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Keva's Kitten Diary 2012

This reads from the bottom up. New entries are added at the top so its easy to follow as they grow.

The music used on this page is Let Them Be Little by Billy Dean 
These kittens are the progeny of our sire Polo and dam Keva  - Keva's final litter. These kitten have gone to their forever homes.


Closing Stats

#1 Sherlock  kept her diary name and lives with her family and sister Iris Morgan (Keva's Spring 2011 litter) and Turtle a rescue cat in Hampden, Maine.

#2 Watson is now known as Coquin ("koh-canh") which we are told is French for Rascal. He live with a senior Siamese, a part time resident Maine Coon, and his family in Harvard, MA

We've had updates on how both the kittens are doing. Updates can be read on our "Where Are They Now?"  Page.

The close of May brings a close to Keva's last kitten Diary.

May 26th - Sherlock went home this morning. She was so very good. She snuggled her owner and went into the carrier very nicely. Her owner reported back that she slept most of the drive to Maine. She is settling in slowly but nicely at home.

Is she here yet?

May 24th - Movie Time -this video is 12 minutes long.

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May 22nd - twelve weeks old - Sherlock is such a sweet girl and very smart. On Sunday she started asking for a treat when she heard Tom in the kitchen cooking dinner. Maybe she smelled the chicken? She didn't get any until dinner was over and everyone had left the table. When she wasn't asking, I gave her a couple of little bits of chicken. She was really good and ate her little bits and left. We are desperately trying not to spoil her. She really likes treats and has taken it for all its worth, lol. We will not be treating her anymore because last night when we sat down to dinner she came and yelled at us all. She has a sweet little voice normally but she can roar when she wants a treat. She didn't get any. At bed time she had a lot of fun inside some new pillow shams. I had just washed and dried them and laid them on the bed. They are quilted on one side and have a fabric split back. She tunneled under and got inside the sham. She was pouncing around inside it. She was a pillow monster, like a horta, lol.  Keva was so impressed she crawled under and got into the opposite side. Sherlock is also crawling into my lap and staring up at me. She gives me kisses on my lips. I'm happy her family is coming to get her on Saturday she is very ready to bond and I would like it to happen with them. I went out to the store today when she was napping and when I got home she told me all about how I shouldn't have left her. She wanted me to know all about how she couldn't find me. She really hasn't been a talkative kitten but she is speaking up the last few days. Perhaps she is becoming a sassy teenager, lol. I can see her losing her pudgy baby look and slimming out into an elegant cat. She is looking more like Keva and less like Polo. She likes to sit and pose like Keva, so pretty. It  is fascinating to watch her play when she races about after the fur fun mouse. The way she uses her tail for control is wild. Its like her rudder. I asked my daughter last night if our other kittens tails did that....am I just now noticing it? She said no, Sherlock is the only one. I tried to make a video of her playing today but of course she would go for it while I had the camera on, she kept lounging about and grabbing the mouse.

Sherlock 12 weeks of age


Hanging with Mum

And Magi too....all the girls were sleeping on my desk... to the left is Keva

I've had a couple of updates from Watson's owner. I don't have a birthday photo but when I get any photos I'll add them to the 'Where are they now?' page. He is doing well. He found a great new toy that his new buddy Oscar rejected. He just loves it. He has also helped himself to Oscar's chicken scooping it out of Oscar's bowl with his paw, lol , he likes meat treats too!. Kitty is totally wrapped around his paw but Oscar is still holding out a bit. He's not sure if this new kitten is going to be interesting and fun or trouble.

May 15th - eleven weeks old - Sherlock is such a goofy girl. She will do the silliest things when entertaining herself. It impossible to capture it on film because they are is spur of the moment antics. Its like all of a sudden she will pop into the air and do summersaults, lol. She will surely keep her family entertained...pun intended. When I was cropping her birthday photo I noticed her left pupil looks like a heart so I cropped in close to show it. I know its just the lighting but its sweet it happened to be that way.

Sherlock 11 weeks of age

I didn't use any editing tricks to create this.

I've had a couple of emails from Watson's owner. He had a hard time the first few days being kept separated. He is joining a Siamese resident cat and a semi-resident Maine Coon. Watson was very vocal letting everyone know he did not want to be left alone at all and he missed his family, he cried all night the first night. By this morning the grand lady of the house (the Siamese) had accepted him but the Main Coon was still a bit ruffled. Now that Watson has met everyone and can explore the home he is no longer upset about moving.  His owner says he purrs a lot for her and likes to ride on her shoulder in the morning while she fixes breakfast.  He meows for attention but does not appear to be upset anymore. He is settling in quickly and is bonding to his owner.

May 11 -12th - Friday morning I was eating breakfast when Sherlock and Watson came running into the kitchen. Sherlock looked like she had some kind of goo on her fur across her back, tail and feet. Oh my, what did she get into? She was all wound up and wouldn't let me touch her. As I walked toward her I could hear the water running in the master bath tub. I knew exactly what had happened. I've seen it happen before. The kittens were playing around on the tub surround. Looking at the reflected kitties in the chrome faucet. Sherlock got too close to the edge and slid into the tub. To keep from falling she grappled for something to hold onto. The only thing there is the lever style handles. As she slid she grabbed one and turned the water on, on top of herself. She is a good jumper, I bet she flew up out of the tub, lol. I turned off the water and got a towel to help her dry her fur a bit. She calmed down and took a bath. I also went upstairs to open some windows in the afternoon. They followed me up and wouldn't come back down, lol. They decided they were big enough to hang out in the media room with my daughter. I tried to get them to come down and be with me but they would go right back up. They were being teens, lol. Sherlock went and snuggled in bed with my daughter at bedtime. I went up at midnight to make sure they were o-kay and they were sleeping on the sofa with Keva. Saturday morning they came down, had breakfast, and played a little. Watson got his nails trimmed in preparation for his owner picking him up. When it was time to go Momma, Fenya, Sherlock, Watson and even Emma checked out his carrier. Watson went in and they all gathered around to say Bon Voyage to Coquin (his new name is French). Sherlock will be staying with us for a couple more weeks until her family can make the trip down from Maine.

Sherlock all wet

Her feet left wet little foot prints across the house, lol

We're just hanging out and Fenya is keeping watch.....

Like a sentinel....ever present.....

Watson looking at me, "Should she really be up there?"

Sherlock, "Ooohh,  how can I get up there Fen?"

May 10th - The kittens continue with a good recovery. Watson's surgery site looks great. He has turned into a bit of an imp when he is full of energy. I walked through the room yesterday and he launched himself into a bear hug on my calf, lol. He needs directed exercise at this stage. I can see a possibility of him getting himself into trouble if he is left to entertain himself. He and Sherlock are wrestling with energy. I hear cries of stop from one or the other when they get too rough. I've seen both Keva and Fenya grab Watson and hold him on his back until he cries, o-kay. They are teaching him he has to limit his enthusiasm sometimes. Both Watson and Sherlock have learned the word 'No' when they are being too mouthy. Sherlock is so cute she looks so sorry, almost ashamed when I tell her no, lol, usually she is very gentle. Her incision looks worse then it is because there is a circle of glue on the surface. When this flakes off it we will see how good it really looks. She has a little bump where her muscle wall sutures are knotted but really has had no swelling.

Tuesday night Keva began to allow Sherlock to nurse for short periods of time. This has really helped Sherlock emotionally. She is no longer as needy for Mum as she was after her surgery. Today Watson has been momma's boy. Maybe he allowed Sherlock to have her all to herself because she needed it and now that she doesn't he's taking his turn. He was nursing and purring up a storm this afternoon.


Ten and a half weeks of age




Tem and a half weeks of age




You can see the glue on Sherlock's tummy in this photo




Sherlock pouncing on Fen who climbed up under the covers

Poor Fen, lol

May 8th - ten weeks old -The kittens have been very good today. They were in bed this morning with Mum and Fen when I woke up. They've rested nicely during the day. I did a small load of laundry but they didn't want me to fold it and slept in the basket most of the afternoon, lol. Sherlock has been sticking close to Mum and wanting to nurse. Keva is not allowing her to nurse. I thought Watson might revert a little too after surgery but he has stayed independent. Sleeping on top of the cat tree. He did get a bit mouthy, this may be a side effect of the pain medication taking away a bit of his inhibition. We are working on "no bite" again. He doesn't bite hard,  he is mouthy on fingers with a little more pressure then I would like. I see no swelling or their incision sites. They look good.

Ten week birthday photos are not great. Its been raining all day and the flash is washing out the color and reflecting back their eyes.

Morning - Watson and Mum

Fenya waking up and grooming Sherlock

Sherlock & Mum

Sherlock and Watson - They both turn their paw sideways when they are resting


May 7th - Today was alter surgery day. Both kittens did very well with their anesthesia and procedure. They came home just a few hours after surgery and were in hyper drive, lol, not too bad though. They are on pain meds so we have to watch them to make sure they don't hurt themselves being too wild. They are easily distracted with toys which makes it easier. 

Dr. Schaefer said Watson went first and was resting quietly when Sherlock went for her procedure. He would make a peep every now and then but when no one replied he remained quite. Then a customer brought a cat in for a nail trim and the cat was meowing like crazy. Watson started calling out...."I'm back here where are you?" Sherlock was ready to join him at this point so she went back with him and they settled down snuggled together in recovery.


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Sherlock has internal resorbing stitches but no skin stitches to pull at. Surgical glue hold her tiny incision closed.

Sherlock, "Watson we're supposed to be in bed resting."

Watson getting that fur fun mouse

Sherlock kept hauling it into the tunnel every time she got a hold on it

I'm not running or jumping but they didn't say I couldn't have fun!

A watermelon treat to sooth their throats, yummmm

 Sherlock was a muncher and Watson was more of a licker

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May 5th & 6th - Tom was out of town all week so last night the kittens were surprised he was in bed when Keva called them to come to bed. Sherlock snuggled up next to me at first but Watson felt this new landscape needed investigating. He climbed all over Tom and was not so sure if his fingers were going to come alive and attack or not. Tom was asleep. He had no idea what a nice playground he formed last night. Sherlock joined Watson that they checked out all the nooks and crannies and wrestled between his feet, lol.  Watson knows the empty bed is for sleeping on but he still thinks an occupied bed is possibly for play. Sherlock makes a beeline for the bed to snuggle when she she me getting into bed. Sherlock has also been watching the adults jumping up on top of the cabinet. They have beds on top. She finally got up the nerve to give it a try and jumped up. She took a nap up there, lol. 

Sunday night  on PBS Season 2 of Sherlock begins on Masterpiece http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/masterpiece/sherlock/ A modern day version of the classic Sherlock and Watson for adults.

Brothers make such nice pillows

On the right is the cabinet Sherlock lept up on.

Magi and Emma on top in the big girls club, lol

opps... missed the string

Watson amusing himself on my lap while I make the fur fun mouse run across the floor for his sister.

You weren't supposed to see me miss it ...see I got it!

A Sunday Nap, lol

May 3st - Last night I told the kittens to sleep well because they had a big day tomorrow (today) going on a trip to see the Vet. They got their revenge on me by playing rodeo on me at 3 am. lol This morning we set off on our 30 minute drive, all was quiet, even grandpa Balor who was along for the ride. About half way there Watson had enough and started telling me loudly he did not appreciate being locked up. He also started trying to get out. I was afraid he would hurt his nose so I stuck my fingers through the door. This helped him to settle down. We arrived a little bit early so I opened the top of the carrier while we waited. Sherlock was hunkered down trying to look small and not there at all, lol. Watson reached his paws up to the rim and popped his head up to look around. He relaxed as soon as he could see where he was. I think he would have been happy to climb right out and look around but I kept him in the carrier by petting him and rubbing his cheeks. They were both quiet while waiting. We went in and Sherlock weighed 2lbs 12oz and Watson 2lbs 9.5oz. Sherlock went off to have her blood drawn for her pre-surgery work up. I held Watson while we waited. We switch kittens when she returned and Watson went off for his blood draw....he was gone a looong time. I held Sherlock to my chest the whole time. She was skeered and didn't like that she smelled like alcohol so I blew the smell away from her. Poor Watson wouldn't give up his blood. He was stuck in several veins. I was told he was very good and cooperated and didn't cry during the procedure. When he came back to me he told me very loudly how unfair he felt his treatment was. His neck and legs were wet with alcohol. He did not like having it cleaned off either. He was stressed out and when the doc listened to his heart it was beating very fast but it sounded good and so did his lungs, lol. Sherlock was shaking a little as the doc checked her over but she was quiet the whole time. Watson and Sherlock got a healthy stamp of approval and took their shots without any complaint. They both got snuggled before going back into the carrier. They were relaxed after their appointment. The doctor reviewed the blood test results and they are both good to go for their alter surgery on Monday. Watson repeated his impatience with the ride. He was fine the first 15 minutes then complained that he wanted out. When we got home Watson got a through bath from both Mum and Fenya. Then he ran around telling everyone who would listen about his adventure. They jumped up on the bed and have been curled up sleeping all day, allowing the vaccines to work their magic.

Relaxing in the carrier after their appointment

Resting with Mum and Fenya all afternoon.

When I checked on  them to see how they were feeling. I asked Watson how he felt and gave him a stroke. He wrapped his paws over is head and curled up tighter.

Oy I had a tough morning let me sleep.


May 1st - nine weeks old - The kittens are sleeping and growing with some play time tossed in. We haven't had any problems with their training. Sherlock is so soft and snuggly. She enjoys sitting while I stroke her from head to tail. They both purr loudly when being loved on. Watson likes having his ears and cheeks rubbed. He's moved into a very physical play mode. He likes racing about and jumping his sister, or his Mum's head, lol. Last night we gave each one a teeny tiny bit of pork. Oh my, they liked that very much. Sherlock snuffled around in circles looking for more. This morning I was sitting in the same chair when they woke up and came into the kitchen. Both of them circled around the chairs looking to see if I had dropped any more meat, lol. I brought out the carrier for them to inspect so they will be comfortable with it when we head to the Vet for their healthy check up and first vaccination on Thursday.


Nine weeks of age


Nine weeks of age

Napping Watson front and Sherlock back

Watson has really filled out its getting harder to tell them apart, lol

Sherlock in front sleeping on Watson

The beast in the cave is Watson


Sherlock, Don't say anything with the word big in it....*raspberry*

Watson's head is looking more like his fathers.

Watson hanging by his back legs between the two condos


Beastie boy needs a nail trim today!

Nappin' with Mum. That's Sherlock draped across her.

Sherlock & Watson

Watson & Sherlock

Watson & Sherlock

Watson & Sherlock

April 27th - This morning the kitten alarm went off at 7 am. Watson had climbed up to the top platform of the bedroom cat tree and didn't know how to get down to the tube again. He was yelling for me to help him down. I helped him out then we all crawled back in bed but the spell was broken for me, lol. Sherlock has started prey chattering when she gets excited. In the video clip below she starts chattering at about 3 mins into the video, around the time I caption her name on it. The kittens also had a visitor come to play. Watson owner stopped by to see him in the afternoon. This time Sherlock didn't hide at all but Watson went for the shelter of the cat tree for the first few minutes. He was in the front hall when I open the door and I think it startled him a little.

All that yelling wore me out.

I need my beauty sleep, go away with that camera.

Watson front with Sherlock in back.

"Now that Mum's retired she really needs to think outside the box."

Last night while I was sitting on the floor playing kitten games Sherlock disappeared. When I looked around to find her this is how she was resting.

Tom had to go get the camera so she stayed this way for some time, lol

This clip is twelve minutes long. I kept trying to get Sherlock to come close to the camera and face it while chattering, lol 

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April 25th -  We had a new washer and dryer delivered and under the old set I found a mylar crinkle ball. I haven't had any of these in the house since Keva was little. Watson got a hold of it and has been running around playing keep away from Sherlock, lol.

Eight weeks old

L-R Sherlock & Watson

L-R Watson & Sherlock

L-R Sherlock & Watson


Eight weeks old

Hey, We're getting ready for a nap with Mum. 

Put that camera away.


April 24th - Eight weeks old - I'm still having a hard time getting really good photos of this pair. So I've made a couple of video clips. When I woke up this morning the kittens came and got into bed with me. They tend to be very independent of each other. I often find them napping separately. Sherlock on top of the condo and Watson on the ottoman.

Watson and Sherlock

Sherlock doin' the Bunny Hop

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April 21st - Both kittens have reached 2 pounds so we will no longer weigh them.  The kittens are fairly similar in temperament. The small difference would be that Sherlock seems to display a little bit more caution in certain circumstances but this totally goes against how she plays, lol. She throws caution to the wind and is rough and tumble. On the flip side Watson tends to have less caution in certain circumstances but in play he is more likely to sit refined and work carefully at his task. lol This video is a good display of this. Watson was sitting playing very intricately at trying to pick up the shoelace aglet with his paws. He had been working at it for quite some time. While I got the camera Sherlock showed up and well you'll see how her play contrasts to his. Watson is very much the Jude Law Watson and not the Nigel Bruce Watson, lol. Come to think of it Sherlock is much more like the contemporary Robert Downey Jr. Sherlock too.

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Bi-weekly weigh in...... 

Sherlock is 2 lb. 3 ounces = 996.5 grams - up 114 grams

Watson is 2 lb. 0.75 ounces = 932.4 grams - up 107 grams

April 19th - Photos I just received from Tuesday the 17th of Watson hanging with his friends.

April 18th - I put off publishing yesterdays birthday photos hoping I would get some better ones., unfortunately I didn't.  I have lots of out of focus moving kittens or when I did get one in focus it was a yawn or eyes closed, lol. Here they are and I'm sorry. I'm over due for a nice photo spread and we are working on it.
April 17th - seven weeks old - Today the kittens had a family with four young grade school children come to visit. They own Iris from Keva's spring 2011 litter and were here to visit and pick out Iris's new sibling. We tried to visit with Sherlock and she started out fine but was quickly over whelmed by all the attention. She retired behind the sofa for most of the visit. Watson on the other hand was Mr. Social. He allowed everyone to hold him and pass him around and carry him. I think he really enjoyed all the attention and he showed off how he plays with balls and interactive toys. The family chose Sherlock, even with her not being very social. They really want a sister for Iris and Sherlock is very much like her litter mate Ducky.

Jean M. if your reading this check your gmail account. I sent you an email....

After our visitors left Sherlock ran out to Mum and curled up with her on the bed to nurse. Watson fell asleep on the condo where he was sitting. I carried him in to be with Mum and Sherlock.

Watson 7 weeks of age


I'm  tired - Watson



Fen - " Hi Watson, can I come up?

Fen and Sherlock join Watson.

Sherlock, "Fen is always giving us baths. I keep telling her, I can lick myself, I'm not a baby anymore."

Sherlock 7 weeks of age

Nicely focused Sherlock ..Yawning, lol


Sherlock and Watson

When I click the camera all three were looking at me in such a nice pose, lol.

Sleeping behind the sofa corner

Bi-weekly weigh in...... 

Sherlock is 1 lb. 15 ounces = 882.5 grams - up 32 grams

Watson is 1 lb. 13 ounces = 932.4 grams - up 64 grams

April 15th -Yesterday the kittens spent the day in the living room. Within two hours of showing them the family nest behind the sofa corner they were happily ensconced in it. They have been so good about returning to the litter box that we decided to allow them to have free reign of the house last night. They slept in the living room and didn't come in to wake me until 7:30 am. 

Napping and nursing with Mum. Watson is nursing.

Ready for bed last night. Sherlock's in front.

Watson and I were playing together while Sherlock played with a ball in the family nest under the coffee table.

Watson leaping for the feather toy

Sherlock rough and tumbled in circles picking the ball up and tossing it with her mouth.

I kept trying to get her with it in her mouth standing up but I failed.

lol, this one is too cute

Watson getting a bit tired of playing hard.

Sherlock jumping for the feather toy.

April 13-14th - Yesterday the kittens figured a way to skinny through a crack in my under bed defense and slept under the bed all day, lol. I did catch them out playing a couple of times and brought them in for food, water, litter breaks. Today the bedroom is off limits. I really want them to get comfortable with the living room as a play area. They haven't found the bed in the corner behind the sofa yet so I tried showing it to them....opps. Watson was very unhappy with me. He hissed and growled at having been put into this strange place. Sherlock just ran off, lol. Mum joined them and soothed Watson. Watson is my brave adventuring boy. I was shocked at his response. They clearly need to move at their own pace. Not too long later they were asleep in the middle of the room on the floor. How does that feel safer? lol. There is a bed under the coffee table too....they are unique.



The TV is off to the right and I have caught Sherlock sitting on top of this tube watching the TV more then once now. She likes the Geico gecko, lol.




Keva, "Everybody says I'm putting on weight now that I'm spayed. I love that baby cat food....does this make my butt look big?"

Sherlock, "Mum, you look really pretty."  Keva, "I love you Sherlock"

Watson loves to play with this ball

He traps balls with his.... elbows

Uses his paws too


But..... Sherlock loves to play with the same ball too.


She runs off with it to play on her own.

Watson wants to get even

They both forget the ball, lol

Bi-weekly weigh in...... 

Sherlock is 1 lb. 13.9 ounces = 850.5 grams - up 60.5 grams

Watson is 1 lb. 10.75 ounces = 761.6 grams - up 71.2 grams

April 10th - six weeks old - The kittens have been out exploring the house. I bring them back to my office for breaks, to remind them to have a drink, eat and use the litter box. Keva wants them in the bedroom. She keeps talking to them, telling them to follow her. They love the cat tree they found in our room.

We found a new cat tree.

We figured out climbing up and jumping down

Playing with Mum


Sherlock - six weeks of age


Watson - six weeks of age

Bi-weekly weigh in...... 

Sherlock is 1 lb. 11.75 ounces = 790 grams - up 64 grams

Watson is 1 lb. 8.25 ounces = 690 grams - up 75 grams

April 8th - Happy Easter -  We allowed the kittens to explore out into the house. Watson was first out. Sherlock came out to see what what out there but she was content to return and play in her familiar room. She and Watson like to racing back and forth across the house chasing each other. Watson seems to be the one chasing his sister most often, lol. Sherlock puffs herself up trying to look bigger then she is when she is not so confident. I don't think I've ever seen Watson puff. He does hunch up like a Halloween kitty when he wants to intimidate. Watson was first to go up the stairs and he showed his sister how to hop up. He later followed Mum up and those photos are cuter so I'm sharing those but he went boldly up on his own first.

Watson, Can I help hide eggs or find them?

Sherlock checking out the stranger across the house.




Watson, "Hey, are you out there? I saved the best decorated egg just for you ......."

“Hello, ladies, look at your man, now back to me, now back at your man, now back to me. 

Sadly, he isn’t me.....But you could have both.....now, I'm on an egg."

For you I would make it a musical egg...Que music...I know you want me by Pitbull 

(you know, that Puss in Boots music)

April 6th - The kittens continue to have nice consistent weight gains. They seems to be eating half food and half nursing. Momma likes her family nest under my desk so I can hear lots of om nom nom noises when they nurse. I've tried several times to get it on video but have failed. We haven't had any litter box accidents. I haven't yet see Watson leave his deposit. That doesn't mean he hasn't though. Sherlock loves to burrow and is quite the clown when she careens around the room playing. Watson is very fast when he chases a toy in tight circles.

Bi-weekly weigh in...... 

Sherlock is 1 lb. 9.5 ounces = 726 grams - up 57 grams

Watson is 1 lb. 5.6 ounces = 615.6 grams - up 53 grams

Sherlock, "Hi Fen..."

"....Awh, can't we play something other then bath time?"


Sherlock nursing


Watson going on and on...."....and I think they spelled her name wrong but,... I heard Katniss got squirrels and birds, with a bow, for her dinner, and she shared them, and she climbed up a tree, and slept in the tree, and then she cut down a wasp nest, and dropped it on the bad guys, and she helped Rue and Peeta, and I think she's the greatest... Mum, can I get  bow? Whats a bow? and everybody's talking about Katniss, and I heard" ...and on and on....

Watson doesn't really talk on and on but the photo was too cute not to caption, lol.

Watson nursing

April 4th - This morning we had a solid deposit in the training litter box, yeah. It looks like Sherlock was first on this milestone. Watson was up on the condo but didn't know how to get down. I helped him out.


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April 3rd - five weeks old - The kittens are doing well. They are playing and exploring their limits. Sherlock discovered how to climb up to the first level of the cat tree and it wasn't long before Watson joined her. We're still waiting for the first solid deposit in the litter box...or anywhere else. When they are able to go on their own is something mother nature decides. Fenya came in to visit again. I now have the door to the kitten room (my office) open all the time. The run fence keeps the kittens in their space but allows the adults to come and go.

Bi-weekly weigh in...... 

Sherlock is 1 lb. 7.5 ounces = 669 grams - up 57 grams

Watson is 1 lb. 3.75 ounces = 562 grams - up 64 grams

Fenya and Sherlock

Watson, "Who is this masked bandit that hides behind curtains and gives me kisses?"

Mum & Watson

LOLCats style only apply to babies. We all know no adult Siamese would spell so badly. Their just too smart. ;)

Mum's gotta get her licks in when she can, lol

Watson, "Picture time? Wait I have to get cleaned up...."

Watson, "O-kay, all clean"


5 weeks of age

Falling asleep in my hands

Sherlock & Watson

Sherlock up on the first level


5 weeks of age

Sleeping Watson

I'm thinking, ' Oh so cute, Watson mirrors Keva'

Sherlock is thinking, 'COW-A-BUNGA'

LOL, and Mum never moves.

Goofy faced Watson. Too cute not to share.

Sleeping together...good night

April 1st - Kittens are doing well. Mum is the funniest when she tries to play with them. She tries to be small and gentle but she looks like a bull in a china shop. I keep trying to get a video of her talking and encouraging them to play with her but every time I start the camera she stops, lol. Here is a little video showing the kittens playing a little bit.

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March 30th - I've seen Sherlock using the litter box today and Watson seems to be using it consistently. Poor Keva now has too much milk and is leaking on the floor. I've been helping her by placing a kitten near her when I see her trying to clean up after herself. If they nurse the bit of extra milk pressure away her body will still cut down on the quantity when they don't empty the milk totally. When I open the run they both call out and run to me. I think they really want to run past me, lol, but we have more litter box use to perfect and become habit before they can explore the rest of the house. Fenya has come in to say hello through the run. She is very eager to make friends with the kittens. She sticks her paw through to reach them. She is not so sure she is ready to trust Keva and vice versa, yet. Keva is still a bit protective. The kittens are very nice when I trim nails....it helps that I do them when they are sleeping, lol.

I'm sleepy

Sherlock with Watson nursing


"Meowmy, you should trim our nails today."

Bi-weekly weigh in...... 

Sherlock is 1 lb. 5.5 ounces = 612 grams - up 50 grams

Watson is 1 lb. 1.5 ounces = 498 grams - up 28.5 grams

March 29th - This morning there was a small wet spot in the training litter box. Somebody figured this out over night. Sherlock peed in the family bed so I will be watching her closely and making sure she gets instruction when its time to go again. They both have been very sweet and gentle when I play with them. They play bite not too hard but when I yip they know to bite softer next time, so sweet. They both are excited to see us when we come in after nap time. They both seem to have outgoing personalities with no fear. I introduced Da Bird. Both kittens ran right after it. Their not sure about touching it yet, its as big as they are,  but they know to chase it, lol. They really like the wand end better then the bird right now.

March 27th - four weeks old - Now that the kittens have reached one pound and are weaning to kibble we will be weighting them twice weekly.

4 weeks of age


4 weeks of age

Watson drinking

Afternoon weigh in...... 

Sherlock is 1 lb.  3.75 ounces = 562.3 grams - up 14.2 grams

Watson is 1 lb. .5 ounces = 469.8 grams - up 17.8 grams

March 26th - PM - We now know why the weigh is soooo good. These babies are on the fast track. They also have a bunch of new toys to play with. When I rolled the ball across the floor Sherlock wasn't sure what to think and Watson ran right to it, lol. They had a friend visit too.

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March 26th - Well not having my milk clearly did not effect their weigh in a negative way. :) They both gained 3/4 of an ounce.

Snuggling with Mum

Afternoon weigh in...... 

Sherlock is 1 lb.  3.25 ounces = 548 grams - up 21.4 grams

Watson is 15.8 ounces = 452 grams - up 21.4 grams

March 25th - The kittens didn't want a morning supplement. To encourage weaning I've decided not to offer kmr anymore unless a kitten is asking for it. I'll watch their weights closely. 

Afternoon weigh in...... 

Sherlock is 1 lb.  2.5 ounces = 526.7 grams - up 17.8 grams

Watson is 15.1 ounces = 430.6 grams - up 14.2 grams

March 24th - Watson is not really wanting my kmr. He will sometimes eat a little. Its time to introduce the baby bowls and see if the kittens are ready to start trying baby cat kibble and water. We are also bringing in the training litter box. They have moved from the family nest inside the cabinet to one that is out in the room. We'll leave the access to the corner for tonight but will close it up tomorrow if no one uses it anymore. These babies are very self assured and comfortable. We've seen very little vibrating when we introduce them to new experiences.

Sherlock trying to burrow under the towel roll.

New bed location

Afternoon weigh in...... 

Sherlock is 1 lb.  1.9 ounces = 508.9 grams - up 17.8 grams

Watson is 14.6 ounces = 416.4 grams - up 10.7 grams

March 23rd - This morning both kitten decided to have some kmr. Sherlock has surprised me by also eating some last night too. This afternoon the kittens had visitors. Iris's family  (Keva's 2011 litter) came by to see the kittens. The babies were so good and were not the least bit concerned to meet strangers. Each sat on one of the boys laps and got loved on. I use towels on laps for little babies. It helps them feel more secure. Neither kitten would take any kmr in the afternoon or evening.

Out and about. Sherlock is in the condo

Watson visiting

Sherlock visiting

Afternoon weigh in...... 

Sherlock is 1 lb.  1.25 ounces = 491 grams - up 17.8 grams

Watson is 14.25 ounces = 405.7 grams - up 21.4 grams

March 22nd - The kittens are developing quickly. They sleep most of the day and come out to play in the evening. Watson is hit or miss with wanting my kitten milk. I am tossing out more then he eats. I think he really wants to be done with it but on occasion he will come out of the nest demanding to know why I don't have his milk ready now, lol. His weight gain is really good. We trimmed nails today and I discovered, when Sherlock chomped on my finger, she has ber baby teeth in, lol. I checked and Watson also has his. They are beginning to bite each other softly. They both are very gentle in their attacks so far.



Afternoon weigh in...... 

Sherlock is 1 lb.  0.6 ounces = 473 grams - up 10.7 grams

Watson is 13.5 ounces = 384.4 grams - up 25 grams

Sherlock's nap time undercover



Watson's nap time outside the box

March 21st - I had a question from a friend about the difference in the size of these kittens. I have a line graph of kitten weights for ALL the kittens Keva has produced for us. I can see that both Sherlock and Watson are on a normal healthy growth pattern. Exactly like all the other kittens. I tried to take a screen shot to add but the file is huge. Below is a small section. You can hardly see Watson for today because his line is buried under so many others. There was a little dip when we started supplementing but growth since then has been consistent and is moving up into the pack. A way you can also compare is to check out one of Keva's other diaries. If we go back to Keva's 5 kittens from her "reindeer litter" of  2009 , scroll down to Oct 30th when they were 3 weeks old,  you can compare the weights. Sherlock is just a big kitten owing to her traditional genes she feels like she will have a less lean build as an adult. Snow was Keva's largest, a boy that is owned by my Vet. He is a big adult kitty too. Watson is pretty close in weight to the 2009 kittens. He is not the smallest kitten Keva has had.  Raven was 11.8 ounces at 3 weeks of age. I couldn't fit all the names on the image below. Raven is the dark blue line. The big increase in the slope of the line is when they are weaned and eating kibble. My chart actually has all different colored lines so I can interact with it and see each cat. I made this image blue and green so its not quite as confusing for you to look at. We put up the run tonight and the kittens were out and about a little.

Afternoon weigh in...... 

Sherlock is 1 lb.  0.25 ounces = 462.6 grams - up 14.2 grams

Watson is 12.6 ounces = 359.4 grams - up 10.7 grams

March 20th - three weeks old - No one wanted breakfast this morning. Sherlock and Watson set forth to investigate this afternoon, after which Watson put away a huge late afternoon meal of kitten milk. With Watson on the go it looks like its time to put up the run to keep the kittens safe while they begin to explore.  We only use this until the kittens are weaned and litter box trained.

3 weeks of age

Afternoon weigh in...... 

Sherlock is 15.75 ounces = 448.4 grams - up 14.2 grams

Watson is 12.25 ounces = 348.8 grams - up 14.2 grams

I don't sleep all the time. Right now I'm following clues....

Mum, I'm fine. I'm investigating.

Sniff sniff sniff

All done

That was fun.  Now go get my milk!

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Kitten Kisses

March 19th - Watson did not want breakfast again this morning. I weighed the kittens and they look good. I tried at midday and he again refused my food. I checked his weight again and he is still good, look below to see how good, lol. I offered some milk to Sherlock and she lapped up a little bit again.

Afternoon weigh in...... 

Sherlock is 15.25 ounces = 434.2 grams - up 17.8 grams

Watson is 11.75 ounces = 334.5 grams - up 25 grams

March 18th -Watson would not eat my breakfast this morning. He clamped his mouth shut and wagged his head from side to side, lol. I tried Sherlock and she lapped up a little bit but it was more out of curiosity then hunger. Watson was really hungry at night. He was calling to me and crawling out to see me when I checked to see if he wanted any extra milk from me. He nursed on Mum while I went to mix up his kmr.

Watson & Sherlock



Afternoon weigh in...... 

Sherlock is 14.6 ounces = 416.4 grams - up 21.4 grams

Watson is 10.9 ounces = 309.6 grams - up 7.1 grams

March 17th - Happy St. Patrick's Day

Afternoon weigh in...... 

Sherlock is 13.9 ounces = 395 grams - up 10.7 grams

Watson is 10.6 ounces = 302.5 grams - up 14.2 grams

March 16th - Below is a video of Sherlock doing all the leg work while Watson sleeps.

She has started doing short joyful bursts of movement, zooming. The precursor to running about and playing. Unfortunately she doesn't do them on cue, lol. Here she is doing her legwork and getting stronger.

Afternoon weigh in...... 

Sherlock is 13.5 ounces = 384.4 grams - up 21.4 grams

Watson is 10.1 ounces = 288.3 grams - up 17.8 grams

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March 15th - Watson ate about twice what he normally does yesterday but today he is down in weight. Given how well he gained yesterday I am not going to worry too much. He ate a normal amount from me this morning and nursed before I weighed him this afternoon. I don't think he was getting any milk nursing. He seemed frustrated. I did not feed him before weighing. My middle of the day feeding is later in the day. He definitely knows I'm the milk fairy when he hears my voice, lol.

Afternoon weigh in...... 

Sherlock is 12.75 ounces = 363 grams - up 10.7 grams

Watson is 9.5 ounces = 270.5 grams - down 3.5 grams

Momma, I hear the milk fairy.

Ummmm milk

Close up of Watson in photo above.

March 14th - I've continued to offer kmr three times a day to Watson and have tried to see if Sherlock has any interest, she doesn't. I always wait until after Watson nurses on  Keva before feeding him. He is starting to suck the milk down but also laps it as he gets fuller. His last two feeding he eat a little bit more then usual. Today his weight gain is great. We'll be watching to see if this is a trend or one time boost. Given how loose his skin looked yesterday its funny that he gained so much. I gently moved Sherlock's cord around in all directions until I was able to get it to drop off. Her little belly button looks just the same as Watson's. With the nice weather and our south facing window's its been warm enough to have a window open for some fresh air without chilling the kittens. With the window open for the past 4 hours the room temp is still at 78 degrees. Keva went out for a walk and met up with Fenya for the first time since before her kittens were born. Fen was fine, curious about Keva but calm. Keva held her stance but was a bit nervous for her kittens. Keva walked around but when she came back into my office she ran across the room toward the babies  making a growling/moaning sound. Keva and Fenya have been apart since the birth of Fenya's kittens. We will limit their contact until the kittens are a bit older. We don't want to add any stress for Keva. Fen is happy to up to my daughter's room and hang with Magi in the sun while Keva has her walk about. Keva is fine with seeing Emma but she doesn't want her in the office. Em sneaks in to eat Keva's yummy food, lol.

Good morning, sleeping together behind the bed.

Afternoon weigh in...... 

Sherlock is 12.4 ounces = 352.3 grams - up 17.8 grams

Watson is 9.6 ounces = 274 grams - up 25 grams

Sherlock resting cord free with Mum

Watson resting in his favorite spot.

March 13th -  two weeks old - The kittens are getting so cute. When I feed Watson I always talk to him and  give him a little bit of love. He has stopped fussing and now is very interested in me. His little ears move around when I talk. He can hear me now. Kittens are born with closed ears and they begin to open after the first week. Now they are learning where sounds come from. Last night while holding him he kept turning his ear toward the TV that was on behind him. I rotated him toward the set and I could see he was very alert to the light changing in the screen. Sherlock must not be crawling around much as her umbilical cord is still hanging on. If it doesn't fall off soon we will give it a bit of an assist. Birthday photos were taken before breakfast, thus the wrinkly bellies, lol..


Two weeks of age

Sherlock, "My silly little brother likes to climb up behind the bed to sleep leaving me alone"


Two weeks of age

Watson sleeping on the nest bolster

Watson, "My sister is a great pillow. She's so soft and fluffy."

Afternoon weigh in...... 

Sherlock is 11.75 ounces = 334.5 grams - up 10.7 grams

Watson is 8.75 ounces = 249 grams - up 14.3 grams

Depending on who you consult kittens are expected to gain per day 1/4 to 1/3 ounce (7.1 - 9.4 grams) or 3 to 17 grams. Which ever advise chosen our kittens are right in the center doing well.

March 12th -  This morning I mixed up my kitten milk before coming in to check on the babies. I was so surprised when I sat down and found them full tummies and Mum's milk gland full of milk too. It is clear that they are both nursing on one. All the others have dried up and returned to normal. I didn't do a morning feeding. As morning progressed I watched Watson nurse first. I'm hoping they will get into a rhythm of feeding that will allow me not to supplement.

Just before noon I noticed momma was upset.....well what I saw would have upset me too, lol. She missed potty duty, the nest and both kittens were a mess. All legs, tummies, necks, covered in poo. Baby kittens cannot go on their own. They need Mom to lick their behind to stimulate them to go. Sherlock must have been rubbed against by Watson or the bed and she had to go so she did, lol. I grabbed a clean bed and set it out front. Took Watson and ran warm water over him to clean him up....no shampoo or soap of any kind. I just wanted to remove the worst of it and them mum can finish up cleaning the fur and drying him. She followed me and was fussing because I had her baby. She kept reaching for him but I think she knew he was okay and needed this done. I got him rinsed and wrapped him in a clean towel and we ran back to the clean bed. I lifted the dirty bed out and put Watson and the clean bed in its place. Mum hopped in and grabbed Watson and snuggled him. I took the soiled bed and Sherlock....the perpetrator...and took a quick photo. We then went into the sink, with Mum after us fussing the whole time. I rinsed Sherlock and wrapped her in a towel and returned to the nest. Mum snuggled them both and had them fluffy in no time. I spot washed Keva's fur with a warm wet terry cloth. What an exciting morning. I wondered if this would effect their weight gains but it didn't, lol. This is one of the reasons a breeder really needs to be home with their litters. I can't imagine a mom and litter, shut in a cage, being left like this all day while a "breeder" is at work.

I allowed everyone to settle in and nurse before I weighed them. I also fed Watson his morning meal just after noon. He lapped up a couple droppers full. The video of him nursing (below) was made just before I fed him.

Sherlock, "Opps, I went without momma's help."

Snuggled in all clean and fluffy. Watson is nursing.


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Whenever I see Watson nursing, Sherlock seems to be very gentle with him. I've never seen her force him off nipple but with her size I'm sure if she were really hungry she would have no problem pushing him aside.

Mum licking Watson clean after kitten milk feeding 

I can lick myself too!, Watson

Sherlock nursing after Watson was filled up.

 Mum likes to leave the nest and sun herself when the babies are sleeping.

Afternoon weigh in...... 

Sherlock is 11.4 ounces = 323.8 grams - up 17.8 grams

Watson is 8.25 ounces = 234.9 grams - up 14.3 grams

March 11th -  The kittens look good and seem to both be nursing from Mum. I fed Watson a tiny amount after he nursed this morning. His weight was up so I was hoping to cut back to two feeds today. I skipped the mid day meal and when I checked his weight at 5 pm he was below the afternoon weigh in amount. I mixed up some kmr and had him nurse then fed him. He lapped up a couple droppers full. I fed him again at bedtime. He really eats very little from me but it seems to be just enough to keep him gaining.

Afternoon weigh in...... 

Sherlock is 10.75 ounces = 306 grams - up 10.7 grams

Watson is 7.75 ounces = 220.6 grams - up 10.7 grams

March 10th - It looks like both kittens are trying to nurse on the same nipple. I'm hoping that by offering supplements that we can support them and Mum's milk will kick in and increase. We attempted three feedings yesterday. Sherlock refuses to take any. Watson will lick a few cc's before yelling to go back in with Mum. I put him back to calm him and try three or four times before giving up. Last night he actually sucked a tiny bit. My hope is that with time he will accept and suck the kmr. If I can help support one maybe Mum's milk will be enough for the other. They both gained 10 grams today which is a nice amount. They are getting stronger and are starting to move about a bit in the nest. Watson had a scab on his head this morning so they both got their nails trimmed. I would guess this happened when fighting over who got to nurse on the one nipple they both use.

Watson's scratched head


Watson while Mum is licking him clean of kitten milk replacer

Watson nursing before I offered him kmr

Sherlock nursing. Their nipple is under Mum's armpit.

Afternoon weigh in...... 

Sherlock is 10.4 ounces = 295.4 grams - up 10.7 grams

Watson is 7.4 ounces = 210 grams - up 10.7 grams

Watson nuzzling Mum's head with Sherlock coming up behind.

March 9th - I checked the kittens weights first thing this morning, no gains for either kitten. We have finished the anti-biotic for Mum and now I am starting to worry. I checked the mammary glands of the nipples the kittens use and they do not feel full. The kittens seem hungry and are nursing. Is Keva not producing enough milk? I decide to feed them if they will accept it.  I don't like using a bottle or syringe with baby feedings, I prefer an eye dropper. I feel I have easier and better control of the milk delivery. Watson will not cup the tip of the dropper. He fusses and cries loudly for Mum. He does lick up the milk I put into his mouth but he is not feeding. When he gets stressed I give him back to Mum. She cleans his face and he goes back to nursing. I try feeding Sherlock. The first few attempts she refuses. My third attempt she does drink a little tiny bit, then refuses it again. I give her back to Mum and try coaxing Watson again. I try both  wrapping them snuggly and allowing them to stand. 

I waited until after their noon feeding from Keva then tried feeding some additional KMR. Watson lapped about a dropper full before refusing any more. Sherlock wouldn't take any. I weight them after feeding.

Afternoon weigh in...... 

Sherlock is 10 ounces = 284.7 grams - up 7.1  grams

Watson is 7 ounces = 199.3 grams - up 7.1 grams

We will continue to weigh kittens more frequently to check Mum's milk supply and offer kitten milk replacer after daytime nursing until we see evidence that Keva's milk supply is adequate.

March 8th - Both kittens enjoy being stroked and held. Watson pushes his head up to meet your hand. He does push ups for pets, lol. Last night both kittens had their eyes fully open at 8 days of age. They don't have visual acuity, that will take weeks to develop, but we can see their pupils starting to develop. Their eyes glow back red because of all the blood vessels in their eyes. As their eyes develop more melanin we will see more of the expected blue. The more melanin a Siamese cats eye has the lighter the blue shade will be. We're seeing color starting to come into their nose leather too.







Watson's tummy doesn't look as full today and when I weigh him I see why. He has not gained and has dropped a little. I will recheck him tonight and see if he needs to be given a little bit of kitten milk replacer. I don't want to interfere with Mum's milk production but I also don't want a kitten to suffer from my not helping out.

Afternoon weigh in...... 

Sherlock is 9.75 ounces = 277.6 grams - up  17.8  grams

Watson is 6.75 ounces = 192 grams - down  3.5 grams

At 5:00 pm Watson's tummy was full and he was equal to yesterday at 6 7/8 ounces.

March 7th -

Afternoon weigh in...... 

Sherlock is 9.1 ounces = 259.8 grams - up  17.8  grams

Watson is 6.9 ounces = 195.7 grams - up  10.7 grams

March 6th - one week old - Today I've been trying to make sure Watson gets onto a nipple when he is fussing. I'd like to see his weight gains closer to Sherlock's but as long as he's gaining he is doing well. They have both doubled their birth weight in the first week. Watson shed his cord today.

Mum relaxed and comfortably nested in the corner cabinet of my office.



Watson  & Mum Keva

Afternoon weigh in...... 

Sherlock is 8.5 ounces = 242 grams - up  17.8  grams....doubled birth weigh would be 8.0 ounces. Sherlock is .50 ounces over double.

Watson is 6.5 ounces = 185 grams - up  7.1 grams ....doubled birth weigh would be 5.75 ounces Watson is  .75 ounces over double

March 5th -  In the afternoon we moved Keva into my office. After Fenya's kitten's went home I removed all items that would possibly have their scent. I thoroughly cleaned  all surfaces and steam cleaned the floor. Then put all of Keva's gear in there with a clean family nest in the cabinet. I had her come in and check it all out. She seemed pretty comfortable so I had Tom bring in her box with the kittens in it. I don't think she realized it was HER box until she peeked in to see what was inside. Then she looked totally bewildered. She hugged her babies and kept looking around the inside of the box trying to figure it out. I sat at my desk and waited to see how she did. It wasn't long before she came out with Sherlock in her mouth. I took the kitten and pointed to the cabinet.  Keva went to the cabinet and I put Sherlock in with her, then added Watson. She has been good with her new location. I left her box in here just in case she decides she has to move again. We are allowing her some quiet time to settle.

Afternoon weigh in...... 

Sherlock is 7.9 ounces = 224 grams - up  21.4  grams

Watson is 6.25 ounces = 178 grams - up  10.7 grams

March 4th - Whenever I check on the kittens Watson's tummy is always round and full. If I hear a kitten crying it almost always Watson complaining to Sherlock that he's in the way of his meal, lol. It looks like Watson's off day gains are a little more then Sherlock's. We may catch up in size slowly. Inside corner of eyes are beginning to peep open and we can see a bit of color in the edges of Sherlock's ears. The difference in their looks is stunning, heterozygous genes displaying their diversity. 

Afternoon weigh in...... 

Sherlock  is 7.1 ounces = 202.8 grams - up  21.4  grams

Watson is 5.9 ounces = 167.3 grams - up  17.8 grams



March 3rd - They seem to be alternating each day on who gets the bigger share of milk, lol. I guess we will go with #1 Sherlock and #2 Watson. An intelligent and curious duo. I'm pretty sure Sherlock is a girl, lol We may be nick naming her Sherley. Watson is looking like a boy but I'm reserving my final say until he gets a bit bigger.

Afternoon weigh in...... 

One is 6.4 ounces = 181.5 grams - up  14.2  grams

Two is 5.25 ounces = 149.5 grams - up  21.4 grams

March 2nd - Everyone is doing well. Keva has been out to stroll through the house and check that everything is safe.

One gets weighed and loved

Very relaxed kitten

Two gets weighed and loved

Two called out 'hey somebody's taking me' but then settled down, lol

Afternoon weigh in...... 

One is 5.9 ounces = 167 grams - up  25  grams

Two is 4.5 ounces = 128 grams - up  14.2 grams

March 1st - Keva was good and slept well through the night. She moved kitten one under the bed 6 times starting at 7 am this morning. I took everything out of her box and restocked with family beds fresh from the dryer. Rotated the box to face the wall and added a taller board to block the front access. This settled her down for the day. The kittens are doing very well. I'm curious to see if two catches up to one in weight. I wonder if it was born smaller because it was conceived a day or two later then one? It did well gaining weight today. Keva enjoyed her cold yogurt treat.

Keva looking out of the newly refreshed set up.

Afternoon weigh in...... 

One is 5 ounces = 142.4 grams - up  10.7  grams

Two is 4 ounces = 113.9 grams - up  25 grams

left is one and right is two

February 29th - Keva had a good night. She came up on the bed frequently to be reassured and loved on. She smells very pretty since she had her fur shampooed, lol. The kittens are doing well. at 7 am I checked kitten two's weight. It didn't lose any weight since birth, a good thing. Keva has not been given any pain meds she does not seem to be in any pain. I gave her the antibiotic liquid mixed into yogurt. She was happy to have a cold treat. I think her throat is a bit sore from the surgical tube. She sounds horse and whispers a bit.

Kitten snuggled up to the top where Mum still has fur. 

You can see two looks pinker (left)  because of the shorter tighter coat.

Afternoon weigh in...... 

One is 4.4 ounces = 124.5 grams - up  10.7  grams

Two is 3.1 ounces = 89 grams - up  7.1 grams

We are trying to come up with names....biggie and boo-ger just don't seem appropriate, lol. I liked Butch (Cassidy) and Sundance but this was rejected by the younger generation....Sherlock &Watson? ... our brain trust has been set to work on it, lol.

 Because families with children follow the diaries this diary has a supplemental page, Diary Supplement.  with a more detailed ( graphic and less happy) description. This pregnancy started with four. We had two healthy babies born at home and they are both doing very well.  

February 28th -Starting on Friday we sat with Keva every day waiting for signs and helping her to be relaxed. We can feel the kittens moving about. This morning she finally began the process at 8:05 am. I have a small ceramic heater running to raise the room temperature. She is burrowing under the towels and  meowing. She is having clusters of contractions.  I concentrate on relaxing Keva. At 10:19 am kitten one is born head first. It cries out as its face is cleaned. Mum now concentrates on cleaning it up and eating the vitamin and mineral rich placenta. I pinch and cut the cord. The kitten is big and strong and begins nursing immediately. I weight and mark kitten one blue. Its a big traditional looking kitten with a fluffy coat. It nurses constantly....big piggy, lol.  No more contractions until 12:30 pm.  

Kitten one nursing

At 12:50 kitten 2 is born head first. Momma is trying to get to it and sits on its back half. I help her and break the sack from its face. I rub its face with terry cloth and it begins breathing big gulps of air. It cries out with a very low loud cry. Wow what a voice, lol. We are still awaiting the placenta. Keva drags the kitten in three revolutions trying to find the placenta. I am holding the kitten up next to her so the cord is not pulled too hard. We don't want an umbilical hernia. As she settles down there are no more contractions. I decide to give the cord a very gentle tug. This cannot be done with force. This time I'm lucky and it slides right out. I pinch and cut the cord and allow Mum to eat this one too. I wrap the kitten in a terry face cloth and rub it. Mum wants nothing to do with this kitten. I hold it by the heater and rub it. I try multiple times to get Keva to lick it. It is breathing more normally now, not gulping, but is too tired to nurse yet. I leave it to Mum for an half an hour but she still is not interested. She licks kitten one and fusses if it cries.

I decide to wash kitten two. I'm concerned he is getting too chilled from being wet. I run the tap until the water is hot then soak a terry face cloth, wring it slightly and wash the kitten in front of the heater. I place the wet but clean kitten by Keva and she immediately begins washing it and snuggling it. When its warm and dry I weigh it.  Kitten two is a classic looking baby. Short tight coat with a modified wedge head. It cries but has not suckled yet. I have tried placing its mouth against nipples with no success.

3:00 pm My daughter is home now and tries her hand at getting two to latch on. We have been trying to place it on nipples that stick out and would be easy to get into its mouth. Nipples that kitten one has used. He fussed about and is now tired again. 

Trying to get kitten one to latch on

I mix a bit of Karo syrup with warm water and drop a tiny bit on its gums. This may give it a bit of energy. We both notice that it will suck at our hand or finger. My daughter remembers that Fen's kittens liked the flat nipples. I tell her to place him on one of Keva's flat nipples. The kitten goes nuts sucking. That was what it wanted a completely flat nipple. It latches on and nurses, what a relief....silly lil' booger.

Kitten two latched on and nursing

When Tom picked up Fenya's kittens at the animal hospital (alter surgery day) I had him ask if I could use the Oxytocin I have in the fridge from Fenya's litter. I didn't need to use it for Fen. At 4:15 with no progress, no contractions, and Keva sleeping we give her the oxy sub-q in the scruff. We wait another hour with no progress.

left - kitten two, and right - kitten one

After giving the Oxytocin I tuck the kittens in the corner so Keva can move about.

 I call Dr. Schaefer and at 6:00pm. I take Keva to her hospital. Dr. Gould x-rays her and confirms there is another kitten waiting. She gets another dose of oxy but does not progress. Dr. Schaefer arrives back at the office. This is going to be one long day for her. She altered Fen's kittens this morning and had her patient dental cleanings all afternoon.  My doctors are not always available when emergencies happen but I am ever so grateful when they are.

I have a heating pad, under the towels, plugged in to keep the kittens warm in the carrier while Keva goes into surgery. The plan is to deliver the kitten by c-section and preserve Keva's ability to breed again. She goes in back for surgery around 7:15pm. During surgery her assistant comes out to get me. I have to make a choice. Keva has an infection in her uterus. A culture is done. Do I want her to try to clean it and treat with antibiotics? The third kitten is not responsive. It cannot be resuscitated. We've been through several infections with other queens. My choice is no. I want the best odds for the health of the two kittens we have and for Keva. I tell her to spay Keva. The culture results will tell us if the antibiotics we use will take care of any residual infection. Keva is given a shot of (baby safe) penicillin and we will come home with Clavamox a baby safe oral antibiotic.

By now kitten two is yelling its head off and trying to crawl out of its warm little nest. Fat kitten one is sleeping so relaxed. Digesting all that good colostrum it suckled all day long, lol. No amount of yelling and crawling on top wakes it, and kitten two has a huge voice.

 I bring the carrier back and  I stay with Keva, rub her, stroke her face, and kiss her. As she comes around more she is distressed not being with her babies. At 9 pm we try placing her in the carrier. She curls up immediately, nuzzles her kittens, and calms down. She's still too scared to allow them to nurse. With the car warmed we set out for home.

The Stats at birth  

#1   10:19 am  blueSherlock – 113.880 grams (4.00 ounces)

#2   9:35 am  red –  Watson  – 81.851 grams (2 7/8 ounces) 

Just home from the hospital

When we get settled at home kitten two will no longer nurse on the favored flat back nipples. There is no longer any fur as its instinctual guide. The kitten doesn't know this warm skin is the right place to nurse. I worry again but want them to settle and relax. Kitten two finds its way up to the nipples it rejected earlier and now decides they are just fine. It's hungry and wants to nurse on a furry momma. Keva hugs and grooms them both. She is very happy to be home. I was also sent home with kitten safe pain meds if Keva needs them when the pain meds she is currently on wear off. 

Keva has lots of large veins on her abdomen. Dr. Schaefer warned me she may have bruising caused by suturing her. She tried to avoid all of them but with so many she may have nicked one. Keva looks great I don't see any bruising or bleeding under the skin. Dr. Schaefer has such great technique, I'm not worried.

February 22 - The first day Keva could possibly go into labor would be the night of the 24th. Today she checked out her box to see if it was ready.

Keva checking out her birthing box

....and waiting

February 14th - Kitten count day. Well her tummy is full and the kittens are all clumped together in a purr pile. The doctor thinks 4 or 5 kittens?  I am guessing three for sure and I hope for some surprise kittens too. Five would be nice to have again. The white lines I added to mark the curve of the kittens skulls. There is one clearly defined on her right side. You can see him at the top of the first image. His head is toward her pelvis. Then it looks like there is one on the other side of her pelvis and it's body is somewhere under her spine? Dr. Schaefer sees two kittens together of her left side on the bottom of the first image. There could be a third there too? There is a jumble of bones there and its hard to see whose are whose. The question mark is where the other skull may be I just can't see the crest to mark it. The second view from the side is even harder to see the kittens. as they all line up on top of each other.

February 7th - I felt a kitten moving on Keva's right side this morning
December 21st - We are breeding Keva to Polo.

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