed about. Increased demand causes increased supply. I'll keep a close watch on him this weekend and hopefully will see him rebound with some good gains and his piggy sisters will get what they want without taking his share too, lol.

Mums away eating so were clumped together for safety.

 Lupin underneath, Ducky looking down, and Iris facing the camera

The kittens are becoming much more aware of people. They are warming up to the idea that we are safe and interesting. They face forward and lift their heads up to see who is talking to them and what we want. Lupin will crawl forward in the nest. When I stroke him he pushes his head up into my hand. Iris is clearly trying to decide how she wants to react. She sits still and faces forward curious but unsure yet. Ducky is always behind Iris. She will look forward then look down and considered the options, then look up again.

Daily weigh in...... 

Iris  is 12.9 ounces = 366.6 grams - up 14.2  grams

Lupin is 11 ounces = 313 grams - up 17.8 grams

Ducky is 13.6 ounces = 388  grams - up 14.2 grams

Lupin nursing tonight after I weigh the kittens

April 7th - I am worried about Lupin tonight. He lost 35.6 grams today. I was expecting him to have a big gain after last nights small one. I will keep a close eye on him tomorrow to make sure he is getting onto a nipple. It is possible that with the move from one room to another that momma may have been stressed and her milk supply may have suffered but with the big gains his sisters had he may have not gotten his share if they were demanding all the milk.  There is a difference in their full round bellies and his slack thin one. I mixed up some kitten milk replacer and fed him a little. He did not suck hungrily at the eye dropper. He licked at the milk almost like he was trying to push it out of his mouth. I'll check his weigh in the morning.
Daily weigh in...... 

Iris  is 12.4 ounces = 352.3 grams - up 25  grams

Lupin is 10.4 ounces = 295.4 grams - down 35. 6 grams

Ducky is 13.1 ounces = 373.7  grams - up 32 grams

I had to buy a new camera again. This time it was not the cameras fault but operator error. So here are the promised birthday photos. They are much cutier then these photos show...I blame the photographer  for this too, lol


Iris 2 weeks old



Lupin 2 weeks old



Ducky 2 week old

April 6th - two weeks old - Today we moved the nesting box into my office. We are letting Keva have a quiet day to adjust and accept the changes. I will try to get some close up birthday photos later this afternoon.

Keva's new set up tucked in a corner.

Daily weigh in...... 

Iris  is 11.5 ounces = 327.4 grams - up 10.7  grams

Lupin is 11.6 ounces = 331 grams - up 3.5 grams

Ducky is 12 ounces = 341  grams - up 10.7 grams

April 5th -The kittens are looking about more and thinking about what is beyond the safety of the box. Its time to move out of our bedroom and to the kitten room (my office). My office has been deep cleaned and the floors steam cleaned. Tomorrow we will move in.

Daily weigh in...... 

Iris  is 11.1 ounces = 316.7 grams - up 21.4  grams

Lupin is 11.5 ounces = 327.4 grams - up 14.2 grams

Ducky is 11.6 ounces = 331  grams - up 10.7 grams

April 4th - The kittens are more alert when we visit and get weights.  They are starting to enjoy being stroked.

Daily weigh in...... 

Iris  is 10.6 ounces = 302.5 grams - up 21.4  grams

Lupin is 11 ounces = 313 grams - up 14.2 grams

Ducky is 11.25 ounces = 320.3  grams - up 25 grams

April 3rd - Iris shed her cord. We are beginning to see the definition of their pupils.






Daily weigh in...... 

Iris  is 9.9 ounces = 281 grams - up 10.7  grams

Lupin is 10.5 ounces = 298.8 grams - up 3.4 grams

Ducky is 10.4 ounces = 295.4  grams - up 10.7 grams

Mum, "Get all four feet under you like this."

Ducky, "Look Mummy I'm doing it."

April 2nd - Lupin lost a section of his cord. He still has a little dry button. They are starting to walk about the nest, dragging bellies, on legs that shake from the effort. 

Daily weigh in...... 

Iris  is 9.5 ounces = 270.5 grams - up 10.7  grams

Lupin is 10.4 ounces = 295.4 grams - up 17.8 grams

Ducky is 10 ounces = 285  grams - up 14.2 grams

April 1st -We can see light chocolate color coming into their nose leather and ears.

Daily weigh in...... 

Iris  is 9.1 ounces = 260 grams - up 17.8  grams

Lupin is 9.75 ounces = 277.6 grams - up 10.7 grams

Ducky is 9.5 ounces = 270.5  grams - up 14.2 grams

March 31st

Daily weigh in...... 

Iris  is 8.5 ounces = 242 grams - up 14.2  grams

Lupin is 9.4 ounces = 267 grams - up 17.8 grams

Ducky is 9 ounces = 256.2  grams - up 14.2 grams

March 30th - one week old - All three kittens have more then doubled their weight in the first week. They are doing great! All three have their eyes all the way open. Right now we see the red of their blood vessels until their pupils and iris develop.

Ducky, Lupin and Iris

Daily weigh in...... 

Iris  is 8 ounces = 227.8 grams - up 14.2  grams

Lupin is 8.75 ounces = 249 grams - up 17.8 grams

Ducky is 8.5 ounces = 242  grams - up 14.2 grams


Iris was very good for her weigh in.

Lupin complained loudly

Ducky peeped a little at first but was very good.

March 29th - six days old - This morning I sat in front of the box and held each kitten for about a minute. Keva was o-kay with this as long as she could see the kitten and she made sure I gave it back. She watched my hands carefully to be sure I didn't take one away. The kittens were comfortable and didn't yell. Ducky looks most like Papa Polo. You can see the rounder head and thicker fur in the photos from last night. Lupin looks most like Mum Keva. He has a closer coat like hers too. He looks sleek compared to Ducky. Iris's look fits between these two. It will be interesting to see how their looks develop as they grow.

Daily weigh in...... 

Iris  is 7.5 ounces = 213.5  grams - up 10.7  grams

Lupin is 8.1 ounces = 231.3 grams - up 14.2 grams

Ducky is 8 ounces = 227.8  grams - up 17.8 grams

March 28th - five days old - Iris's eyes are both peeped open at the inside corners only, Lupin's and Ducky's eyes are all the way open. We can see color on all their ear edges. but only a slight coloring to the nose leather.




What you don't see in the three photos above is what Mum Keva thought about my stealing her babies for photos.

This is Mum reaching up telling me to give her back her little Iris.

Daily weigh in...... 

Iris  is 7.13 ounces = 202.8  grams - up 21.4  grams

Lupin is 7.63 ounces = 217 grams - up 17.8 grams

Ducky is 7.38 ounces = 210  grams - up 17.8 grams

March 27th - four days old

Daily weigh in...... 

Iris  is 6.4 ounces = 181.5 grams - up 21.4  grams

Lupin is 7 ounces = 199.3 grams - up 14.2 grams

Ducky is 6.75 ounces = 192.2 grams - up 25 grams

March 26th - three days old - When I woke up this morning Keva had Ducky under the bed. Iris and Lupin were still in the nesting box. Ducky wasn't happy about it. She has a voice and knows how to use it, lol. I decided to take photos when I moved Ducky back to the nest. I changed out the bed for a fresh one. I hope that will settle momma down.  Iris was very relaxed and quiet when I took her photos. Their eyes are just starting to open. Lupin's left eye is open the most followed by Ducky's half open left eye. Iris's are just starting to peep open in the inside corners.




Daily weigh in...... 

Iris  is 5.6 ounces = 160 grams - up  7.1  grams

Lupin is 6.5 ounces = 185 grams - up  14.2grams

Ducky is 5.9 ounces = 167 grams - up 3.6 grams


March 25th - two days old - Keva stayed in her nesting box. :) I'm going to leave her to her babies today too. I'll peek in a few times to make sure I see Iris nursing. Yesterday it looks like Lupin and Ducky did a good job of drinking the majority of  the colostrum before Iris got an equal share. Iris made up for it today. 

Ducky snuggled between Keva's back legs sleeping

Lupin with the faint blue mark and Iris underneath with the purple mark. Iris was firmly latched on nursing.

Daily weigh in...... 

Iris  is 5.38 ounces = 153 grams - up  39  grams

Lupin is 6 ounces = 170.8 grams - up  28.5 grams

Ducky is 5.75 ounces = 163.7 grams - up 28.5 grams

March 24th - one day old - Keva and the kitten's did well over night. Her nesting box is in our master bedroom where she is isolated from the other cats. The kittens are doing well they are latching on and nursing. When they cry or fuss Keva gets upset. If she has stepped out of the box and they cry she runs back growling under her breath. She is very concerned about their safety.  We have a ceramic heater running to raise the temperature of the room. 

While I was showering this morning Keva moved the kittens under the bed. I pulled all bedding out of her box and replaced it with clean bedding fresh from the dryer. I moved the kittens back to the nesting box and we are trying to convince her this is the best place for her kittens. One of us will sit with her all day to prevent her from relocating the kittens again.

I've noticed she doesn't like the front of the box covered so I have raised the towel I usually have draped over it so she can see the whole room......Now I think the room is also causing her anxiety. She keeps trying to grab a kitten to move it and I keep telling her no and reassuring her she is safe.  I've decided to rotate the box so it is not facing out into the room. I turned it to face the wall in the corner. This wall also has the Feliway Comfort Zone plugged into an outlet so its in front of the box now. There is a dresser on the side that helps form a sort of cubby area in front of her box. I've place a family bed in front of the box so she can spend time resting outside the box if she wishes. She seems much more comfortable now. It's not ideal for me as my access is now more difficult but our main goal for now is to relax Keva and make her happy.

I have chosen not to take any first photos. Removing each kitten would raise the imagined threat level inside Keva. I did manage to weigh them quickly tonight. Keva wasn't happy to hear them cry out.

As I go to bed I wonder if she will use the cover of night to relocate again.

Daily weigh in...... 

Iris  is 4 ounces = 113.9 grams - up  3.5  grams

Lupin is 5 ounces = 142.4 grams - up  24.9 grams

Ducky is 4.75 ounces = 135.2 grams - up 24.9 grams

March 23nd - birth day - Five pm Keva is insisting that she wants me with her at her birthing box. We've seen no indications that delivery is soon. 

5:25 pm Keva is calling out and restless. contractions have begun. She hasn't had any of the light contractions that open the cervix no mucus indicating it is opening. He contractions are strong and almost nonstop. She sometimes has 30 seconds of rest before the next set begins. She is being very vocal, also  growling and panting. 

6:00 pm her cervix is open normal fluids are expelled as she pushes with her contractions.

6:35 pm the first kitten is born head first. I break the bag from its face. Its moving and Keva is working on removing (eating) the bag. I wipe the kitten nose and mouth to clear it of fluid. The kittens cries out and wiggles about. I am watching Keva closely so she doesn't chew through the cord before the placenta is delivered. Another strong contraction and the placenta is out. Keva works on cleaning that up so I move the kitten toward me so I can see to cut the cord. I use a rounded end mustache scissors and pinch the cord clear of blood before cutting it. Keva is working on eating the placenta still so I wrap the kitten in a terry face cloth and begin rubbing it to dry it. I keep it in front of the heater so it doesn't get cold. I quickly weigh it 3  7/8 ounces and snuck in a quick photo. 

#1 purple

Then I marked it purple with non toxic permanent marker.

Siamese kitten are all born white so we mark them so we can tell who is who and track their weight to make sure they are all thriving. One mark under the arm pit and one on the rear. The arm pit mark is my back up in case momma clears the rear mark totally off. Arm pits get less cleaning but are harder for me to see. The rear mark is so I don't have to pick up and disturb everyone to see who is who. I have had a momma totally clean identification off the kittens. 

I hand the kitten back to Keva so she can lick it but she is resting. She licks at her back end and and I notice a section of white placental  tissue that she just expelled. I don't like seeing that. Placental tissue that is not a deep red purple is non functioning tissue. I set it aside and we wait and worry. Contractions and Keva complaining start up again.

6:50 pm I see a tail and feet in the sack. A couple of practice rounds and then Keva delivers the kitten with three big pushes all on her own. Keva and I do the same team work we did for the first kitten. I break the sack and wipe its nose and mouth. It bucks its head up and down strongly. I watch to make sure the placenta is delivered. I cut the cord and weight the baby. It's 4 1/8 ounces. This is Keva biggest kitten to date. I rub it to dry it and mark it blue. I hand Keva back this kitten to lick. She is still working on the placenta so I cut it into easier to manage pieces. She again expels an odd piece of whitish placental tissue. I set it aside along with a piece of this kitten's normal placental tissue. For a  photo and more about these tissues  click here.

Keva's contractions have stopped completely. She looks exhausted and is resting. The kittens are routing and smacking their lips trying to latch on. At times they do latch on and nurse. They are doing really well. We wait and talk about the time and worry, those pieces of tissue are in my mind.. Twenty minutes go by....We talk about the time and her past deliveries that she delayed...and another 20 minuets go by. How long do we let her go before calling the doctor? I know there is another kitten in there I can feel it up in the center of her tummy.  I stroke her and try to massage her uterus to stimulate contractions. I glad the kittens are nursing that will help stimulate contractions too. She has a couple a small contractions then a couple of big ones and kitten three is out, head first, at 8:20pm. I break the sack and wipes its nose and mouth clear of fluid. Keva and I share the same jobs for this kitten too. It's moving and trying to breathe. I tilt it's head so any fluid in its mouth drains out and I wipe it more. It cries a little peep. Keva delivers the placenta and begins working on it. I cut the cord, rub the kitten, and weight it before placing it back with her.

I bring Keva a drink of water. When she leaves the box for a walk  I switch out the soiled towels for fresh ones and allow momma Keva the time she needs to relax and care for her babies. At bedtime she came up on the bed to talk to me a couple of times then settled down for the night.

With spring being here and April showers bringing May flowers we went with .......




The Stats at birth  

#1 6:35 pm purple  Iris  110.321 grams (3.875 ounces)

#2 6:50 pm blue  Lupin  117.439 grams (4.125 ounces)

#3 8:20 pm white  Ducky  110.321 grams (3.875 ounces)

March 20th - Sixty five days gestation would put us due this week I'll be watching Keva closely She has been digging and nesting in the towels in her birthing box..

March 5th - Keva went to the Animal Hospital for her kitten count x-ray today. She has three kittens. In the lateral x-ray they were all lined up on top of each other so we could not see who was who or how many. The x-ray image below clearly shows three spines and three heads. Two look like they are on their sides in the image. If you look closely you can see the little match stick leg bones. The third kitten on the bottom looks like we are looking at it straight on. I drew the spine line below it  rather then down the center of the body. 

January 15th - We are breeding Keva to Polo again this evening. Our fingers are crossed for early spring  kittens.


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