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  Fenya's Kitten Diary Spring 2014
This reads from the bottom up. New entries are added at the top so its easy to follow as they grow.

The music used on this page is Let Them Be Little by Billy Dean 
These kittens are the progeny of our sire Polo and  dam Fenya 

Update information from owners will be added to our "Where Are They Now" page.

Closing Stats

#1 Gandalf is now Sensei and lives in Loveland, CO. The plan is for him to produce some beautiful old style CFA Siamese for his breeder owner.

#2 Smaug  is keeping her name Smaug and lives in Lexington, MA with her new puppy brother and resident Siamese.

#3 Bilbo is now Kabuki and lives in Kingston, RI  with two older feline brothers.  

#4 Thorin is now Pearl and lives in Douglas, MA a gift to a granddaughter from Parsley's owner (Fenya's fall 2012 litter).

April 12th - Thorin has enjoyed her extra week with us, especially being an only child with no competition from  bossy siblings, lol. She has been talking more and discovered bird watching. Here she is with momma and Grainne watching the birds while waiting for her new owner to pick her up. She walked into her carrier very relaxed and called good bye to us as she left. She will have two young girls to play with and we know she will be well loved by them too.

April 7th - Gandalf's owner flew in from Colorado to pick him up on Saturday. He walked into her carrier right away and was calm in his carrier when he left. He will be joining a cat family. I will update his adventure when I hear how he is doing from his owner on the Where Are They Now? page. Smaug also went home on Sunday. Such a sweet girl I gave her lots of kisses and she walked into her carrier too. She will be joining a resident older cat and a puppy.  This morning Thorin went off to the vet to repair the tiny hole in her muscle wall that didn't close properly after her surgery. Here are some photos of the girls from Sunday.

Smaug and Thorin



Thorin update post surgery -  Thorin did very well with her corrective surgery. My Vet said when she examined her she could not find any evidence of the hernia but she knew it was there because she felt it before. Her incision was made above the spay incision so its above the umbilical area and because of that it had to be a bit larger then her spay incision. She search all over her belly for the hold and could not see it. She had to squeeze her belly a bit to get it to open and reveal itself. It was a quarter of an inch opening. Thorin has a few stitches to close it and her skin incision is glued. She came home a bit wound up but not bad at all. She was obsessed with holding the sparkle mouse in her mouth, lol. Her half sister Grainne keeps growling at her to go away because she smells like hospital, poor Thorin...or maybe she is enjoying going after Grainne and having her run away, lol.

New incision....you can't even tell where the spay incision was she healed so fast.

April 3rd - I took Thorin in to the Animal Hospital to be checked by my vet this morning. I was right she does have a little hole, technically its called a hernia because the fat pokes out the hole. This needs to be repaired so she will be staying with us and will have her repair surgery on Monday. Its a minor surgery compared to her spay surgery. We're working on not biting on cords now. Its not something we see often but it could be very bad if not stopped early. Many cats who are not watched and trained end up with electrical burns, permanent damage , or even die from electrocution. So we are staying on top of this naughty teething behavior. From about 4 to 6 months is when kittens lose their baby teeth and get in their adult teeth. Their baby teeth may be starting to feel funny which is why we are seeing them teething again.

Gandalf also got an exam today to get his airline health certificate to fly home home to Colorado.






Smaug and Thorin with the mouse


I would swear this is Thorin...but is it? She looks more like Smaug....


Gandalf sunbathing

April 2nd - By the end of yesterday Bilbo had given up needing her owner to be close at all times, Napped by herself then gave her new family loving rubs and curled up with them to sleep for the night.Her owner says she has completed her transition and does not call out for her missing family anymore. She talks to make specific requests of her owner. I am moving her updates the our Where Are They Now? page. She is now named Kabuki and lives with Zoom & Mizu in Kingston, RI.

April 1st -  twelve weeks old  - Bilbo went home on Saturday. We had thought Thorin was ready too but I had to hold her back for observation. Her incision began to look a little pink. I don't think she developed an infection but now she has a little jelly bump. This bump has a familiar look to it. Maeve and Finola had little bumps like this when their spay surgery left a little gap in the muscle wall and a bit of fat peeped through, but they were adults. I haven't had a kitten with this So Thorin is going back to see the vet this week just to check her. Gandalf and Smaug have always planned to go home this coming weekend. 

Bilbo's family has reported she is doing just great. The plan was to keep her separate to give her time to adjust before meeting the two resident cats. Apparently Bilbo hadn't approved this plan, lol. They had a nice hidey place for her to chill in, she didn't want that, she wanted to be out in the room. The first night she cried every few hours "where are you" to her family. The second night she slept in bed all night. Not in her bed but in the resident cats favorite place. She raised such a ruckus when left alone that her owner decided to allow her to follow her about the house. She met the cats, no big deal and is doing very well. She does not want to be alone yet, her owner is her security while she adjusts to this big change in her life. Bilbo has been so confident and outgoing her owner says she can't imagine how strong a personality Smaug must have to best her as leader of the pack. :) All the kittens in this litter are strong outgoing kits and they take turns with their toys...sometimes, lol see Thorin below.


Smaug was having a great time tossing this fur thing about and catching it.

Smaug playing with her fur thing

This is Thorin right after she stole the fur thing from Smaug...then to keep it she began growling.

I put a video of her growling on our Black&Tan Old Time Siamese facebook page..... video here

In the pantry...lets make cookies

March 28th - The girls surgery sites all look really good. Their has been very minimal swelling. Thorn's today has a little pinkness to it so we will be watching that closely. It may be that she pulled some of the glue off the skin and that irritated it but we want to make sure. They have been pretty active and I really expected to see more swelling. They are doing great. This morning I started out with Thorin in my lap then Bilbo joined us and then up came Gandalf with the minky. He had been asleep on the couch pillow and Smaug was asleep in the bed on the ottoman.

Gandalf, Bilbo, & Thorin on my lap






I wish I had this centered so we got his ears too :(


This is where Gandalf chose to fall asleep on the sofa, lol







Thorin (back) & Bilbo (front)

Bilbo and half of Thorin

March 25th - The girls went in for their spay surgery yesterday morning. Surgery was textbook and they came home with pain meds on board that will last for several days. Each little incision has  absorbable sutures inside to close the muscle wall with the skin incision being closed by surgical glue. Nothing for a kitten to tug on on the outside. No stitches to remove. They all arrived home a bit wound up from the medications used for surgery but they were good, not too crazy. :) Gandalf was an exceptionally good boy. He spent most of the time sitting in my lap watching me distract them with toys. He never tried to wrestle or play attack them....maybe because they smelled funny from the hospital but I like to think he knew they needed him to be gentle. He slept on the top of cat tree and allowed the girls the desk beds when they ran out of energy. This morning there is no swelling visible which is wonderful :) The girls show no sign of knowing they have had surgery but they have needed a bit of comfort from momma. They are all being very affectionate. 

Comfort nursing

Smaug's incision. Most of what you see here is glue on the skin surface

Bilbo's incision

Sleeping to heal - Smaug

Gandalf and Bilbo


March 22nd - I was able to get some nice photos as they were just waking up from a nap before they all ran off, lol  Bilbo has found her voice (and my lap) and now talks to me...making me confuse her for Thorin even more, lol. They are starting to mature in a way that is making them look more individual... though I have to see them together to tell which is which still. Bilbo is still a bit of a tomboy. Leaping and running into things without a care. Thorin is a lady (more refined, a gentle girl, that Audrey Hepburn thing) and her forever name of Pearl fits her personality so well. Smaug is still quite the dragon lady, lol. She remains a loud talker and expresses her feelings freely. We have gone to keeping the senior pet cats, their 16yrs, separate because kittens are a bit stressful to them. Emma has been with them a few times but she is pretty grumpy at them, the kittens don't care, no respect, lol. So when we go into their room Smaug complains loudly that she wants to go with. She is not happy that she is not allowed access. I am pretty sure she will be running her home and have the family pets under her control in no time....and she will  blame them for every naughty thing she does, lol. She is perfecting her innocence look. Gandalf is a unique personality all his own. He has a bit of everything in him. He  is loving, soft, and snuggly, and so relaxed (legs all over when resting) but can be bold, crazy playful, and determined too.

They will be 11 weeks old on the 25th.








Smaug with her I'm innocent the dog did it face on



I wasn't able to get Bilbo alone before she was gone to play so here she is on the right. (with Smaug)

Smaug & Bilbo



March 21st

On my lap after early morning playtime...I tried to get Smaug to join us but she was already asleep

Smaug falling asleep after playing

Gandalf, Thorin, & Bilbo

Gandalf & Thorin

Gandalf, Thorin, & Bilbo

Bilbo...I think? lol

Thorin....I think? lol




On my lap again

March 20th - The kittens are maturing so much. They are no longer babies. They are active engaging children, lol. They are now able to leap up onto the sofa and chairs ...which lead to table tops. We are working on learning that the table is not allowed. Kittens never learn to jump up onto counters before they leave us but to our surprise this litter has figured out how to get up onto the tall stools and onto the kitchen island. Yesterday morning Gandalf was the first during breakfast he surprised me and himself when he leapt up right through the center of my milk filled cereal bowl, lol. Milk on feet washed off he didn't try to get up immediately again. Anything new is a great adventure for them. I was unpacking some Easter decor when Thorin found some mystery pipe cleaners. I also bought a new cave bed that was fun for a day, lol.

The blue pipe cleaner toy was carried all over the house

Smaug was first in to claim  "the mountain" as hers.

Thorin circled around looking for the secret door into the mountain.

Thorin getting advise from Gandalf.

Bilbo treks across the mountain...

....and enters...loving the treasure

Gandalf's powers are too great and he crushes the mountain.


That is Thorin sleeping not in a nest but Bilbo also chooses to sleep in that spot too.


March 17th - Happy Saint Patrick's Day - This past weekend we enjoyed visiting and the kittens enjoyed playing with Bilbo's family. The kittens continue to race about and play with full energy, then they eat, sleep and repeat, lol. Gandalf still gets a little soft nip in when he is really wound up so we are working on "no bite". Just today I noticed they are starting to single me out for attention. A kitten will come and find me to talk to me, see what I'm doing, and get my attention. This is a beginning sign that they are getting ready for bonding with their owners. Here are a collection of photos from the past few days.

learning to jump for toys

March 13th - The kittens went in for their first Vet visit today. Dr. Schaefer examined each of them carefully and found them to have perfect teeth, eyes, hearts, and lungs. She said they are all normal healthy kittens. The each received their first FVRCP vaccines. While there no one wanted to stay in the carrier and Smaug was very vocal about not being held the entire time, lol. She was quiet as long as the tech held her.  They were all quiet during their exams and no one cried when given their shot. No one cried during the car trip there and back. They were all very good babies. With just a look the doctor thought Gandalf was the largest kitten. He looks very solid, lol. Thorin weighed in as the largest at 2lbs 13 ounces, Gandalf and Smaug were tied at 2 lbs 11 ounces and Bilbo was 2 lbs 10 ounces....so really they are all the same size. 

Trying to get out at the vet

My college students are home this week so the kittens have been enjoying visiting and playing with them. Smaug's family came to visit on Sunday and the kittens adored crawling on and playing with the children.

The kittens have discovered how to get on top of my desk and are now sleeping in the big girls beds. I always find one of them sleeping with Grainne.

Grainne with all four napping

On my lap Smaug & Bilbo

Thorin scratching

Sleeping together...Gandalf and  a seal point

Gandalf asleep 

Oooh a paper bag

Can Momma, Grainne, and all the kittens fit in one bag?

March 9th - Today is Bilbo day, lol. I think I have had a tendency to over look her in my descriptions because she is such a wonderful all around good with everyone and everything kitten. Sort of like the middle child that gets over looked. It's the show offs and trouble makers that get more attention, lol. I think she is a well balanced kitten and I need to tell you all more about her. If Smaug were not in this litter Bilbo would be the leader but Smaug is so dominate that Bilbo becomes her number 1. She allows Smaug to take the lead but is right in there giving it her best in playtime. She has a beautiful balanced face with a nice eye set. She has my favorite color of blue eyes. I love the sky blue over the deep purple sapphire that so many breeders seem obsessed with today. Looking at her profile she has nice traditional line to her face. Last night she kept sitting watching my tablet computer so I put the fish video on for her and made a video clip of her. She likes to watch TV too.

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Of course we have photo of the other kittens too :)


He reminds me so much of Polo in these photos

Gandalf & Smaug


March 7-8th - We introduced Da Bird to the kittens. They are all good birders, lol. Grainne and Momma watched but Grainne was much closer to the action hoping to grab the bird a few times herself, lol.

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Momma Fenya

March 6th - the kitchen has become a new playground for the kittens. This winter was so hard for the birds we covered our patio table in bird seed so they can also watch the birds out the window.

March 5th - These kittens are so darn sweet and fun. I need to remember to make a video of their morning greeting. This morning both Smaug and Thorin were at my feet talking to me. It was interesting to hear the voices alternate. The tone of Thorin's voice is just a little bit lower then Smaug's.
March 4th - eight weeks old -

Gandalf at 8 weeks of age



Smaug at 8 weeks of age



Bilbo at 8 weeks of age



Thorin at 8 weeks of age

March 3rd - This weekend Thorin's family came to visit the kittens. They really enjoyed having visitors and played them selves to sleep. Thorin continues to amaze me and put me in my place for making assumptions about her, lol. Sunday morning she came running to me calling out to me. I thought she was Smaug, nope. Thorin wanted me to hold her first, lol. She is fast becoming my lap buddy. Gandalf doesn't seem to mind when he comes up and sees her he runs off to find a toy to play with or goes over to my husband. Today our floor looks like the toy basket blew up, lol. These kittens love toys and all of them not just a few favorites, lol.

Thorin in the top bed of the cat furniture where Momma usually naps

"How can he play puzzle when I am sitting here so adorably?", Smaug

Gandalf helping sort out the puzzle pieces

Napping with Grainne

Not sure who this is, lol

Both Smaug and Bilbo were playing with this red fur ball

Thorin with a fur thing ...growling, lol

Napping with Grainne again. 

It looks like there is a red mark between Grainne's head and Gandalf's left arm...so that would be Smaug with her head tilted back smiling. :)

February 28th - Thorin has made great progress in maturing. She sometimes surprises me by being more outgoing the Bilbo. She now likes to be in my lap and to have me pet her.  She is a toy hauler. She likes to collect all the toys into her bed, lol. All these kittens are outgoing and sweet. Gandalf likes to be in the kitchen with Tom. Sometimes I wonder if he identifies with his white athletic shoes, lol, he's always around his feet. The last couple of days the kittens have abandoned the family nest for sleeping on the heat duct next to it. All four piled on the one vent. Everyone has reached 2 pounds so today is our final weight in.

Bi-weekly weigh in...... 

Gandalf  is 2 lb 1.25 ounces = 946.6 grams - up 78  grams 

Smaug is 2 lb 3 ounce = 996.5 grams - up 57 grams

Bilbo is 2 lb 2.25 ounce = 975 grams - up 35.5 grams

Thorin is 2 lb 4 ounces = 1025 grams - up 57 grams

February 26th - Our home is very active during playtime with all these speed racers running about. Its really sweet to watch a kitten chase Grainne. She hops about and runs and they chase her, too funny. She really loves playing with the kittens. With all their energy its been tough for me to get photos of them that aren't blurry, lol. Catching them when they first wake up helps but its a small window and Smaug is moving as soon as her eyes open, lol.

Smaug and Thorin

Bilbo just waking up. We can see she is going to have sky eyes


Gandalf just waking up




Bilbo and Gandalf

Bilbo & Gandalf

Gandalf & Bilbo


Bilbo scratching

Love her using her paws like hands while sitting on her bum

Gandalf & Thorin

What's up Meowmy?


February 25thseven weeks old -  Friday will be our last weight check since all the girls are now two pounds. By Friday Gandalf should reach 2 pounds too.

Bi-weekly weigh in...... 

Gandalf  is 1 lb 14.5 ounces = 868 grams - up 60.5  grams 

Smaug is 2 lb 1 ounce = 939.5 grams - up 57 grams

Bilbo is 2 lb 1 ounce = 939.5 grams - up 71 grams

Thorin is 2 lb 2 ounces = 968 grams - up 78 grams

February 24th - Litter box use has been excellent. Weight gains continue at a healthy rate. The kitten's are spending lots of time playing chase. This weekend they started puffing up to be big bad kitties, lol. They have mastered the stairs. When we were trimming nails I discovered something interesting with Thorin. I have been thinking Thorin is a cautious baby. I may have misinterpreted her signals. My son helped me to trim her nails. She wasn't happy with having them done but she was a good kitty. When we were done I notice how much she enjoyed having him pet her and love on her. She just tolerates me. I believe I have discovered she is indifferent to me but loves my son. So her reserve may be that she just doesn't care for me, lol. She may be one of those Siamese that picks a human as hers and bonds very closely with them.





Thorin & Bilbo


Gandalf & Smaug

2/21 -Bi-weekly weigh in...... 

Gandalf  is 1 lb 12 ounces = 807 grams - up 96  grams 

Smaug is 1 lb 15 ounces = 882 grams - up 71 grams

Bilbo is 1 lb 14.5 ounces = 868 grams - up 81 grams

Thorin is 1 lb 15.25 ounces = 889 grams - up 106 grams

February 18th - Today is for the girls. Smaug is a nut. I absolutely love her. She has been my favorite since birth. Not that I really have a favorite, lol, she is an in your face kitten. She will talk when she hears voices until someone picks her up. Bilbo is my middle child. She is great with everyone and everything. Easy going and active. Thorin is still a cautious baby. We're working with her to help her become more comfortable. And Gandalf is a quiet, lovey, little tank. He is always crawling into my lap.

six weeks of age



six weeks of age



six weeks of age

I am mysterious...or maybe I'm washing my nose. I'll never tell.

February 18thsix weeks old - Momma keeps hauling the babies into the living room. Even when they fall asleep in my office she will scruff them and haul them off.

Where's Gandalf?

On the heat of course, lol

He's not the only one that likes to sleep there.

Bi-weekly weigh in...... 

Gandalf  is 1 lb 9 ounces = 712 grams - up 100  grams - Nice Gain Gandalf

Smaug is 1 lb 12.5 ounces = 811 grams - up 85 grams

Bilbo is 1lb 11.6 ounces = 786 grams - up 75 grams

Thorin is 1 lb 11.5 ounces = 783 grams - up 85 grams

Mouse chase toy is great fun

This is a ten minute video

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Two different nap times with everyone in the bed, lol

It's been noted that I seem to have heavy focus on my lover boy Gandalf. Here's more proof of that, lol

The girls are always off running and he was in my lap so I was able to get these nice eye color photos of him.

I'll be working on getting some of the girls faces....if the snow would only stop and we could have some sunny days it would help. :)


six weeks of age

February 15th -  We removed the run fence today. The kittens still stay in my office to nap and eat and use the litter box. We are giving them limited free time in the house until we are sure they all know to come back to the litter box on their own. I witnessed Thorin working on leaving a solid deposit this morning. So She is eating kibble :) In the morning Smaug and Bilbo are always the first to run out. Bilbo and Thorin wake up a little slower, lol.

All asleep together on top of the condo

If she's talking it must be Smaug, it is. lol

We met the fur thing today. Lots of growling all around when it was captured, lol

Then the haulin' began. Everybody tried to haul it off for their own.

Gandalf haulin'

Thorin sat like this, frozen with it, growling before she sprinted off trying to take it behind the sofa.

February 14th - Happy Valentines Day -  Momma Fen really wants the kittens out in the living room. When I open the door after nap time she doesn't even wait for them to come out on their own. She will scruff and haul each one out to play. I think this has unsettled Thorin. she seems a bit timid today. We will work with making her feel more comfortable. It may be because she is a tiny bit behind the others in maturing. Gandalf had a nice weigh gain today. Comparing him to the girls his build is compact and sturdy. The girls look leggy and slender by comparison...they aren't, he's just more of a tank right now, lol He is reminding me more and more of Balor. 

Bi-weekly weigh in...... 

Gandalf  is 1 lb 5.5 ounces = 612 grams - up 68  grams

Smaug is 1 lb  9.5 ounces = 726 grams - up 75 grams

Bilbo is 1lb  9 ounces = 712 grams - up 64 grams

Thorin is 1 lb 8.5 ounces = 697 grams - up 50 grams

Thorin in the bed under the coffee table

Gandalf climbing on the coffee table bar. Smaug spent some time rubbing her face all along this bar. She loves to rub and mark everything as hers.

In the bed behind the sofa corner

February 13th - Today is adventure day. :) We opened up the kitten run and allowed the kittens to free explore. Boy were we surprised at how bold they all are. Usually the first time out kittens will hide and move about from hiding space to hiding space. Not these babies. They were out and about no hiding at all. Occasionally a tail would half puff with concern from an unfamiliar smell on the rug. They moved from the hall to the dining room and into the living room and even into the kitchen. This is normally a three to four day process with new kittens. Momma waited in the living room while Grainne watched over the hall. At the end of play time we brought them back to their room for drinks and food and a well deserved nap.

Returning to the hall from the dining room

Following Momma to the living room

Ooooh how do I get down now?

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February 12th - I witnessed Thorin leave her wet spot in the litter box, so she knows what its for now. :) We still haven't seen her eat solid food but I suspect she may be. Momma Fen is driving herself crazy wanting the babies to explore. Every time we allow her free time she ends up picking up a baby and bringing it out to the living room. We really want them well trained to the litter box before they get their freedom. We want them to want to return to use the box when needed. So far we have had no accidents at all. Training has been excellent. :)

Waking up

February 11th - five weeks old - The kittens are doing well.  Bouncing around like pin balls chasing about and lots of wrestling. Usually with litters there is a good bit of yelping when someone bites too hard but we don't hear a lot of crying when these kittens wrestle, which means they are all pretty gentle with each other. Fenya gets very excited when they zoom about. She leaps and moves with them but they fit under her legs, lol. She wants them to be big playmates so badly. Occasionally Momma tackles her and puts her back in her place. I think momma worries she will be too rough with the babies, she isn't.

Waking up

Bi-weekly weigh in...... 

Gandalf  is 1 lb 3 ounces = 544.5 grams - up 35.5  grams

Smaug is 1 lb  7 ounces = 651 grams - up 67.6 grams

Bilbo is 1lb  6.75 ounces = 648 grams - up 78 grams

Thorin is 1 lb 6.75 ounces = 648 grams - up 60 grams

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February 7th -9th The kittens are becoming very active. This morning (Friday) they decided to expand their environment by climbing up the cat tree to the first level. Of course little miss no fear (Smaug) went first. The third trip up she fell off, stopped for a second like she was thinking about it, then ran right back to climbing up, lol. Gandalf was second to go up, followed by Bilbo. Thorin wasn't in on the beginning of this adventure because she was still sleeping but she quickly learned this skill once she woke up. Friday night at bed time I found Gandalf on top of the condo by the window. Kitten's are also leaving solid deposits in the litter box. Most likely Smaug. On Saturday Thorin went in and tried but she is not quite there yet. She really needs to eat some kibble. So far we have not seen her eat it yet...but she could be, food is always out for them, and we have just missed seeing her. She hasn't eaten when we offer it to her when all the other kittens are eating. Sunday morning I witnessed Bilbo leaving a solid deposit. Sunday morning we also had the music of galloping little feet. All four kittens were racing around together, lol. They all pick up toys in their mouths and carry them. I put a sparkle ball up on the cat tree with Smaug and she picked it up and carried it down to the floor. With this weigh in I'm a little concerned that Gandalf is too laid back about eating. It may be he hadn't had breakfast yet. We will be keenly watching what his weight does in the next couple of weigh ins. He is a happy, very active, playful kitten so no concerns. I just don't like the number, his piggy sisters are making him look bad, lol. Its getting harder for me to tell the seals apart in photos. In person I can always tell Smaug by her personality. She is always talking and running about but I have to look for the color mark to tell Thorin and Bilbo apart.

Bi-weekly weigh in...... 

Gandalf  is 1 lb 1.9 ounces = 509 grams - up 28.5  grams

Smaug is 1 lb  4.5 ounces = 584 grams - up 39 grams

Bilbo is 1lb  4 ounces = 569 grams - up 43 grams

Thorin is 1 lb 4.6 ounces = 587 grams - up 46 grams

Talk to the paw

Smaug climbing up for the first time.

Gandalf thinking "Can I go up this way?"

Then he goes up the easy way.

Bilbo attempting to climb up....

...but thwarted by, the now awake, Thorin because she and Smaug want to go up.

Thorin up on the first level.



Usually I can tell by the distinct little blaze of white that remains as the mask color comes in who is who in the seals but they seem to have the same blaze shape, lol





This ones not too flattering for the seal point, so she will remain nameless, but look how adorable Gandalf looks, lol

Washing up after eating

Breakfast....Smaug blowing bubbles with her nose in the big water bowl, lol

"What do you mean you don't know who I am?"



February 5th - I closed the cabinet bed since no one uses it anymore and brought back the family nest.



February 4th - four weeks old - The kittens are doing really well. I tried offering baby cat instinctive canned food. I was hoping it would inspire Thorin to eat some food. Only Smaug wanted to eat it.  Gandalf has decided he likes drinking water out of momma's big bowl. Smaug and Bilbo drink out of the baby bowl. I have seen both Smaug and Bilbo leave their wet marks in the training litter box :) We also noted that no one was using the corner cabinet bed anymore. Gandalf likes the bed under the cat tree and the girls like to pile into the tube condo to sleep.

Bi-weekly weigh in...... 

Gandalf  is 1 lb .875 ounces = 480 grams - up 71  grams

Smaug is 1 lb  3.1 ounces = 545 grams - up 57 grams

Bilbo is 1lb  2.5 ounces = 526.7 grams - up 71 grams

Thorin is 1 lb 3 ounces = 541 grams - up 71 grams

Gandalf - 4 weeks of age

Smaug 4 weeks of age

Bilbo - 4 weeks of age

Bilbo - 4 weeks of age

Thorin - 4 weeks of age

Gandalf sleeping in his bed

Smaug asleep in the tube

Bilbo and Thorin eating before bed and ...

...joining Smaug in the tube to sleep.

February 3rd - We realized this weekend that Thorin, seen here nursing is the only kitten not eating kibble.  I did a quick check of her weight this morning and she is gaining and doing fine. We will keep trying to offer her kibble but she won't eat until she is ready. :) The kittens are learning about playing with toys. Smaug is a very animated baby. She loves to explore and sometimes makes her momma crazy by meowing, lol. Smaug ran out of the run this morning so I left the  the area behind my desk open for her to explore. She went unto the enclosed knee space of the desk and started yelling. Momma ended up grabbing her by the scruff and bring her back to the rug. Smaug ran back to the desk and started meowing again, lol. Momma hauled her back again. She also is going into the litter box and meowing...saying I know what to do here. She just isn't physically mature enough to do it on her own yet. She will figure it out in the next day or so. All the kittens are climbing up onto our laps. When they crawl off to play Bilbo stays. She loves being stroked.

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Thorin and Smaug in the bed with Bilbo looking at us.


Sleeping and nursing with momma

February 1st - Every time I have checked Fenya's milk glands she has been empty. I'm beginning to think she may be drying up. We will see in the next couple of days. As the kittens eat more kibble she should be left with extra milk. Nature may have already decided for the kittens they are done with momma's milk. They will continue to nurse for their comfort and development even when there is no milk. 

extra weigh in...... I'm not adding this in to the calculated chart, I use Excel for this,  as next Tuesday will be the regular bi-weekly weigh in.

Gandalf  is 15.125 ounces ...he gained 21grams :)

Smaug is 1 lb  1.625 ounces 

Bilbo is 1lb  .75 ounces

Thorin is 1 lb 1 ounces

Our eldest son always comes in to visit the kittens as soon as he gets home from work

Momma Fen needs her lovin too, lol.

This is Smaug and Bilbo eating breakfast. There is a video of this on our facebook page.



He loves to position himself between the towel ramp and scratcher and sit up like this ...just hanging out. 

Sleepy Smaug fell asleep on my lap

Gandalf There is also a video of him on facebook too.

This is Thorin.  That sunbeam messed with my camera, lol

January 31st - Gandalf's weight stayed the same this morning so I went and got him a bowl of kibble right away. He started right in eating it. He was hungry. I weighed him three time today just to make sure he was gaining. :) he was. I doubled their run space today and added in the training litter box along with the regular box. They train on plain clay litter. Kittens at this age are so oral they lick everything and anything that sticks to their lips or tongue gets eaten, including litter. We teach them not to lick the litter and that food tastes better. They learn this very quickly, lol. by the end of the day all the kittens were eating some kibble. They also nurse and will need to learn about drinking water. So far no one has tried the water yet. Their back feet still slip on the hard floor so we also add small rugs as islands to help them develop their walking skills.

Normally we would begin bi-weekly weight checks now. Once they reach one pound and start eating kibble a cumulative weight gain is a better indicator of how they are doing then a daily one. So we are switching to Tuesday & Friday weight ins but I am going to check one more time tomorrow just to make sure Gandalf is getting all he needs. Now that everyone is eating some kibble their should be plenty of milk and food for everyone.

Gandalf eating his kibble right from the bowl.

Checking out the new space

Morning weigh in...... 

Gandalf  is 14.375 ounces = 409.3 grams - up 0  grams...1 pm 14.5 ounces...10 pm 14.75

Smaug is 1 lb  1.1 ounces = 487 grams - up 7.1 grams

Bilbo is 1lb  0 ounces = 445.5 grams - up 10.6 grams

Thorin is 1 lb 0.5 ounces = 469.8 grams - up 10.6 grams

January 30th - Last night when I came in before I went to bed all the kittens came running out to see me and Bilbo climbed into my lap. :) She has found her confidence. I took a photo of them running out to see me this morning, lol. This weekend we are going to expand the run and add litter box training and offer them Baby cat kibble and water in baby height bowls. I think they may be ready to add some solid calories to their diet now that they are burning more running about playing. Gandalf seems to have missed out on his share of the milk again and we can see who ate it. I saw him nursing quite a bit so he obviously was nursing when the supply was exhausted. Food will help with this if he is ready to try some. They also have some teeth in. I feel them when I stick my pinky finger in their mouths. They will be teaching each other why me don't bite hard, lol. This is important for them to become gentle cats. Right now I am not hearing any cries. They are not biting each other hard. They are teething and will have all their baby teeth in by 6 to 7 weeks of age. They are very oral at this stage lots of licking and kisses, lol.

Hello! Good Morning!

Morning weigh in...... 

Gandalf  is 14.375 ounces = 409.3 grams - down  3.6  grams

Smaug is 1 lb  0.9 ounces = 480 grams - up 21 grams

Bilbo is 15.6 ounces = 445 grams - up 17.8 grams

Thorin is 1 lb 0.1 ounces = 459 grams - up 28.5 grams


"Dis makes my gums feel better"

Bilbo teething on the hem of the towel.

Smaug climbing 






Gandalf was sleeping with his cheek cupped in his paw. It was so cute but he woke up by the time I was camera ready.

January 29th - All four kittens have been out and about to explore. Momma is making them come out to nurse and this is helping them to develop confidence in the safety of their environment.

Morning weigh in...... 

Gandalf  is 14.5 ounces = 412.8 grams - up  7.1  grams

Smaug is 1 lb  0.1 ounces = 459 grams - up 10.7 grams

Bilbo is 15 ounces = 427 grams - up 14.2 grams

Thorin is 15.1 ounces = 430.6 grams - up 7.1 grams

January 28th - three weeks old - The kittens are working on confidence building. Smaug, Thorin, and Gandalf have all run out to see me with Bilbo clearly wanting to follow her siblings but she doesn't. Smaug has lots of confidence, followed by Gandalf with a healthy bit of caution, then Thorin  depending on her mood at the time, and the still unsure Bilbo. Mother nature is telling them caution is needed to survive. As they get more day to day experience their confidence will grow. 

Morning weigh in...... Smaug is now the big kitten...they really are all the same size, lol

Gandalf  is 14.25 ounces = 405.7 grams - up  10.7  grams

Smaug is 15.75 ounces = 448.4 grams - up 21.4 grams

Bilbo is 14.5 ounces = 412.8 grams - up 7.1 grams

Thorin is 14.9 ounces = 423.5 grams - up 7.1 grams

Gandalf 3 weeks

Smaug 3 weeks

Bilbo 3 weeks

Thorin 3 weeks



Thorin and Smaug

Smaug and Gandalf

Showing signs of getting sleepy



January 27th - Now that Smaug got us all excited and we got the run set up we are waiting for it to be used, lol.

Morning weigh in...... 

Gandalf  is 13.5 ounces = 384 grams - up  10.7  grams

Smaug is 15 ounces = 427 grams - up 25 grams

Bilbo is 14.3 ounces = 406 grams - up 17.8 grams

Thorin is 14.6 ounces = 416 grams - up 17.8 grams

Bilbo and Gandalf eating

Introductions to the mouse

January 26th - Smaug is sooo cute. She craves attention and when she hears anyone's voice she comes running out to greet them. The other kittens seem content to hang out and wrestle in bed... on the nest heater, lol. I have been trying to get a photo that shows Gandalf's eye development. Chocolate eye color is different then seal and takes longer to see the blue.

Smaug and momma Fen

Morning weigh in...... 

Gandalf  is 13.1 ounces = 374 grams - up  14.2  grams

Smaug is 14.1 ounces = 402 grams - up 17.8 grams

Bilbo is 13.6 ounces = 388 grams - up 17.8 grams

Thorin is 14 ounces = 398.6 grams - up 21.4 grams

If you look closely you can see the little vertical slit that is his pupil.

January 25th - Today is moving day. I have steam cleaned the floor (no chemical cleaners) and brought the run fence in. We set up bedding in the corner cabinet. No bolster bed so Grainne can get in there too if she wants to. I have a nest heater (think low setting heating pad) under the bedding just in case this cold weather is making the corner cooler then the room. I set up the run area very small because these guys are starting out pretty young as adventurers. I will expand the area as they get comfortable until we reach the litter box area and they can begin learning to litter train.. To begin I don't want anyone wandering off too far and being traumatized by feeling lost. Once weaned and  litter trained we remove the run and explore beyond this room.

Momma inspecting the new space.

Momma's in the corner bed with her babies. Grainne is sitting guard looking out the open door for intruders, lol.

We alternate having the door open and closed so they can relax too.

Morning weigh in...... 

Gandalf  is 12.6 ounces = 359 grams - up  17.7  grams

Smaug is 13.5 ounces = 384 grams - up 14.2 grams

Bilbo is 13 ounces = 370 grams - up 3.6 grams

Thorin is 13.25 ounces = 377 grams - up 7.1 grams

January 24th - Every except Bilbo is very eager to get out of the box. Bilbo is content as she is. Maybe that is because Momma Fen hauled her into the living room and put her in the bed behind the sofa corner, lol. Maybe that was all the adventure she needed for the day. I returned her to her siblings and told momma not yet. Tonight I brought everyone out of the box onto the rug to explore. Bilbo cried the whole time until Momma picked her up and set her back into the box. I think she is going to have to mature a little bit more and come out on her own schedule. I'm sure as she watches her siblings she will grow more secure with exploring. We have had slow to explore kittens before and they became the dominate kitten.

Morning weigh in...... 

Gandalf  is 12 ounces = 341.6 grams - up  10.7  grams

Smaug is 13 ounces = 370 grams - up 25 grams

Bilbo is 12.9 ounces = 366.6 grams - up 21.4 grams

Thorin is 13 ounces = 370 grams - up 17.8 grams

January 23rd - The kittens are becoming very active when awake. We will set up a run area and allow them to being to explore outside the box this weekend.


Morning weigh in...... 

Gandalf  is 11.6 ounces = 331 grams - up  14.2  grams

Smaug is 12.1 ounces = 345 grams - up 17.8 grams

Bilbo is 12.1 ounces = 345 grams - up 21.4 grams

Thorin is 12.4 ounces = 352.3 grams - up 25 grams

Based on the face I think this is Smaug

I think this one is smaug too

I'm not sure which seal this is. lol


I think this is Thorin but I'm having a hard time telling Bilbo and Thorin apart right now, lol

Gandalf in from and either Bilbo or Thorin behind.


January 22nd -

Morning weigh in...... 

Gandalf  is 11.1 ounces = 316.7 grams - up  17.8  grams

Smaug is 11.5 ounces = 327.4 grams - up 17.8 grams

Bilbo is 11.4 ounces = 323.8 grams - up 14.2 grams

Thorin is 11.5 ounces = 327.4 grams - up 14.2 grams





January 21st - two weeks old - The kittens continue to gain weight at a healthy steady rate. They are all walking inside the box strengthening their legs. Their birthday photos look a little sleepy eyed because they were asleep before I took the photos.

Front left to back right - Thorin, Smaug, Gandalf, and Bilbo.

Morning weigh in...... 

Gandalf  is 10.5 ounces = 299 grams - up  10.7  grams

Smaug is 10.9 ounces = 309 grams - up 17.8 grams

Bilbo is 10.9 ounces = 309 grams - up 14.2 grams

Thorin is 11 ounces = 313 grams - up 17.8 grams

Gandalf 2 weeks old
Smaug 2 weeks old
Bilbo 2 weeks old
Thorin 2 weeks old

January 20th - The kittens nails were all trimmed this past weekend. Smaug was very chipper this morning and was trying to zoom about on her wobbly legs. I was able to make a video of her. They are one day shy of two weeks old.

Morning weigh in...... 

Gandalf  is 10.1 ounces = 288 grams - up  17.8  grams

Smaug is 10.25 ounces = 292 grams - up 17.8 grams

Bilbo is 10.4 ounces = 295 grams - up 14.2 grams

Thorin is 10.4 ounces = 295 grams - up 10.4 grams

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While looking at how the babies point color is coming in I realized that we may have some new readers that didn't realize that Siamese are born all white and why that is. The Siamese breed carries a albino gene but a mutation in the enzyme tyrosinase which has to do with melanin production allows for partial expression of color. Without getting too technical the color expression is temperature sensitive. Newly born kittens bodies have been kept very warm inside their momma so there is no color expressed. As they grow the parts of a kitten that become cooler begin producing melanin (color). Even the blue color of their eyes is an expression of how much melanin is in the eye. Chocolate is more sensitive then seal so it takes chocolate and lilac kitten longer to develop their point color. Owners of Siamese who have been sick or had to have their fur shaved will notice a temporary change in color. A Siamese that has had a fever will develop cream (white) speckles in their mask. A shaved spot will become darker until the fur grows back and the skin warms up again. The older a Siamese grows the darker the color develops. It takes about 5 years for an adult to reach full color. 

January 19th - The blue is starting to show in the kittens eyes and we can see definition of their pupils. They still are not focusing and their eyes are not coordinated with each other. Over the next few weeks they will be practicing how to make their eyes work together and fine tuning their focus. They now can see me as a blob in front of the box and they hear me. They all turn their faces up, wide eyed,  to look at me when I'm sitting talking to them. They are working on controlling their neck muscles and strengthening their legs. They belly crawl about the box.

"Hey guys, I'm still biggest!" lol

Morning weigh in...... Bilbo tried hard to catch up to Thorin's weight.

Gandalf  is 9.5 ounces = 270.5 grams - up  7.1  grams

Smaug is 9.6 ounces = 274 grams - up 14.2 grams

Bilbo is 9.9 ounces = 281 grams - up 21.4 grams

Thorin is 10 ounces = 285 grams - up 17.8 grams


....12 days old


....12 days old


....12 days old


....12 days old

A kitten sleeping on its back is a frequent site. This is Bilbo. I can tell from her green armpit mark. 

I have seen Smaug like this too....and Thorin sometimes.


January 18th -

Morning weigh in...... 

Gandalf  is 9.25 ounces = 263.4 grams - up  17.8  grams

Smaug is 9.1 ounces = 260 grams - up 17.8 grams

Bilbo is 9.1 ounces = 260 grams - up 17.8 grams

Thorin is 9.4 ounces = 267 grams - up 14.2 grams

January 17th -

left to right -Gandalf, Smaug, Bilbo, and Thorin with Grainne's foot.

Watched over to make sure they are safe during weigh ins

Morning weigh in...... 

Gandalf  is 8.6 ounces = 245.6 grams - up  10.7  grams

Smaug is 8.5 ounces = 242 grams - up 17.8 grams

Bilbo is 8.6 ounces = 245.6 grams - up 21.4 grams

Thorin is 8.8 ounces = 252.7 grams - up 17.8 grams

I'm not sure who got to be the cushion this time, lol

January 16th - Gandalf is trying hard to become the big brother, lol. All the kittens are pretty much the same size.

Morning weigh in...... 

Gandalf  is 8.25 ounces = 235 grams - up  25  grams

Smaug is 7.9 ounces = 224 grams - up 17.8 grams

Bilbo is 7.9 ounces = 224 grams - up 14.2 grams

Thorin is 8.25 ounces = 235 grams - up 7.1 grams

January 15th - The kittens are starting to lick their paws and suck their toes, lol. They also lick each other and chomp on each other. They have no teeth yet.


Thorin left and Smaug on her back licking their toes.

Morning weigh in...... 

Gandalf  is 7.4 ounces = 210 grams - up  17.8  grams

Smaug is 7.25 ounces = 206 grams - up 14.2 grams

Bilbo is 7.4 ounces = 210 grams - up 10.7 grams

Thorin is 8 ounces = 228 grams - up 25 grams

Gandalf sleeping with his tongue hanging out from falling asleep nursing.

Thorin using Bilbo as a pillow

Smaug sleeping on a full tummy

January 14th - one week old - No worries momma Fenya and the kittens are doing wonderfully. Grainne has gone into heat so she is not spending as much time in with the babies for now.

Morning weigh in...... 

Gandalf  is 6.75 ounces = 192 grams - up  17.8  grams

Smaug is 6.75 ounces = 192 grams - up 14.2 grams

Bilbo is 7 ounces = 199 grams - up 14.2 grams

Thorin is 7.1 ounces = 202 grams - up 10.7 grams

January 13th - six days old - The kittens weights are all consistent. They are nursing well. Their eyes are starting to open but they really cannot see yet. Their eye structure still needs to develop. Right now they look translucent red because we see all the blood vessels in them.

Morning weigh in...... 

Gandalf  is 6.1 ounces = 174 grams - up  17.8  grams

Smaug is 6.25 ounces = 178 grams - up 14.2 grams

Bilbo is 6.5 ounces = 185 grams - up 21.4 grams

Thorin is 6.75 ounces = 192 grams - up 25 grams









Thorin's cord is gone now too.

January 12th - five days old - I am pretty sure we have three seal girls and one chocolate boy...time will tell. Gandalf feels nice and plump today. He has caught up to his sisters. Nice weight gains for all the kittens. 

Morning weigh in...... 

Gandalf  is 5.5 ounces = 156 grams - up  17.8  grams

Smaug is 5.75 ounces = 163.7 grams - up 21.4 grams

Bilbo is 5.75 ounces = 163.7 grams - up 14.2 grams

Thorin is 5.9 ounces = 167 grams - up 14.2 grams

Breakfast on a sunny Sunday morning - Front under is Smaug, above her is Bilbo, next and under is Gandalf with Thorin on top in back.

Grainne learned to be in back of Fenya in the box.  I've never had to move her after that first time. :)

January 11th - four days old - I can still feel a difference in Gandalf and the other kittens but he has an excellent weight gain today so we are happy. We'll keep watching him to be sure he continues to get his share of food. Gandalf isn't quite as rolly polly plump but he is working on it. :) We decided to remove the bed to make more room to accommodate Grainne. We have the room temp at 80 degrees so the kittens won't get cold without Momma's body heat.

Morning weigh in...... 

Gandalf  is 4.875 ounces = 138.8 grams - up  21.4  grams

Smaug is 5 ounces = 142.4 grams - up 14.2 grams

Bilbo is 5.25 ounces = 149.5 grams - up 25 grams

Thorin is 5.4 ounces = 153 grams - up 25 grams

Back to front - Bilbo, Smaug, Gandalf, and Thorin

January 10th - three days old -This morning all the kittens except Gandalf had fat round tummies. I think Gandalf missed getting his share before his sisters sucked it all up. He was up on the bolster sleeping when I came in. After weighing him I could tell he was hungry and not happy the supply was gone. We've seen this before and its not a worry but we will keep an eye on him to make sure he gets his share today. With the gains so large on his siblings they will take a break and he will have plenty to catch up with.

These kittens are going to be very mothered. Grainne is helping out and momma is allowing her to be in the nest too. I want to watch this and make she she isn't blocking the babies access to their milk. I moved her this morning to encourage her to snuggle behind Fenya.

Grainne checking on and cleaning the babies

Grooming momma

In back where I moved her.


We are starting to see color coming into the nose leather and ear edges of the seal points. Gandalf, Smaug, and Bilbo have shed their cords.

Morning weigh in...... 

Gandalf  is 4.125 ounces = 117.4 grams - up  0  grams

Smaug is 4.5 ounces = 128 grams - up 25 grams

Bilbo is 4.4 ounces = 124.6 grams - up 21.4 grams

Thorin is 4.5 ounces = 128 grams - up 17.8 grams











January 9th - two days old -Everyone is doing well. Momma had a little bit of spotting today. I came in and found red blood in the nest so each kitten got a through inspection, lol, then I checked momma and saw it was just a little bit of discharge.

Morning weigh in...... 

Gandalf  is 4.125 ounces = 117.4 grams - up  3.5  grams

Smaug is 3.625 ounces = 103.2 grams - up 10.7 grams

Bilbo is 3.625 ounces = 103.2 grams - up 10.7 grams

Thorin is 3.875 ounces = 110.3 grams - up 7.1 grams

January 8th - one day old - All the kittens did well their first day and gained weight. Momma Fen seems to be more agitated about Grainne not being with her then she is about her being in the room so we are allowing Grainne to sleep in the room with her. When she gets full of jumping beans and wants to run and crazy play we shut her out of the room until she uses up that energy. Fenya seems happy with that balance. Grainne is very curious about these new things she has never seen before. She knows momma is protective of the nest and is careful when she peeks in the nesting box. We are watching her closely with the babies. This has been a relatively quiet litter so far. No big yellers in the group. They seem secure when we hold them. This all may change as they become more aware and their senses (eyes and ears) start to work. Kittens are born with closed eyes and ears.

This morning when I weighed the kittens Fenya was on one side of the basket with her nose right against  each kitten and Grainne was on the other side of the basket with her nose against each baby. Each cat wondering, Grainne what is this thing? and Momma are they safe with Grainne? Momma never tried to grab them by the scruff so I think she does trust Grainne. For our hormonally crazy protective Momma this is pretty amazing to watch.

Morning weigh in...... 

Gandalf  is 4 ounces = 113.9 grams - up  14.2  grams

Smaug is 3.25 ounces = 92.5 grams - up 3.6 grams

Bilbo is 3.25 ounces = 92.5 grams - up 10.7 grams

Thorin is 3.625 ounces = 103.2 grams - up 10.7 grams

Gandalf's right eye is opening.





January 7th - BIRTH DAY! - Fenya began showing early signs of labor at about 9:40 pm Monday night. She began having groups of contractions at 9:40 pm until 10:00 when a large bubble of fluid appeared.  For those interested graphic photo Click Here. At 10:25 I broke the bubble hoping it would help move her labor along. She went to sleep, lol. While my husband was sitting watch, while I got some sleep, she delivered four kittens. He checked her at 3:00 am,  nothing . I think maybe he fell asleep at the desk. At 4 am when he looked into the box again Gandalf was completely fluffy (first born) weight 3 1/2 ounces. Smaug had no placenta and was partially clean (second born) weight 3 1/8 ounces. Bilbo and Thorin both had placentas attached still. (newly born). Bilbo's birth weight 2 7/8 ounces and Thorin's weight 3 1/4 ounces. Fenya's labor stopped completely. She seemed very agitated like she was confused about where Grainne was. We brought Grainne in to see her but did not allow her to stay. When cats get distressed they can stop labor and hold it off for hours. We had Keva do this to us and deliver two more kittens 5 hours later. With Fenya's second litter she waited 6 hours after the first kitten was born to have her second and third healthy kitten. We waited to see if she would begin again. With concern over the delay off we went to the Animal Hospital. An x-ray revealed there was one remaining kitten.  Positioned head first for delivery. She was given a shot of Oxytocin and within half and hour she delivered the kitten. It was non responsive. Doctor Schaefer and Doctor Manley worked to revive it. They administered doxapram to try to stimulate breathing.  In the end they could not start his heart or stimulate breathing. He was a beautiful perfect looking seal point that weighed 3 1/2 ounces. We all agreed the time delay probably led to his being still born. It is not uncommon for this to happen when labor stops. The good in this is that Fenya did not need to undergo surgery to remove the kitten. We are very grateful that she was able to complete delivery.

Not quite fully clean yet. Gandalf is obvious at the top. Left is Smaug, right is Thorin, front is Bilbo.

The Stats at birth  

#1 ?:00 am  white Gandalf 99.645 grams (3.5 ounces) born after 3am

#2 ?:00 am  red Smaug  88.969 grams (3.125 ounces) 

#3 4:00? am  green Bilbo 81.851 grams (2.875 ounces) 

#4 4:00? am  blue Thorin 92.528 grams (3.25 ounces) 

#5 -10:00 am  seal point  None 99.645 grams (3.5 ounces) stillborn at hospital

I have not determined sex of the kittens. Their names and my calling them him, he, her or she is not a reflection of their true sex. It can be very difficult to determine sex at this age.

Comforting Fen in her crate...

....waiting for the Oxytocin to kick in.

Back home settling in to nurse. left to right -Thorin, Gandalf, Smaug, & Bilbo

Thorin & Momma


December 30th - Fenya went in for her kitten count. It looks like we have five babies coming.  Maybe a sixth under two of the more visible kittens?

December 25th - Fen is resting and nesting with Grainne.

Oct.31st - November 3rd - Fenya was bred to Polo.




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