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 Fenya's Kitten Diary Spring 2015
This reads from the bottom up. New entries are added at the top so its easy to follow as they grow.
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These kittens are the progeny of our sire Polo and  dam Fenya  

Update information from owners will be added to our "Where Are They Now" page.


Closing Stats

#1 Lily is now Chai and lives in Delmar, NY. with her sister.

#2 Peter  is now Mischa and lives with her sister and resident Siamese Willow from one of Maeve's early litters.

April 23rd - Today we close this diary. Peter and Lily's family came to take them home. They weren't sure of these new people at first but Peter was happy to play and with a little time Lily came around to playing too. We played them out so they would sleep on the trip home to upstate NY.

April 21st - Grainne went in to the Vet for her kitten count today and Lily and Peter went along for the ride so Peter could get her staples removed. They both have healed beautifully. Dr. Schaefer checked them both over and said they look great. Lily still has a tiny bump the size of my little finger that will go away as the remaining suture material in her muscle wall is resorbed.

April 18th - eleven weeks old - Lily and Peter are doing very well. Their incisions look great. They behave as if they don't know they ever had surgery and the effects of their pain medication has now worn off. Now when Grainne hisses at them they look at her like "What's up with that?" lol.  They have both started licking us when we try to pet them...much to Andrew's dismay. He welts from cat saliva.

Lily at 11 weeks of age

Peter at 11 weeks of age







April 17th - Everything is going well with the kittens. This morning when I checked on their incisions I saw this on Lily's. Some of what you see there is skin glue. Any blood trapped in the glue stays red. Both kittens went for a ride to see Dr. Gould. She did a needle aspiration and looked at the fluid under the microscope. It looks normal for a kitten that had surgery and is having a suture reaction, no infection. Looks like she lost a tiny bit of glue at the top and it seeps a bit. She's clearly not licking at it, lol. To be on the safe side we got her an antibiotic injection. We're keeping an eye on it to make she it doesn't get worse. Peter's looks fantastic.

Play time with Andrew

Peter sitting on my lap last night

April 14th - Lily and Peter went in for their surgery yesterday. They were both spayed, lol. Peter really is a girl. Lily's incision was glued and Peter came home with a single suture. Well they sent her home with one but she had it out. Stitches and kittens don't go together. Especially when they are given pain meds so they don't feel any pain. We turned around and made the one hour round trip back to the hospital. My Vet was gone but Dr, Gould was there and put a couple of staple in to hold the tiny incision close. I was glad she put in two just in case one gets pulled out again. I made a tube out of a sock for Peter to cover . It doesn't go quite low enough but it covers enough and gives a distraction. She can mess with the sock and not the staples tonight. Within an hour of being finally home Lily was swelling a little. She is reacting to the internal sutures that dissolve. Seems like we have one kitten in every litter that has this happen. This morning is was a little bigger but not too bad. It will resolve with time as her body absorbs the material.

Lily last night 

Lily today

Peter's staples

Peter with her belly band on

Peter without her band. Her shaved tummy feels funny and she has to lick it.

April 11th - ten weeks old - Lily and Peter are full of kitten energy racing about the house and attacking each other. Anything not nailed down has become a toy for their enjoyment, lol. Getting clear photos is impossible unless they are about to go to sleep or are waking up. They had a visitor for their birthday. Meleea and her Mom came to see us. This was the kittens first visit with strangers and a child. They were not quite sure at first but Peter came round and played with her the whole time. Lily was the one who was shy. She wanted to come out and kept trying. She would start to play then her courage would fail her and she would go back and peek from the safety of the sofa. I think Lily may need to get to know people before she allows them to witness her awesomeness, lol. I don't usually see this behavior in her she is usually the first one to run to me.  She may end up being a kitty that peeks around the corner at strangers until she gets to know them. I hope she out grows this phase as she has positive confidence building experiences.


Peter didn't want to be held, she wanted to play, but she was a good tolerant kitten.


Lily 10 weeks of age

Just about falling asleep


Peter 10 weeks of age

Sleepy time

Silly sleeping Lily

I can't help but see the teddy in her paw pads

No, I didn't draw on her pad just the photo, ;)

Peter sleeping too

Lily and Peter

April 7th - The kittens had their wellness check up today with first core vaccination and blood drawn for their pre-surgery panel. Everything went exceptionally well for them...but for me I get to eat my words, lol. Anyone who has read our diaries knows I always wait to confirm the kittens sexes. Well I didn't do that this time and now I get to be embarrassed by my guess. I judge kittens by the spacing of their outlets. Boys have a mm or two extra space for their testes to come into as they mature. Its not a lot of space and we look for a little lump for the penis. Well sometimes momma hormones can cause the swelling in some new born kittens. I compared Lily and Peter to each other. I should have done those hind end photos that people are surprised I do. I might have seen better in a blown up photo, lol. HA Peter is a girl. My Vet said she will know for sure during surgery but she could not feel any tiny testes. It is possible they could still be up in the abdomen but we don't see this in our boys so its astronomically unlikely. The best odds are I made a mistake with my guess. I do believe I am wrong. I've been wrong before. The sisters will be going in for surgery on Monday. They are doing great this afternoon with no signs of any reaction to their vaccinations.

Lily helping me type the diary.

napping behind the sofa corner

April 5th - Happy Easter! The kittens are nine weeks old.  Peter posed nicely for me this morning so he has more photos. I'll work on some more beauty shots on Lily.

Peter at 9 weeks of age

Lily at 9 weeks of age

This is a video of Lily I posted to our facebook timeline. https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10152934428097917&set=vb.230400097916&type=2&theater

April 2nd - We decided to teach Lily and Peter what treats are to help them come when called for their new owners. In the beginning they had no interest at all. They licked and walked away. Then I found the treat container on the floor open contents spilled across the floor. Everyone was sleeping. The next day I walked in and found the same scene but Momma and Lily and Peter were feasting on the spilled treats. Boy was Lily in a feeding frenzy, lol. She now knows what treats are and can't get enough of them, lol. We have to hide the treat jar.  Lily has found much of her confidence again and Peter is learning to be second man again.


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I love you sister! No, I love you more brother!

Do you always have to be first, dear sister?

Playing in the kitchen. It was had to catch them as they zoomed about.:)

March 30th - The Kittens turned eight weeks old on Saturday. We are seeing a big increase in confidence in the kittens. Peter has even done some sneak attacks on Grainne much to her dismay. We've started allowing them time with and without Grainne for everyone's comfort, lol. The kittens are much more outgoing when they are not worried about offending her. 

Lily at eight weeks of age


Peter at eight weeks of age

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March 25th - We be playing :)...Momma's in heat again. o_0

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March 21st - seven weeks old

Lily 7 weeks of age

Peter 7 weeks of age

This is Lily last night nursing hanging off the cat tree round bed

March 19th - Tuesday night after I published the diary Peter found some courage and when Grainne challenged him he charged her back.  She took off running and he gained a bunch of confidence. :) He no longer cowers to her. Wednesday when the kittens were playing crazy race Grainne raced with them, sort of. She had her legs over them so they were under her and was batting them on both sides of their body as she hopped along. This totally freaked Lily out. Now Lily is the cautious one. I've seen her puff up and hiss several times when she has been frightened by something unexpected. I think what Grainne is trying to do by batting at them and charging them is to get them to engage in play with her. She wants them to chase her and play crazy with her. Their just not quit mature enough to get it. I think Peter is becoming clued in. :) Lily needs to figure this out. We can see in Lily's body language she doesn't trust Grainne right now. She needs to see that if challenged Grainne will give in. They have entered the really crazy stage of play. They are running at top speed and attacking, jumping, and rolling all over, lol.

This was a running attack from Lily on Peter, lol

They got so crazy Momma decided it was time to discipline Peter. She has him in a head lock.

Here she had him trapped in a time out, lol.



March 17th - Happy St. Patrick's Day - We're seeing a little more caution then we would like to. We may have to break out the treats as happy content motivation. Momma's no longer cuckoo from hormones so that should help too. :) Now if only Ms Grainne would stop with the muzzle bops. She wants to run and play so much with them. We can see that the kittens have outgoing spirits. They run out with excitement and go to all rooms freely but then we see that bit of concern of the surprise unknown. That little gray cloud sneaking up on them, lol. We need to dispel that with reinforced positive experiences. I brought out the crinkle tunnel. Oh My its something new and Peter really had to work on his courage.

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Sleepy kitties

Lily doesn't look please that I'm trying to get her to look at the camera, lol, she wants to nap.

March 14th - six weeks old -  Happy Pi Day - The kittens are doing so well that today will be our last weigh in.

bi-weekly  weigh in

Lily is 1 lb. 8.4 ounces = 694 grams - up 60  grams

Peter is 1 lb. 13.7 ounces = 847 grams - up 64 grams

Lily with a twist. She didn't want to cooperate with photos, lol

Then I messed up and didn't frame her correctly, lol

Here she is sleepy eyed in the end.

Peter has some very impressive whiskers 

Learning that toys can go up

March 11th - Lily has been spending a lot of time working on how to crawl up the cat tree and get into the bed platforms. Momma Fen is in heat so she's acting nutty and scruffing the kittens and hauling them about. Their getting annoyed with her. First sister momma Grainne goes bonkers now momma Fen.


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They found the area behind the sofa. Now we don't see them because its much more fun to play in the tunnels the sofa makes.

Sleeping way too cute!

bi-weekly  weigh in

Lily is 1 lb. 6.25 ounces = 633 grams - up 35.5  grams

Peter is 1 lb. 11.5 ounces = 782 grams - up 71 grams

March 7thfive weeks old - What eager little kittens these guys are. They do things the hard way. Leaping up to grab the top and pull up rather then climbing up carefully. They leap off rather then crawl down. We decided to separate Grainne from them Wednesday night. We didn't want her making the kittens afraid or insecure because of her unpredictable hormones. We allow her to be with them with supervision. Its clear when she runs in to check them that she is still a worried mommy figure but she is also confused. 

bi-weekly  weigh in

Lily is 1 lb. 5 ounces = 598 grams - up 64  grams

Peter is 1 lb. 9 ounces = 712 grams - up 78 grams

Peter & Lily - Lily looks bigger but she's not is a trick of perspective.


Lily at 5 weeks of age


Peter at 5 weeks of age

March 5th - I've witnessed both kittens using proper litter box manners and we have had no accidents. We are starting to allow them to come out to the living room to play for short times. We need to make sure they know to run back to the litter box if needed. They are so cute running about. Very different then past litters. Most all kittens will come out and hide under the furniture at first. Not these kittens. They call to each other if they are out of sight and when we eat dinner when they are out they come into the kitchen and yell at us to pay attention to them, lol. They are so tiny that its really funny to watch them. They have just started eating kibble so they don't know about human food. We won't be giving any treats for some time. 

Sister Momma Grainne's behavior has changed a bit in the last few days and its a bit confusing to the kittens. She has started to be randomly annoyed by them being close to her. I have seen her hiss, growl, and once smack them gently. Good training for meeting their new resident cat family, lol. I wonder if Grainne is pregnant and this is her hormones. She will be sitting on my desk and see a kitten playing and will run over to play with them. Confusing to me too. They will learn from her not to be concerned by these outbursts. Great Aunt Emma will his and growl at them too when it comes time to meet her. She is our old curmudgeon but kittens love her and she loves them, lol.

Lily jumped up and grabbed the shelf on the cat tree instead of climbing up to it.

Lily catching the butterfly

Peter playing ball

He grabbed it in his mouth then ran across the room with it, lol

Peter finds the butterfly...

Oh no, What's more fun the tail or the butterfly?

The tail of course.....Peter

March 4th -

bi-weekly  weigh in

Lily is 1 lb. 2.75 ounces = 535 grams - up 46  grams

Peter is 1 lb. 6.25 ounces = 633.5 grams - up 71 grams

February 28th - four weeks old - Both Peter and Lily love playing with toys. They get very involved with attacking and seizing their prey.  Neither one shows any fear they run about and play with no worry. Now that they are eating kibble we will only weigh them twice a week. Lily used the litter box this morning and left a big wet mark. I didn't realize until after I took her photos that she had litter bits stuck to the corners of her mouth. The clay absorbs water so it sticks to their lips when they sniff about in it. Her coat has come in so very silky and soft. Peter is so soft too but I feel a bit more of the top coat in his then in hers. Our chocolates seem to be softer in coat in general. I think its something only a breeder feels. Kittens lose their baby coats and get in adult coats that are different then their baby coats, less fluff more sheen. 

Afternoon  weigh in.

Lily is 1 lb. 1.1 ounces = 487.5 grams - up 28.5  grams

Peter is 1 lb. 3.75 ounces = 562.3 grams - up 35.6 grams

Lily 4 weeks of age

Peter 4 weeks of age


Lily with litter stuck to her lip, lol





February 27th - 27 days old - We can see the difference eating kibble makes. Lily needs to get clued in to the food. She's still turning her nose up at it.   She is running off all her calories. Peter has a solid lil tummy, lol. He is currently built like a tank....While typing this Lily has decided to eat kibble. :) and while editing my photos she decided to use the litter box. She got in and scratched about gave her baby cries but couldn't go yet...she is close. Her body has to allow her control. Momma came and carried her home.

Lily eating kibble

Afternoon  weigh in.

Lily is 1 lb. .125ounces = 459 grams - up 7.1  grams

Peter is 1 lb. 2.5 ounces = 526.7 grams - up 28.4 grams

February 26th - 26 days old - The kittens are so happy to be out and about. Lily is a bundle of unrestrained energy. Peter still has some of his reserve but he has no fear walking into new spaces. He does spend lots of time sniffing out every cranny. He started eating kibble tonight. When the kittens are in different parts of the room they will call to each other. It drives the mommas crazy. They think something is wrong, lol.


Afternoon  weigh in.

Lily is 15.9 ounces = 451 grams - up  10.7  grams

Peter is 1 lb. 1.5 ounces = 498.2 grams - up 17.8 grams

Grainne and Momma Fen with Lily and Peter nursing.

Lily looking sleepy on my lap



We went on a field trip to the living room to visit guests. Peter front and Lily in back.

Peter looking at us.

That's Lily making a break for it. She wants to gogogo.

Peter eating kibble before bed

February 25th - 25 days old -

Afternoon  weigh in.

Lily is 15.5 ounces = 441 grams - up  14.2  grams

Peter is 1 lb. .88 ounces = 480.4 grams - up 17.8 grams

February 24th - 24 days old - It's so cute to see the kittens coming running out of their corner house to greet us. I'm going to try to make a movie of it but it happens so fast, lol. Lily is out and about and all over the place scratching on the cat tree up rights and zooming about. I'm going to introduce her to the baby training bowls tomorrow and show her the litter box. Peter likes to crawl onto my lap. He's spending all his time nursing, lol. He weighs over a pound now. He will mature soon too. He's just taking his time and enjoying being a baby. Lily started playing with toys tonight.

Lily with her paws tucked

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Peter following Lily


Afternoon  weigh in.

Lily is 15 ounces = 427 grams - up  14.2  grams

Peter is 1 lb. .25 ounces = 462.2 grams - up 14.2 grams

Peter allows Lily up on my lap first

February 23rd - 23 days old - Lily has left the nest, we had to bring in the run fence to keep her safe and limit where she can go until she discovers kibble and the litter box. Tonight when I came in to check on them she came running out o the nest calling. Peter is still content to hang back. I watched them wrestling and Lily is beating her brother up, lol. They have switched dominance roles for now. He rolls onto his back and is submissive to her play fighting. They both zoom about with little bursts of energy. Lily started tracking my finger and smacking it with her paw. Peter not so sure of my finger, it might be dangerous, lol.

Afternoon  weigh in.

Lily is 14.5 ounces = 412.8 grams - up  10.7  grams

Peter is 15.75 ounces = 448 grams - up 14.2 grams

February 22nd - 22 days old - Peter is just he cutest little rolly polly toddler right now. He is happy to stay in the nest and walk about climbing on the bolsters. Lily is becoming more confident and starting to look beyond the nest. Right now she has the look of a more athletic cat. A bit more physically mature then her brother. She loves climbing up and always talks to me and comes to the front of the nest and lifts herself up to look at me. She sneaks out onto the ledge and walks about on it. I think she may end up being a high places cat.

Afternoon  weigh in.

Lily is 14.1 ounces = 402.1 grams - up  10.7  grams

Peter is 15.25 ounces = 434 grams - up 7.1 grams

February 21st - three weeks old - The kitten are gaining weight nicely. They are more active,  with that comes an awareness of the unknown. They are learning caution and courage.

Peter listening to me talk to him

Lily going under the bridge

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Lily at three weeks of age

Peter at three weeks of age

Afternoon  weigh in.

Lily is 13.75 ounces = 391.5 grams - up  21.4  grams

Peter is 15 ounces = 427 grams - up 21.4 grams

February 20th - 20 days old -

Afternoon  weigh in.

Lily is 13 ounces = 370 grams - up  17.8  grams

Peter is 14.25 ounces = 405.7 grams - up 25 grams

February 19th - 19 days old - Peter doesn't like having his tummy rubbed anymore and kicks at my fingers with his back legs and swishes his tail. :) I won't be rubbing his tummy anymore. He loves having his head rubbed. Lily and Peter are wrestling and trying to bite each other. I can feel tiny nubs of their first teeth.



Afternoon  weigh in.

Lily is 12.4 ounces = 352 grams - up  10.7  grams

Peter is 13.4 ounces = 380.8 grams - up 10.7 grams

February 18th - 18 days old -

Afternoon  weigh in.

Lily is 12 ounces = 341.6 grams - up  10.7  grams

Peter is 13 ounces = 370 grams - up 10.7 grams

February 17th - 17 days old -

Afternoon  weigh in.

Lily is 11.6 ounces = 331 grams - up  17.8  grams

Peter is 12.6 ounces = 359 grams - up 25 grams

February 16th - 16 days old - This morning the kittens were out of the nest sleeping in front of the cabinet. I keep finding Peter on the wrong side of the bed. I think he is crawling out to investigate. They are becoming mobile.

Peter fell asleep before crawling back over into the nest.

Lily & Peter

Afternoon  weigh in.

Lily is 11 ounces = 313 grams - up  17.8  grams

Peter is 11.75 ounces = 334.5 grams - up 10.7 grams

February 15th - 15 days old - The kittens were missing this morning. We found them inside the little condo. There is not enough room for them and momma to nurse so we moved the family into the corner cabinet. .Momma's like to move their kittens to protect them. It's an instinct we try to work with and keep them all safe and comfortable.

New home

Afternoon  weigh in.

Lily is 10.4 ounces = 295 grams - up  17.8  grams

Peter is 11.4 ounces = 324 grams - up 14.2 grams

February 14th - two weeks old - Happy Valentines Day!

Lily, "No photos I'm sleeping."

Lily two weeks of age

Getting a nice face photo of Lily is not easy. She's not as big a ham as Peter is.


Peter waking up

Peter two weeks of age


Afternoon  weigh in.

Lily is 9.75 ounces = 277.6 grams - up  17.8  grams

Peter is 10.9 ounces = 309 grams - up 17.8 grams

February 13th - thirteen days old - The kittens are so cute. They have no fear and are very relaxed. Momma and sister momma are doing a great job mothering them. The kittens are curious and belly crawl to the front of the nest to look up at us. They will get pedicures for Valentines day, lol.

Afternoon  weigh in.

Lily is 9.1 ounces = 231 grams - up  14.2  grams

Peter is 10.25 ounces = 291.8 grams - up 14.2 grams

February 12th - twelve days old -

Afternoon  weigh in.

Lily is 8.6 ounces = 245.5 grams - up  14.2  grams

Peter is 9.75 ounces = 277.6 grams - up 17.8 grams

February 11th - eleven days old -

Afternoon  weigh in.

Lily is 8.1 ounces = 231 grams - up  17.8  grams

Peter is 9.1 ounces = 259.8 grams - up 17.8 grams

February 10th - ten days old - The babies are becoming more active. Working on strengthening their muscles. Peter love rolling on his back and being a goof. Lily is a talker with her sweet little peeps. Both kittens eyes are fully open now. In the right light we are beginning to see the blue in Peters and the definition of his pupils. They still can't focus as their eyes are still developing....so he looks wall eyed but he's not.





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Afternoon  weigh in.

Lily is 7.5 ounces = 213.5 grams - up  14.2  grams

Peter is 8.5 ounces = 242 grams - up 14.2 grams

February 9th -

Afternoon  weigh in.

Lily is 7 ounces = 199 grams - up  14.2  grams

Peter is 8 ounces = 227.7 grams - up 14.2 grams

February 8th -

Afternoon  weigh in.

Lily is 6.5 ounces = 185 grams - up  10.7  grams

Peter is 7.5 ounces = 213.5 grams - up 14.2 grams

Short video of them nursing I posted on facebook.


February 7th - one week old - The babies are doing very well they have more then doubled their weight this week. :) Both kittens shed their cords this week. Lily's eyes are about half open and Peter's are just starting to peep open at the corner. When I was holding Lily today she was very talkative. Not crying but talking in all kinds of little noises. Peter was quiet but I could hear him snuffling with curiosity, lol.

Grainne with Peter sleeping

Lily one week of age


Peter one week of age

Afternoon  weigh in...... momma was full of milk when I weighed them so not surprising the weigh gain is lower then a full tummy.

Lily is 6.1 ounces = 173.4 grams - up  3.6  grams

Peter is 7 ounces = 199 grams - up 7.1 grams

February 6th - six days old - The kittens are gaining nicely. Nice round little tummies full of milk.

Grainne and Fenya (momma) with Lily and Peter...getting baths

Afternoon  weigh in...... 

Lily is 6 ounces = 170.8 grams - up  25  grams

Peter is 6.75 ounces = 192 grams - up 17.8 grams

February 5th - five days old - Grainne is taking a more active roll in caring for the kittens. They are very clean babies with two momma's giving them baths, lol.

Afternoon  weigh in...... 

Lily is 5.125 ounces = 146 grams - up  21.4  grams

Peter is 6.1 ounces = 174 grams - up 17.8 grams

February 4th - four days old - Grainne has been spending most of her time out of the box but every so often she snuggles behind her momma or stands in and cleans the babies. She is slowly ingratiating herself into the routine of baby care. These two kittens are going to be sooo loved. Momma looks great today, no more spotting. :)

Lily sleeping on top of Peter

Afternoon  weigh in...... 

Lily is 4.375 ounces = 124.6 grams - up  14.2  grams

Peter is 5.5 ounces = 156.6 grams - up 32.0 grams....... whose a little piggy? I mean big boy, lol

February 3rd - three days old - The kittens look good. Momma seems to be doing well. She is still spotting so I'm watching her for signs of infection. I don't see any :) Given the trauma I'll cut her some slack and let her have complete rest and quiet again today. Peter made up for yesterday with a big gain today and Lily's gain is nice and consistent. They are once again comfortable in my hand. I never hear crying or fussing from them unless Momma sits on one. That has only happened when she is trying to hide them, being protective. All momma's do that with newborns.

Afternoon  weigh in...... 

Lily is 3.875 ounces = 110.3 grams - up  7.1  grams

Peter is 4.4 ounces = 124.6 grams - up 21.4 grams

Its pretty clear that Lily is a chocolate point and Peter is seal point.



February 2nd - two days old - Oh I just realized for this month their age will follow the date. :)  We are allowing full quiet and rest today. I did hold them once and neither one was at all concerned. It was very sweet. I have the temperature at 80 and above to to make sure no one gets cold. With only two they are not always huddled together and when momma leaves the box I want to make sure they stay warm. I added a family nesting bed. Grainne goes in but is not staying in so the bed makes the space smaller and more cozy for the babies. I notice I published Peter's birth weigh incorrectly in the stats entry of the diary. I'll use not enough sleep as my excuse, lol. I have corrected it.

Afternoon  weigh in...... 

Lily is 3.625 ounces = 103.2 grams - up  7.1  grams

Peter is 3.625 ounces = 103.2 grams - up 0 grams

Peter didn't gain but I'm not worried yet. He maintained and that is good. Given the stress of the past two days its was surprising they gained as much as they did. Tomorrow should be a nice gain again after momma gets some good meals in her and rests up.

January 31st - Birth Day! -  

Fen grooming my fingers while labor begins

Grainne comforting and grooming Fen

Fenya began labor at 1 pm, the first kitten was born tail first at 1:44pm.. It looks like it might be a girl? She weighs a nice 3 ounces. Kitten two was born at 2:02 pm head first. Looks to be a boy? He weighs in at 3 1/8 ounces. The labor stops and Fenya does some random contractions but no active labor. She has done this too us before. So we wait for labor to begin again. It doesn't and we start to worry as each hour passes. We begin looking at our options and learn our vet is down on the Cape for the day. She will be back Sunday morning. At 7 pm we head to Tufts. The attending Vet does a x-ray to see positions, and an ultrasound to check hearts. They say everything is normal and tell us to go home and wait for labor to begin again. They said they felt a kitten head in the birth canal and it is in correct position for delivery. The attending says cats can stop labor for two days. We are to call if delivery does not begin by 2 pm tomorrow. I believe this would have been handled differently by our Vet. I'm sorry she was out of town. 




February 1st - I check Fen through the night. Labor does not begin. This morning at 7:30am we see a bubble with two feet but Fen is not in active labor. She is having random light contractions. We wait for her contractions to increase and labor to increase. It never does. I try to help tug the kittens feet when she has a contraction. It clearly hurts her. No head is visible and I can't feel it. When the sack breaks we contact our Vet. She meets us at the animal hospital. I go there knowing this kitten is lost and hoping the others will be okay and hoping to avoid surgery. Removing this kitten is very difficult. Its stuck because its head is flipped back. Like it looked up and over its back. The Vet cannot get her fingers around the head and cannot move it. She tried pushing the kitten back in hoping the head will change positions. It doesn't. We work for what must have been an hour, poor Fen. We are successful in removing the kitten. It is not viable. Fen is so stressed we all agree it would be good to let her rest and relax and allow her to try to start labor again on her own. We do come home with oxytocin to induce contractions if she needs it. It's decided we should wait three hours before beginning the oxy.

By the time we arrive home I find a kitten born in the crate. Its warm and I grab it up and break the sack and begin rubbing it. I get Fen to lick it but it never responds. There are signs of stress in the amniotic sack (kitten poo). Fen is now in her birthing box with her babies and the next kitten #5 is delivered. It's sack is filled with yellow goo. Another sign of fetal stress. It is also non responsive.

With hindsight, These kittens should have been delivered last night when they could have survived. The stuck kitten caused the loss of all three. I am happy Fen did not have to have surgery to remove them today.


There is a video of Lily and Peter soon after birth nursing posted on our facebook page


Since these will be Easter kittens we have named them Lily and Peter. Lily is marked Red now but we will not re-mark her. Only one needs a color to tell them apart.

The Stats at birth  

#1 1:44 pm  red Lily 85.4 grams (3.0 ounces) 

#2 2:02 pm  blue Peter 88.9 grams (3.125 ounces) 

February 1st

#3 -11:00 am  stuck - stillborn at hospital

#4 -12:30 am  stillborn  easy birth

#5 -11:00 am  stillborn  easy birth

Afternoon  weigh in...... 

Lily is 3.375 ounces = 96 grams - up  10.7  grams

Peter is 3.625 ounces = 103.2 grams - up 14.2 grams

January 30th - Fen was really fussy and needy last night. I stayed up with her until 2am and saw no signs of change. We checked her at 6 am and still no sign. Today we will be watching over her closely. Is she really going to wait for the Super Bowl?

January 19th - Fenya went into the vet for her kitten count. We know we have at least 4 maybe 5 or more. Its really hard to tell from this x-ray. Ten more days to go.







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